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About DigitalYug

About Us - Let's get familiar & create a Bond

Digital Yug is an Indian Media House Publication and Digital Platform for new-age startups & entrepreneurs. Notably, the Digital Yug team works and is established in Jaipur, Rajasthan, but has marked a presence throughout India with its English & Hindi Knowledge center.

This year, in 2021, the small initiative will be marking its third year and is gradually rising to become the Top Digital Media Platform in India.

DigitalYug & Team

The Group was started back in 2018 by Anil Diggiwal as a small initiative for youth motivation & inspiration but now has grown to new heights with more sections adding to the platform like Technology, Health & Fitness, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Business, apart from Startup & Success Stories category.

Digital Yug team has published over 650+ stories on the website with 80+ writers coming out of every part of India to contribute their part of the story. The platform has helped over 11,000 entrepreneurs get the appropriate knowledge about starting a business and secure funding.

Mission & Vision

The platform’s mission is to inspire Indian youth by sharing stories & methods of success from the Top Entrepreneurs of the world. The DigitalYug Team does all the hard work, including visiting different cities to find small innovative startups, verifying the data sources, evaluating the business models & ecosystem, and then presenting it to the next BIG ENTREPRENEUR, i.e., YOU!