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Read the True Untapped Inspirational Life Stories of the Champions and Get Inspired to Start Your Thing. We have observed that every successful man today has an unsaid story & struggle which they overcome and here, we bring you the true, unbiased journey, & ups and downs, from those people’s lives.

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Mamta Mot, who excels as a versatile media personality, talks about passion and resilience.

She believes that people who work around their ideas with determination and stick to their work ethics and honesty become unstoppable.

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“Life taught me Marketing and Entrepreneurship….” - Kiran Gadakh

Following the pandemic, startups and businesses are increasing. Many people were given the chance to advance their careers and stoke their passions. The name Kiran Gadakh is one of them. He is an expert in marketing and entrepreneurship.

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Spiraling their way to the top in the apparel industry is TANTUVANA

Founded by Mrs. Bindu Naidu, TANTUVANA is a one stop all destination for exclusive range of Silk and Tussar Sarees

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Taking the world of Sports Commentary to next level is an ace professional Roshan Ramesh Shetty

Roshan Ramesh Shetty is an immensely talented sports commentator and presenter who has carved a special name and niche fir himself.

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Adil Qadri, with his unique brand Adilqadri, creates ripples of growth in the online business world

Adil Qadri proves his mettle in the industry by becoming a leading entrepreneurial talent with his e-commerce brand.

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Surabhi Tiwari - Success Story of Young Girl in the Entertainment Industry

"Rising Star: The Journey of Surabhi Tiwari, from TVCs to TV Shows to Films"

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Arihant Mehta raises the bar for others as a confident knowledgeable, and dynamic young entrepreneur

He is a quick learner and a passionate entrepreneur who has attained massive respect for also being a young philanthropist.

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Impactful branding trends 2022 set by an impactful entrepreneur Bhavik Mehta.

He has taken Thinkin’Birds Communications Pvt. Ltd as a Founder and Brand Chief to a new level of success in a decade.

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Rags to Riches

CuteVamp Founder Talks about Top Freelancing Uncertainties Among People and Tips to Tackle Them

Freelancing is gaining rapid popularity among Indians majorly due to its flexibility, better pay, and global opportunities. However, this new change is coming with various uncertainties, and the one who tackles them effectively is going to stay.

Prakash Mishra 2572 Read
Benu Gopal Bangur : The Man Behind Building the Shree Cement Company Story

Born in Kolkata with ancestral roots in Rajasthan, Benu Gopal Bangur built the Shree Cement company (also commonly known as Bangur Cement), started at Jaipur in 1979, as one of the most cost-effective cement industries of India.

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Corporate Leader Kumar Mangalam Birla – The Man who Took the Aditya Group to Top

Kumar Mangalam Birla is a popular Indian industrialist that chairs top companies and institutes in India. In 1995, Birla took the Aditya Group’s helm after the demise of his father and took it to top.

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Ram Jethmalani – Only Lawyer to Fight Fearlessly Against Authorities

Advocate Ram Jethmalani was one of the most reputed and knowledgeable lawyer of his time and served as a senior Supreme Court lawyer and a politician for several years.

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Indian Tycoon Lakshmi Mittal – First Indian to Feature in Forbes Richest List

Lakshmi Mittal is one of the most renowned and successful Indian businessmen and is also known as the Steel Baron of India for his immense contribution to the steel industry. Lakshmi is the first Indian businessmen to feature in Forbes Top Ten Rich List.

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JRD Tata Sir – Legend who Accelerated Indian Economy Alone

JRD Tata is an Indian businessman, entrepreneur, and Indian aviator. He was the first Indian to become a licensed pilot, and also founded many companies, including TCS, Tata Motors, and Air India.

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Best Never Give Up Motivation: Paytm Founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Vijay Shekhar Sharma is the founder of Paytm and was ranked as India's youngest billionaire by Forbes in 2017 with a total net worth of $2.35 Billion. He started Paytm in 2009 and struggled hard for 8 years to get successful.

Aashi Jain 5073 Read
Understanding Billionaire RK Damani’s Personality & Learning

RK Damani is the founder of supermarket chain D Mart and third richest person of India. However, before becoming a retail king, he was a stock investor and even taught Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

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Women Inspiration

Chanda Kochhar – The Most Influential Businesswoman and Banker in India

Chanda Kochhar is the former CEO and managing director of ICICI Bank and is a gold medalist in cost accountancy and excellence in management studies. Chanda got married to her business school classmate Deepak Kochhar.

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Motivational Journey of Sudha Murthy – The Backbone of Narayan Murthy

Sudha Murthy is an engineer, teacher, author, philanthropist, entrepreneur. She is the trustee of Infosys Foundation - a public charitable trust. She is also the Chairperson of Infosys Foundation.

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Rise of Freelancing Culture in India – Top 5 Freelancing Platforms for Indians

Freelancing in India has risen with an unexpected growth rate, and the reasons are better and flexible timings. However, it is important to keep the note of trending freelance platforms for better opportunities and beat the market.

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Savitri Jindal Courageous Journey – The Backbone of Legendary Jindal Group

Savitri Jindal, wife of O.P. Jindal and now the Chairperson of Jindal Group, is one of the powerful women of India who showed the world that despite being a housewife for so many years, she has successfully able to administrate the company after her husband’s demise and taking it to another level altogether.

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Mountaineer Arunima Sinha – A True Tale of Will Power & Positive Attitude

Arunima Sinha is a mountaineer who has climbed the six highest peaks in the world but without any legs. In 2011, she met with an accident and lost her both legs but not her determination to do something.

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Jayaram Jayalalitha – The Little Child who Became India’s Amma

Jayalalitha, or popularly called Amma, was an Indian actor, politician, former Tamil Nadu CM, Writer, and philanthropist. Amma was a legendary figure in the Indian political ecosystem and the state government gave her a massive 7 days mourn.

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How Kiran Bedi Converted her Conventional Life to an Extraordinary One?

Kiran Bedi is the first IPS Officer women of India and is also a social activist, politician, tennis player and was the Lieutenant Governor of Pondicherry from the year 2016 to February 2021. She is also known as “Crane Bedi”.

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Ex-President Pratibha Singh Patil - Uplifting Indian Women’s Empowerment

Pratibha Patil is the first and only woman who held the President of India position & was the 12th President of India to serve from 2007 to 2012. She previously held the position of the Governor of Rajasthan.

Swati Chandra 4755 Read

Social Beneficiaries

Life of Anand Mahindra – The Philanthropic Chairman of Mahindra Groups

Anand Mahindra is a distinguished Indian businessman. His company, Mahindra Groups, is worth the U.S. $19 billion. Anand has a keen interest in photography and filmmaking. He is also one of the most prominent philanthropists in India.

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Youth Face Kuldeep Gurjar - Moving Strong with Empowering Rural Population Motto

Kuldeep Gurjar is a Youth politician and one of the prime faces of the Indian National Congress. Kuldeep and his family have been actively involved in politics & believe in doing good for society.

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Spiritual Influencer Nitin Pujari : Balaji Salasar’s Iconic Youth Devotee

Nitin Pujari is the 9th generation of Mohandas Ji. The entire ancestry had devoted themselves to worshipping for not their own sake but for humanity. The family is delighted to serve spiritually. Nitin Pujari has become popular among millennials because he puts his way to find God and preaches among his followers, who has secured a place in the heart of his people for good.

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Jubilant Group Chairman Hari Bhartia - A Proponent of Corporate Social Responsibility

A Founder and Co-chairman of India’s global life science company, Hari Bhartia is a man with a multi-tasking mind with a plethora of interests in life science, pharmaceuticals, and health care. He, with his brother as his backbone, started with a company that transformed small manufacturing companies to be driven more by science and innovation in the times when India was not open to the competitions of the outer world.

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Murali K Divi : The Founder and the Managing Director of Divi Laboratories

Murali Divi, an Indian scientist from a global viewpoint, was an Indian scientist who returned to India to become a drug dealer and founded his firm known as Divi’s laboratories and made his company a reputation for all with several years of genuine effort.

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Yusuf Hamied: The Global Celebrity of Pharmaceuticals and Non-Executive Chairman of Cipla.

A Polish-Indian scientist, Yusuf Hamied, was born in Vilnius, Lithuania (Poland), with an Indian approach to developing the generic maker company, ‘The Cipla’. His humanitarian approach towards selling medicines at an affordable price made him stand at a level with many recognitions and international honors.

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Jamsetji Tata Tops Greatest Philanthropist of All Time List with $102B Donation

Jamsetji Tata was the founder of Indian conglomerate Tata Group and is the father of Ratan Tata. He recently topped the Greatest Philanthropists of all Time List.

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IPS Dinesh MN – Busted Criminals & Briberies after 7 Years of Jail

Dinesh is the Assistant Director-General (ADG) of the Anti-Corruption Bureau in Rajasthan. Notably, Dinesh has spent a long time in jail due to some unwanted charges but was released later. His honesty to the work have caught many criminals and busted briberies.

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Rise and Rise of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella – India to the USA

Satya Nadella is an Indian-born American businessman & is one of the most renowned personalities in the world. He became Microsoft CEO in 2014 and has served this company for 19+ years in various positions.

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Learn Leadership Style with this Reed Hastings Life Story

Reed Hastings is the cofounder & CEO of Netflix & holds a net worth of $5 Billion. Before starting his video streaming app, he worked as a Maths teacher.

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Investment King and Self Made Billionaire: Warren Buffet Biography

Did you know that billionaire Warren Buffet made his first investment with his sister and lost it. But how did then he became the greatest investor globally? Read Now!

Srishti Mudgal 3412 Read
Will Ferrell Success Story: Stranger & Exciting than Fiction

Biography of Hollywood Walk of Fame Start: Will Ferrell

Keshav Bhadana 3937 Read
Neil Patel Success Story: Success After Massive Failure

Story of SEO King Neil Patel: From $1 Million Debt to $10M Worth

Ayush Sharma 4020 Read
Success Story of Sundar Pichai: IIT, Standford, to Google CEO

Sundar Pichai Biography: Early Life, Education, and Google Journey

Ava Smith 4540 Read
How Jeff Bezos Built Massive $1.7 trillion Empire & Created Monopoly?

Jeff Bezos Success Story : From the Garage to Our households

Soha Habib 2841 Read
Will Smith Success Story : Legendary & Inspiration to Young

Will Smith started working on rap songs, his passion, at age 12 and even rejected the MIT offer to pursue music. Read the most inspirational story of biggest star here.

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Taking Inspiration from Krishna Nagar Story - The Paralympic Badminton Gold Medalist from Jaipur

Krishna Nagar is a Para badminton champion from Jaipur, Rajasthan, who secured a gold medal at the latest Tokyo Olympics 2020. He has represented India in the men's single SS6 event and is ranked 2nd overall in the category.

Soha Habib 13664 Read
How Indian Spinner Yuzvendra Chahal became so Successful at Life?

Yuzvendra Chahal is an Indian cricketer who was born in Jind, Haryana, on 23 July 1990. He is only the 3rd Indian bowler to take more than 60 wickets in T20I.

Swati Chandra 4445 Read
Legendary Cricketer Rahul Dravid - More than an Inspiration for Youth

Rahul Dravid is the legendary Indian cricketer and former captain of Indian team. The player was popularly known as The Wall of Cricket due to his amazing defending techniques.

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Vinesh Phogat & her Gloom to Glory Story – The Woman Wrestler with Most Medals

Vinesh Phogat is a young star Indian wrestler who came into controversy with WFI for his behavior in Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Vinesh has previously won several medals and achievements but failed at Olympics 2020.

Soha Habib 4011 Read
23-Year-Old Indian Javelin Thrower Neeraj Chopra and His Way to Tokyo Olympics Gold

Neeraj Chopra is a 23-year-old Indian Athlete who recently created history by winning gold at Tokyo Olympics for India. Chopra is also a world record holder for his performance U-20 Throw in 2016.

Soha Habib 3666 Read
Yogeshwar Dutt’s Journey from Haryana to Olympics – The Inspiration Wrestlers Need

Yogeshwar Dutt is an Indian wrestler and the third Indian to win an Olympic medal in wrestling. Dutt’s life journey from Haryana to Olympics is inspiring beating all odds against him.

Swati Chandra 4063 Read
Indian Golden Girl Dipa Karmakar & Her Inspiring Journey to the Olympics

Dipa Karmakar is the first Indian gymnast ever to qualify for the Olympics. The golden girl has won many medals and achievements to her tally but did not go for the Olympics due to her injuries.

Swati Chandra 12024 Read
Harmanpreet Kaur – The Inspiring Story for Every Indian Cricket Fan

Harmanpreet Kaur is an Indian international cricketer who has broken many records, including highest run for India in the history of the World Cup (Women). She is the first player ever to play more than 100 T20I matches.

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Munna Dubey : The Popular Self - Made Lyricist from Bhojpuri Industry

Munna Dubey is a popular Bhojpuri Lyricist who has also set out to venture into other regional industries. He has grabbed opportunities as a playback singer in a few movies and has not kept himself limited to singles and albums.

Prakash Mishra 3038 Read
Kaashi fame Actress Priyanka Singh’s Inspiring Journey - Her Story to Rise and Shine

Priyanka Singh is a well-known face in the Bollywood industry who has set out her career with her hard work & persistence. She has been listed for a few back-to-back movies with success stories from her timeline under popular banners

Prakash Mishra 7550 Read
Dhiraj Kumar: A Journey from Bihar to Bollywood

Dhiraj Kumar is a Patna-based director born in a middle-class family to Mr. Rajendra Prasad in Bihar, dated October 26th, 1975. Followed by his completion of Graduation in Patna, he headed out to pursue his career in the film industry in Mumbai.

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Sidharth Shukla - The King of Indian Reality Shows, TV Soaps, & Hearts of Millions

Sidharth Shukla was an Indian TV actor who became extremely popular after winning the reality show Bigg Boss 13. Unfortunately, Sidharth died due to a heart attack on 2 Sep 2021 in his residence in Andheri, Mumbai.

Swati Chandra 4618 Read
Dilip Joshi & His Inspirational Way to becoming a Household Name

Dilip Joshi is an Indian TV actor famous for his role of Jethalal in the show Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma. Joshi struggled a lot before he made it big with this role.

Soha Habib 5877 Read
The Never Ending Story of Sahabzade Irrfan Ali Khan – Came, Saw, and Conquered

Irrfan Khan was an Indian Actor and one of the most well-known faces in Indian cinema, particularly among international audiences. In 2011, the Indian government awarded the acclaimed actor a Padma Shri for his outstanding achievements.

Soha Habib 5854 Read
Struggles of Sonu Sood – Why it Took Sonu Sood 12 Years to crack Bollywood?

Sonu Sood is an Indian actor, producer, model, social worker, and a philanthropist, who works in Bollywood and Tollywod Movies. The reel life villain came out as a hero in real life and showered help on thousands of people in the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How Manish Malhotra Popularized the Costume Styling in Bollywood Alone?

Manish Malhotra is a well-known fashion designer which turned out stylist and costume designer of India and is popularly known for his work in Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil cinema, and Telugu cinema.

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