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Get the unprecedented facts & details of the latest innovation, ideas, and technologies with us and experience the upcoming era today. Be updated about that latest gadget or that new service, most straightforwardly. Digital Yug makes sure that its readers are not averse to anything new in the market, and this section covers trending tech industries, including Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Product Reviews, and Fin-tech.

Latest Stories

How is Machine Learning Making Sci-Fi a Reality?

Machine Learning & its Uses in the Human World: The Future

Aakarsh Arora 1572 Read
How Technology is helping Humans Live Better Life?

Top 8 Benefits of Technology Making Human Lives Easier

Michael Brown 1509 Read
Top Ways in which TECHNOLOGY is Impacting our Lives

How Technology Impacts Human Lives? Top Points

Rupsa Das 1013 Read
Who Invented Emojis’s: History of the Funniest Yellow Faces

In the year 2015, Oxford dictionaries named ‘face with tears of joy as the word of the year. But how the idea of emojis came and to whom? Read the full history of emojis here.

Sameera Redkar 1587 Read
7 Crazy Future Tech Predictions Made by Experts

Ever wondered what your future would look like? From dinosaurs to immortality and from artificial trees to teleportation; here are some crazy yet scientific predictions about future technology by experts.

Anil Diggiwal 1274 Read
The Master and the Servant: Will Technology Reverse the Roles?

The Master and the Servant: Will Technology Reverse the Roles?

Shreya Mitra 1138 Read

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Better Investment Option than BTC: Cardano(ADA) Currency

Cardano cryptocurrency was made in 2015 and recently gained a lot of attention. The currency is believed as “Future-Green Crypto” and might beat BTC.

Amanda Siemson 1353 Read
Cryptocurrency Advance Trading Guide: Top 9 Candlestick Patterns

9 Candlestick Patterns for Trading Bitcoin Profitably

Michael Brown 1273 Read
Blockchain technology explanation - everything you need to know.

What is Blockchain Technology? & Relation to Cryptocurrency

Srishti Mudgal 1633 Read
How to Invest Money in Cryptocurrency Market

Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Investing in Cryptocurrency Market

John Wilson 1484 Read
Different Types of Cryptocurrencies Available in the Digital World

Types of Cryptocurrencies in the Market: Complete Analysis

Michael Brown 1609 Read
Top 8 Cryptocurrencies for Investment 2021

Which are the Best Cryptocurrencies for Investment: Top 8

Michael Brown 1430 Read

Digital Marketing

How to do Local City Marketing for Your Small Business: Best Methods

In this digital era where everybody is present online & look for their solutions through phones, doing local marketing for your small business is beneficial & cost-effective.

Will Courtney 1332 Read
Why Pay per Click Marketing (PPC) is Leading the Digital Ad Space?

Pay-per-click marketing is a type of internet advertising in which marketers pay for improving sales, creating leads, increasing brand awareness. However, you are only charged when someone clicks on your adv.

Amanda Siemson 1756 Read
What is Search Engine Optimization & How it Works?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of enhancing the amount and visitors’ quality to websites with organic search engine results, like Google.

Tim Cock 1893 Read
Which Methods of Digital Advertising Should You Use? Best Guide

Digital advertising has replaced traditional advertising methods and the reasons are good cost efficiency, effectiveness, and traceability.

Ella Williams 1401 Read
Marketing to Target Audience: 5 Ways to Identify It

The best method to convert leads is to precisely market to your target audience. But how do we it know our target audience? Read Now!

Reva Jain 1743 Read
8 Best Digital Marketing Companies in India

8 Top Digital Marketing Companies to Increase Your Business

Anil Diggiwal 1888 Read
Digital Marketing Agency : Tips for Hiring and Work

Social media forms a crucial part of every organization. Having an online presence is always beneficial for a business. If you own a business, it is still worth investing your money in hiring a top digital marketing agency

Anil Diggiwal 2121 Read
Advantages & Disadvantages of Affiliate v/s Multilevel Marketing : Top 3 Pros & Cons

Advantages & Disadvantages of Affiliate v/s Multilevel Marketing : Top 3 Pros & Cons

Kunal Tulsani 1507 Read

Gadget/Product Reviews

How & Why to do Business on Instagram? Tips to Grow!

Growing business with Instagram: Reasons and Tips to Improve

Ayush Sharma 1385 Read
One Plus Watch Review Analysis: Screen, Features, & Performance

One Plus Watch Review: Worth Settling for this Smart Gadget

Michael Brown 1294 Read
Sony PS 5 Review & Analysis: Performance, Games, and Design

PlayStation 5 Review: The Most Awaited Gaming Console

John Wilson 1411 Read
Apple Airpods Pro Review: 8 Things you Didn’t Know

Best Apple AirPods Pro Review Analysis: Top 8 Best Features

Ella Williams 1523 Read
iPhone 12 Mini Review: Display, Camera, & Full Analysis

iPhone 12 Mini Review Analysis: Minor & Major Details

Keshav Bhadana 1341 Read
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Review: Performance, Camera, & More

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Review: Everything You Need to Know

Ella Williams 1485 Read
A Positive Future Is Seen For the World of Social Media

10 Social Media Trends to Expect in 2021 & their Influence

Aakarsh Arora 1282 Read

App/ Website Preview

Virtual Payment Address or VPA: Meaning, Benefits, and Steps

Government of India has introduced a virtual address for all your UPI transactions called VPA. Read everything you need to know here.

Michael Brown 1923 Read
5 Common Problems Faced by WordPress Sites

5 Common Disadvantages of WordPress Sites: With Solutions

Michael Brown 1891 Read
12 Essential Apps You Need In Your SmartPhone

12 Basic Android Apps You Must Download for Productivity

Rupsa Das 1176 Read

Tech Innovation / Update

How Humans’ Average Life is Improving with Healthcare Technology?

Healthcare sector is continuously working to provide better medical conditions to humans and increase their average life span. Healthcare technology has a big role in it.

Aashi Jain 1264 Read
All About Hybrid Cars: Vehicle Better than EVs

Although Electric Vehicles are becoming popular, the trend for Hybrid cars is also on the rise. Hybrid cars don’t use single but multiple sources of energy, including petrol, electricity, & gas.

Benjamin Perlmutter 1534 Read
5 Green Technology Revolutions 2021: Future is Sustainable

Green technology is a trending topic these days due to climate change, global warming, and pollution. Even companies are turning their approach now to work towards developing environment-friendly products & services.

Aashi Jain 1541 Read
Recommender Systems in E-commerce: Everything You Need to Know

Whenever we are using internet, we are feeding some data in the system through cookies & acknowledgements. The data is then used for recommending us products on the eCommerce.

Tim Cock 1585 Read
Online Legal Advice & Trend: Solve all Legalities from Home

As same as the world is becoming fully digital, there’s no service left without an online touch. The latest to join the list is online legal service platforms that provide legal advice & lawyers.

Tim Cock 1577 Read
Everything About Electric Vehicles 2021: Cars of Future

Electric Vehicle is a global revolution now thanks to global warming and limited resources. The market is expected to grow at 40% rate and rule the next decade.

Benjamin Perlmutter 1339 Read
Feel the Technology & Digital World: Augmented Reality

Augmentation Reality (or AR) is a technology that enhances the digital experience for people by use of advanced technology.

Tim Cock 1361 Read
Career Options: Then V/s Now (Changes due to technology)

Jobs in Market: New V/s Old due to technology

Srishti Mudgal 1467 Read

Cyber Security

Victim Of New PayTM Cashback Trap? Here’s How To Stay Safe

A Fake site claims you have won cashback from PayTM and prompts you to send the reward to your PayTM account by clicking the “Pay” button.

Anil Diggiwal 1961 Read
Stay Alert! Do Not Fall A Victim Of Sim Card Swap Fraud

A man based in Jodhpur lost Rs 94,000 in a SIM swap fraud case. A cybercriminal called the victim posing as an executive of a telecommunications company and hacked the victim's SIM card.

Anil Diggiwal 1493 Read
व्हाट्सएप कैसे हैक होता है - कैसे बचें? How to Recover Hacked WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging service globally and this poses some serious threats in the form of WhatsApp hacking. It is crucial to understand the immediate actions & ways to avoid it.

Anil Diggiwal 2261 Read
UPI से पेमेंट में ऑनलाइन फ्रॉड का खतरा - ऐसे करें बचाव (Beware of Online UPI Frauds)

In India, the use of UPI payments has risen to an unprecedented level due to the COVID pandemic & this rise in online payments has simplified many lives. However, it has also created several threats & UPI frauds in the market & it is necessary to understand these threats and the ways to avoid them.

Anil Diggiwal 2010 Read
How People Fall for Online Blackmailing Cases? Ways to Avoid It

Many people fall victim to fake Ids and nude video call traps, blackmailed and threatened to viral the video online if not given the demanded money. Be aware of such traps.

Anil Diggiwal 1901 Read