Education being traded in the Share market

Education being traded in the Share market
By Kratika - Mar 17 2021 2:02PM - 2610 Read

Gone were the days, when education was considered a thing of devotion to be served, but today it has become quite a business. Education, which builds the very essence of a person's living, elevates their thinking, standardizes their importance, and creates awareness among the society, is sadly suffering such a bad fate now.

Advancement and development would have meant the right to access education easily, may be free to all, to scrap the encumbrance to the needy, but now, the market price of education is sky-rocketing each day, as the shares listed in the stock market.

Why so….?

Why we want to divide people now based on their education. Apparently, all of them cannot afford the same level, but indeed they are entitled to receive one. In an independent country like ours, why there is a bar on receiving the best education for all.

Though the big picture shows the access of education to many, digital classes are all around, numbers of coaching institutes are roaring high, advanced classes are getting developed, new courses are being introduced, remote access is provided to people all around the globe, but in between all this, the very essence of education is all lost. Isn't?

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. “
- Sydney J. Harris

Because the very purpose of education was making a blank mind fill with productive thoughts, to make things and processes around clear in one's mind, to make them curious enough to invent other things that have remained undefined, or unaligned, in short, the overall development of an individual.

The Impact of Digital Education

  • Though it has provided flexibility but has taken away the strictness and discipline.
  • Though it has eased out the accessibility, the level of understanding has gone down.
  • They have taken away the confinement of the classroom but have made the concentration out of focus.
  • They have accorded unlimited time to learn, while the dedicated time for it has been taken away.
  • While they have provided the opportunity to learn from any time and anywhere, but in actual it has delayed them forever.
  • The heavy bag of responsibility to study is taken down, and the carefree tab has been handed over.
  • The basic concepts are now nowhere to be remembered but the course now has been divided and sub-divided into various segments leading to confusion and absent-mindedness.
  • Thus, where are we moving isn't exactly clear in itself, forward or backward.
  • As of now the standard of primary education is increased while making it digitalized. Virtual classes are preferred by every school, without analyzing its need and repercussions. The content is made rich and deep but the same doesn't connect anymore. The curiosity of the child is not satisfied.
  • How can somebody expect a child to ask questions digitally when they even feel shy to ask the questions in class in front of their familiar teacher?
  • They say they are focusing on the child in a superior way, but do they have even tried to understand a child's mindset of accepting things and their capacity to relate them anyhow, before teaching them new things of growth and development?

Today's education is redundant and a waste!

  • Parents are sending their children to coaching classes, even after attending the best and standard schools. Why?
  • It is just because they have money but not time, to take care of their insecurities.
  • School teachers are taking their separate coaching classes while giving just a trailer at school and eating a great chunk of the parent's money.
  • And other individual teachers are more concerned about their advance fees on the first day of classes rather than focusing on the result the child is producing.
  • The teachers who were considered spiritually devoted to their profession and were considered venerable are now all blinded by the greed of money.
  • They are no more considering the fact that they are leading developers or architects of the future building in which an individual would reside; rather they are more concerned in filling their pockets.

Instead, what should be done?

  • The previous system of education was a well-thought one while advancing could lead to improvement instead of completely changing it.
  • For instance, the dependency on extra coaching classes must be scrapped by the school taking responsibility for its teachers delivering the best education in the classes itself, and restricting them to open their private institutions, so that a student is saved from increased stress from coaching classes.
  • Studies should be confined within the walls, while competition or exams must be made global, based on the same syllabus.
  • Instead of different content for each school, unique and standard content should be defined for all. So that students can understand themselves and help each other also.
  • Exams must not be too stressed upon to fear them but simply made like an adventure to test you.
  • Competition must be productive and children must be taught values along with concepts and many other things likewise being thought over by experienced scholars to restore our original essence of education and humanity.

It is not a one-day work program, or one person's responsibility to look into the matter, the entire things need the attention of a concerned group taking quality and constructive decisions to edit the education system for mankind and making it efficient and effective in the best way.


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