BankSathi, under the leadership of founders, creates ripples of growth in the FinTech world

It has emerged as a breath of fresh air in the cluttered financial realm and has provided people with an opportunity to turn into financial advisors and earn money online.

By Soha Habib Mar 21 2023 11:48AM 1557 Read

The massive momentum and insane growth levels a few industries have attained over the years can be attributed to a myriad of factors. For some, it is because of the constant tech advancements and the adoption of the latest tech trends, while for some others, it is due to the relentless passion, drive and commitment of business owners and other professionals. However, a few experts opine that a combination of both has what led most of these industries to where they stand today. The financial technology industry, which we know as FinTech, is one such constantly growing sector that has seen the rise of top financial players like BankSathi.

BankSathi is the brainchild of two visionary FinTech experts and entrepreneurs named Jitendra Dhaka and Sandeep Kaler, who believed they could bring about a wave of great change in the industry, and that’s what they did with this social commerce FinTech platform. It has now empowered financial lives, offering them suitable financial product access to last mile users. It has been encouraging everyone who wishes to earn an extra income to turn into financial advisors and start earning online through selling loans, insurance, credit cards, Demat accounts and more.

People can start their business with BankSathi at zero investment and earn more than ₹1,00,000 monthly by providing financial advice and products to customers and gain a fast payout every month. This incredible business attracted the attention of many financial players in the industry, which is why the brand could also raise $4 million as Pre-series A round. The company has already gained funding from CRED, Innova8, Asian Markets, Liquiloans, Recur Club, EKI Energy, ClassPlus, Mamaearth, MS Fincap and India Juris.

Founder Jitendra Dhaka, who thrives on his analytical and creative mind and skillset, also radiates a strong multicultural sensibility and a passion for data, facts and numbers. He always felt passionate about solving financial product penetration issues through BankSathi. Sandeep Kaler, the co-founder with 15+ years of experience in software engineering and expertise in the tech space, says that BankSathi ( has a 10,00,000+ advisors community and has generated 50 crore+ advisors income so far.

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