Mamta Mot, who excels as a versatile media personality, talks about passion and resilience.

She believes that people who work around their ideas with determination and stick to their work ethics and honesty become unstoppable.
By Soha Habib - Mar 21 2023 11:53AM - 3029 Read

Not all those wander are lost is a phrase that can be used to define the journeys of many professionals, entrepreneurs, industry experts, leaders and visionaries around the world. Wandering from one place to another also means that several professionals choose to explore more industries and find a new purpose to stay determined toward. This they do to experience new things, gain new knowledge and become more skilled professionals. Mamta Saraswat Mot had done the same when she first chose to complete her teacher training studies after doing B.Com. She then did her Diploma in Children’s Development and is now pursuing Masters in Mass Communication & Journalism.

Not just this, Mamta Mot, who is also a vocalist has been working as an Administrative Assistant at the renowned International Institute of Management, doing Academic admissions administration and management for the Institute. The Jaipur-based talent, who is also a Radio 7 RJ and Program Producer, highlights that passion and resilience can be called keys to attaining the success and growth one desires. They are the driving forces that can thrust people forward in their industries, even amidst over-competition and saturation.

“When people work with immense love in their hearts for their work and become passionate about the same while also staying resilient in their journeys, fighting tooth and nail to reach an eminent position in their careers, they become unstoppable,” believes Mamta Mot, who today is also a humanitarian, volunteering and supporting many meaningful causes. She says that it was her passion and resilience that helped her draw her desired success story, which helped her become a multi-skilled and versatile professional in these industries.

Though she is glad for the opportunities that came by her way, she also pats her back for creating newer opportunities for herself when things did not work her way. Resilience, she says, helps people walk with the changing times and trends in an industry. It gives people the ability to stand back again from setbacks and adapt well to change, growing from the ground up.

There is a reason Mamta Mot (@invogue_naari) today is honored with several accolades and honors, the latest being the Brand Ambassador of Rajasthan International Film Festival – RIFF (2023), being a Chief Guest at the Tamhankar Theater Academy (Manipal University, Jaipur), Women Empowerment Award: “Tamanna Udan KI” (2016), “SIKSHAK SAMMAN”- Dainik Bhaskar Teacher’s Award (2016), Indian Trailblazer Women Achiever’s Award (2017) and Writer’s Honor Award in the book “Shabhd Mukhr Ke” (2017).

Soha Habib
Soha Habib

With over a decade of writing obituaries for the local paper, I have a uniquely wry voice that shines through the newest collection of essays on the importance we place on a legacy. I see myself in the top management in some marketing/advertising firm. BTW, my primary domain is Humanities & I also like geography, exploring, travelling, & food.

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