Bewakoof Startup Story : Man becomes Crorepati by Selling T-Shirts

Bewakoof Startup Story : IITians Create T-Shirt RS. 250 CR Business

By Srishti Mudgal Apr 24 2021 9:41PM 4867 Read
Bewakoof Startup Story : IITians Create T-Shirt RS. 250 CR Business

How many times during our college years did we come up with an original concept for something? But, for the most part, we don’t take it seriously. Those that recognize their passion and begin working on their goals at the appropriate time are more likely to succeed.

Like these two IITians, Prabhkiran Singh and Siddharth Munot, co-founders of, a well-known e-commerce startup. These two civil engineering graduates from IIT Bombay have always wanted to start their own business. Their journey began when they were sitting outside their college, drilling their minds to start their own business. Let’s take a look at their tale of success!


It was in 2010 that Prabhkiran Singh and Siddharth Munot were looking for a domain name for their company and came up with the idea of starting with, as April was about to begin and April Fool’s Day was approaching. They also wanted to create something funny, clever and appealing to the youth, so they decided that would be a good place to start. Even though the domain was registered in 2010, they never took action. The site’s development began in 2011, but it was only launched at the end of January 2012.

Following graduation, both founders began their careers separately. Prabhkiran began his Lassi venture, Khadke glass, outside of his college, which did not go well and had to be shut down.

Siddharth, on the other hand, was working for an educational startup. They then decided to start their own T-Shirt printing company. They decided to create something that would make college students laugh. They researched current youth trends and lifestyles before creating quotes for their T-Shirts. And, as predicted, their brand name, as well as the cool but humorous quotes printed on the t-shirts, drew everyone’s attention and received a positive response from the youth.

BEWAKOOF - Tactics And Marketing Strategy

To sell and promote their products, the company initially used two main platforms : Justdial and Facebook. The result was obvious: in less than a few months, their Facebook page had over 75 thousand users engaged.

Aside from social media handlers, the company has developed comprehensive college promotions. Students are expected to spread Beewakoofy across the college campus in exchange for free Tees provided by the company.

The company also marketed its products by partnering with several well-known e-commerce sites, such as Snapdeal, Indiatimes Shopping, and Seventymm, to sell them.

The two most popular Facebook pages, “2 Min Aaya Yaar Raste Mei Hoon”, and their company page “”, were used to push traffic to their official website.

These pages occupied users with Facebook memes and trolls to support their website.

The brand’s surprising strength is its attractive and trendy quotes printed on various t-shirts and products. It immediately catches people’s attention. Aside from that, the replacement policy makes it easier for customers to purchase any products. Customers will pay by COD, which allows them to inspect the commodity before approving it from the channel partner.

BEWAKOOF - Popularity Is Growing Day after day

  • MThe website receives over 2.5 million monthly visits.
  • Shipping began in more than 90 countries.
  • There are over 40.1 million Facebook followers.
  • On Twitter, there are over 8700 active followers.
  • Instagram has over 2.39 million subscribers.


  • Don’t you think the name “bewakoof” is a little strange? Yes, it’s one of the most eye-catching features of this online store. Bewakoof is a Hindi word that means “stupid” and describes anyone who does something unusual. Bewakoof’s creators agree that it is normally people like these who will make a difference in the world. They dare to do the right thing regardless of what others think of them. India’s younger generation shares this concept, and as a result, bewakoof becomes relatable to the customers they serve.
  • Bewakoof stands out because of the spirit of looking at things from a different angle. Through creativity, honesty, and thoughtfulness, Bewakoof aspires to make the world a better place.
  • The corporation has no intention of stepping on the toes of others to advance. Along with their gains, they still recognize the common good of society.
  • Bewakoof promotes the novel idea that a company’s primary concern should not be financial gain. Design, manufacturing, technology, data science, and marketing are all in-house facilities contributing to their value. Bewakoof, unlike other online retailers, designs and produces all of its products, allowing them to create a brand. Bewakoof used to sell via retail stores in Mumbai until a few years ago, but they soon stopped doing so.
  • Their online sales have been a huge success, but how? Continue reading to find out.

Bewakoof Success – Online Sales

Bewakoof has been able to expand its business by working closely with its fans rapidly. They introduce new designs based on their research into lifestyle and fashion trends. Bewakoof’s social media fan base of over 1.50 million people is also regularly listened to. Many people visit their websites after being distracted from social media sites. In the fashion industry, being fast to innovate is more important than being big and proven.

Bewakoof is the most socially connected brand in India. Social media sites have a huge effect on the lives of young people, and Bewakoof has the opportunity to take advantage of that. Their massive Facebook fan base allows them to communicate with the public effectively. Similarly, the startup uses all available resources, such as Google Ads and other promotion tools.

Bewakoof started selling through WhatsApp a few months ago, and they promise to make 15% of their total transactions through it. All you have to do is submit information like the item’s name, your name, and your address to their official WhatsApp number: 7666655001. Clients have sent over 10,000 pings to Bewakoof, including order confirmations, requests, suggestions, and other messages.

  • Myntra
  • Ajio
  • Cyankart

Bewakoof Story - THE FUTURE

Bewakoof currently operates out of a 1.3 lakh square foot facility in Bhiwandi, on the outskirts of Mumbai, of which it only uses 20%, indicating the company’s intentions to expand.

According to Singh, the company will consider expanding its product ranges, currently restricted to clothing and phone cases, to reach a wider audience.

A flagship store in Mumbai is also in the works, which the founder says could open in 8 to 9 months while remaining tight-lipped. However, he emphasizes that the aim of opening a traditional brick-and-mortar store is to raise awareness about the product rather than to generate sales.

Final Words

Despite all the challenges and hiccups, the two young graduates could fulfill their dreams with utmost determination and hard work.

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