Help India Online Foundation : Dr. Pareek’s Dream to Develop India

Help India Online Foundation (HIO) : Dr. Jagdish’s Dream Child

By Divanshi Jain Apr 3 2021 6:12PM 2147 Read
Help India Online Foundation (HIO) : Dr. Jagdish’s Dream Child

Help India Online Foundation (HIO) is a world record holder organization and the seed of it was sown by Dr. Jagdish Pareek with a dream of making India a world guru in the year 2018. Starting with a small seed, Help India has become a banyan tree whose roots extend from north to south and east to west. HIO was started to provide a platform for social assistance to the people. A simple definition of Help India Online is earning happiness in the large public interest. We are the first kind of organization that is working in different fields and believe each person has the power to make social changes, to promote brilliant ideas, to save someone’s life, and to make the world a better place to live.

Help India Online Foundation – About

Help India Online Foundation majorly works in 5 sectors education, preventive healthcare, employment, digital help, and social entrepreneurship, and continue to add more projects soon.

The government of India recently declared an education policy to cope with skills required to meet the challenges of the 21st century’s technology and innovation.

It will take another 20 years for the Government to make the policy fully operational at all levels across India.

Help India Online Foundation is now compliance ready to implement the New Education Policy of India 2020 recently announced by the Government. One of the pivotal schemes of Help India Online Foundation is “Education” which aims to assist with education to the not so privileged children of our society. It works on eight core skills using scientific techniques like DMIT test, Neuroscience, and Meta Skill training while effecting Information, Communication & Technology based teaching as well as complying with the Preparation, and Precaution & Prevention protocol designed for post-COVID-19 education. Likewise, offering physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual education for stress-free schooling. Till today, the foundation has launched more than 10,000 digital and professional free online courses, more than 2 lakh E-Books, and 1st to 12th all medium courses on learning App meeting the global standard of education.

Help India Online – Beginning

Help India Online Foundation is registered under section 8 of the companies Act 2013 as a licensed company, approved by the Central Government of India, as the company working for charitable objectives. For its ideology, technology and resources Help India Online Foundation is growing exponentially.

Help India Online Foundation Awards and recognition

  • Leadership Icon Award in the category of “India’s First Preventive Health Platform” by Brand Opus.
  • Global Teaching Excellence Award 2020” for the best education system.
  • Asia’s no. 1 Brand & Leadership Excellence Awards
  • Asia’s NGO / Social Services Awards
  • Asia’s Helping Hand Award” by RULA AWARDS
  • Digital Help Platform (Start-Up) Certificate by Global Triumph Foundation in Global Startup Summit & Awards 2021.
  • World Record-Star 2020
  • Guinness Book Of World Record in Ghoomar Dance

Help India Online Foundation - Wings

  • Help India Foundation & Preventive Health Measures Help India Foundation is the first organization in India that has taken the initiative to work on Preventive Health and implement it across the country, keeping in mind the health problems. On 21st June 2020 the International Yoga Day, the foundation has launched a certified Preventive Health Care Consultants training program complying with Ayush Ministry’s COVID-19 Protocol. The training is compiled by Aurvedacharya, Yogacharya, health consultants, nutrition experts, naturopathists, and neuropsychologists. It runs the PHC Consultant program in collaboration with NSDC and Ayush Ministry. The foundation vowed to train one crore PHC Consultants in collaboration with Ayush Ministry and NSDC within a year. Till today, 6.05,446 have been trained in preventive health.
  • Help India Online aiding Employment Problems Help India Online is a global online employment solution for people seeking jobs and employers. We've been doing this for the community, and have expanded from our roots as a "job board" to a global provider of a full array of job seeking, career management, recruitment, and talent management products & services. The main motto of this portal is to create a bridge between community youth and community employers.
    Help India Online Foundation has taken a high flight of success, and with social concerns, the organization has done various unprecedented work in the areas. Help India has done its social responsibility with complete dedication and hard work. Help India Online enables to raise funds across India for the memorial, daughter’s marriage, disaster relief, social causes, and healthcare for thirty-four critical illnesses. Till today, Help India has helped Rs. 25,500,000 by the community.
  • Help India Online Foundation & Social Entrepreneurship Social Entrepreneurship is the focal wing of Help India Online Foundation. In its endeavor of making people self-sufficient and lead their life on their own terms, Help India online foundation aims to provide an opportunity to start their own business and to become their own boss. Help India Online Foundation’s Social Entrepreneurship wing consisting of E-Commerce and E-governance platforms inculcate HELP mindset (Happiness with “Earning in Large Public interest”) among social entrepreneurs. Till today, Help India is working in 24 states and has 72+ offline outlets. Help India also provides bank finance for self-employed, micro, small, and home industries and marketing their products on the home gallery.
  • Help India Online assisting Payment Solution Problems Help India Online Foundation has started an application for payment solutions. E-Governance Wing had a leading payment solution platform that is managed by Help India online Foundation for business services like instant Recharge and Bill Payment, Booking all over India, Shopping portal, and many more. With Help India Pay, we strive to bring you daily needs through your mobile phone and desktop.
  • Help India Teaching Everybody Help India Online Foundation to introduce every citizen about their multiple intelligence so that they can unbox their life potential and their inborn talent which has been provided by Almighty God. The DMIT wing provides services for people of all age groups to identify unique talents, brain dominance, Brain Quotients (IQ, EQ, AQ, CQ, VQ), dominant multiple intelligence, learning & acquiring style, personality type, subject & job selection, compatibility.
    Help India Online Foundation’s Training Wing provides a platform for trainers across India to provide training in specialized areas to make income. The aim to give full training to the people about the system which will strengthen the roots of the foundation.
  • Help India – Other Wings for Social Development Legal Wing looking after the legality of operations, redressal to legal grievances, and take legal action against defamation and miss-selling.
    Women Wing starts an initiative the “Motherpreneurship”, offering financial freedom to graduate women; also offer services to organic farming, solar projects, bank finance for self-employed, micro, small, and home industries, marketing their products, IT-based projects, special opportunities to professional trainers across India. The women's wing of Help India is playing its role by being at the forefront of women's empowerment across the country.

This is how social innovation can change public life in India. Help India Online Foundation is giving a platform where people can learn, earn and help.

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