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Localturnon is a one-of-a-kind platform that caters to all parts of the customer's music and dancing adventure. Localturnon is a Noida-based firm that was founded in 2015 by Tajinder Bagga. Localturnon has grown by 200% year over year.

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Localturnon Startup Story – Bringing You Closer to Dance & Music

Music and dance are excellent forms of self-expression. They are those stress relievers that make us feel refreshed and invigorated. Do you enjoy dance and music as much as we do? Localturnon is the place to be if you're a performer or want to enjoy a relaxing musical evening or a thrilling dance performance. This Noida-based firm will assist you in identifying your turn-ons. Localturnon is a one-of-a-kind platform that brings audiences closer to music, dance, and entertainment. It is responsible for all aspects of dance and music. One might look for dance and music tutors or centers, book artists, or buy tickets to dance and music events. Let's delve into this article to know more about the journey of this company.

Fun Fact: Localturnon has come a long way from its inception in Kolkata, with stops in Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai.

Localturnon Startup - Key Highlights

  • Startup Name - Localturnon
  • Founded - 2015
  • Founder - Tajinder Bagga
  • Sector - Entertainment / Events
  • Headquarter - Noida
  • Parent Organization - Happitive Enterprise Private Limited

Localturnon – Talent Booking Startup

Localturnon is a one-of-a-kind platform that caters to all parts of the customer's music and dancing adventure. It is a Noida-based firm that got founded in 2015. Localturnon has solutions for everyone, whether you're looking for a music or dance centre or tutor, want to book bands or artists, or want to enjoy a music or dance event.

In India, music is similar to cricket. There are many huge names and well-known brands in music, just as there are in cricket. However, a significant amount of talent in cricket and music can get found in every corner of the country. If there is a cricketer in every gully in India, there is also a singer and dancer. Music, like cricket, needs a platform to assist the talented in receiving their dues, and this company is doing its part.

Localturnon Startup Founder - Tajinder Bagga

Localturnon got founded by Tajinder Bagga. Before launching Localturnon, Tajinder Bagga worked for IBM, Airtel, Pantaloon, Bata, and others for around 15 years. Localturnon began with a full-fledged team divided between business development and content creation, allowing them to focus on both. As artists and content became more packaged, the group eventually merged. In addition, Localturnon outsources the technological work.

Localturnon Startup – Brand Name and Logo

  • Brand Name – The term is derived from the phrases 'local' and 'switch on.' The turn-on is the rise in volume, and the local is the location or vicinity. It also fits in since you can turn up the skill and opportunity volume.
  • Logo – The logo likewise resembles a location sign, with the message denoted by the turn-on symbol beneath it.

Localturnon Startup – USP

Some of the USPs of the company is as follows:

  • Localturnon provides a venue for great musicians to perform live and earn money.
  • It's a centralized platform for music and dance organizations, as well as performers. You can search for them and connect with them based on your preferences.
  • The firm plans performances based on the audience's preferences, the sensibility of the location, and the occasion.
  • It offers a complete event package that includes stage, sound, lighting, artists, DJs, anchors, and more.
  • Localturnon uses social media to promote its artists and events, ensuring that they receive the attention they deserve.

Localturnon Startup - Revenue Model

The income model for Localturnon began in 2017. (Almost 1.5 years post-study of the market and interaction with artists). Then, it was a subscription service. After that, subscriptions were available for artists, and Localturnon promoted them.

  • LocalTurnon Revenue Sources –
    • Artists who promote themselves get commissions.
    • They earned commissions by marketing a variety of events.
    • Ticket sales for Localturnon's concerts and events generate revenue
  • LocalTurnon Future Revenue Sources -
    • For the centers, there is a subscription model.
    • Bookings made using its platform generate commissions.
    • Instruments in the market
    • Sponsorship

Localturnon - Startup Challenges

Some of the challenges of the company are as follows:

  • Beginning – "The most difficult part was deciding where to begin," Tajinder explained. However, Tajinder's 1.5 years of experience in the dance and music industry provided him with the necessary expertise and courage to launch Localturnon. In addition, the brand has benefited from having a solid social media presence and cultivating a positive relationship with the artist community.
  • Mistakes while Signing Artists – Localturnon made some vast mistakes signing up artists. They signed them without even asking for their performance data when it went into subscription mode, and as a result, it ended up with a couple of notable, non-talented people. The company had no choice but to repay them because obtaining their events and orders would have been impossible. They acquired a valuable lesson in this regard
  • Dues – The Corporation has outstanding dues claims that it intends to resolve soon. Pending payments are a typical business snag that arises when the opposing party is unethical and chooses to play beneath the table.

Localturnon Startup – Growth & Financial Data

Localturnon has grown by 200% year over year. The following are some of the company's accomplishments:

  • Localturnon has over 750 dance and music centres listed.
  • Localturnon is home to over 900 artists, musicians, bands, dancers, DJs, and anchors.
  • It organizes its concerts and events and collaborates with ATS, E&Y, IndusInd Bank, and DLF Mall of India on its events and celebrations.
  • In 2017, Localturnon performed a mega performance with Raftaar and Asees Kaur, and in 2018, Nizami Bandhu's show SUFIYA.

Localturnon Startup - User Acquisition Strategy

According to Tajinder, when Localturnon first connected with their partners, they received many questions that helped them gain traction.Ethical business practices, proof of invoicing via receipts and invoices, statistics, and success metrics were all openly shared with partners, resulting in trust and confidence.

Working with DLF Mall of India in Noida was an excellent break for Localturnon, as it provided them with a lot of exposure. To market the platform, the corporation has recently developed several exciting themes and cooperation with cafes. In addition, through social media, the company keeps in touch with its target audience.

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