TrulyMadly Raises $8.9 Million - The Dating App That Beat Tinder in India

TrulyMadly is one of India’s most popular dating apps with more than 8 Million downloads. The app was developed and founded by Hitesh Dhingra, Rahul Kumar, Sachin Bhatia, Snehil Khanor in 2013 in New Delhi. Currently, the startup is valued at over $5Million.

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Hitesh Dhingra’s TrulyMadly - The Most Promising Indian Dating App

With over 8 million users, TrulyMadly is India’s most popular and trustworthy dating app. TrulyMadly app can help you grow your social network, make new connections, and communicate with people who are right for you. In addition, TrulyMadly allows you to un-single and start anew with a new lover. It allows you to meet your soul match and create meaningful, long-term relationships. It’s a love finder and matchmaking program that helps you find your life companion.

Fact : TrulyMadly doesn’t allow you to take any screenshots of other accounts. Instead, it’s a dating app that promises to be the only one to help people find each other.

TrulyMadly – Key Highlights

  • Founded - 2013
  • Founders - Hitesh Dhingra, Rahul Kumar, Sachin Bhatia, Snehil Khanor
  • Headquarters - New Delhi, Delhi, India
  • IPO Status - Private
  • Operating Status - Active
  • Company Type - For - Profit
  • Sector Apps, Dating, Internet
  • Total Funding - $8.9 million
  • Last Funding Type - Seed
  • Legal name - Crescere Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  • Website –

TrulyMaddly App – Best Features & USP

Some of the best features of TrulyMadly are as follows:

  • Users can choose to like or ignore the profile that has piqued their interest. In addition, you can browse the user’s entire profile and start talking with them if they want you back.
  • They take into account a variety of criteria, such as education (if you’re a lawyer, you might choose someone who is also a lawyer), personality (ideals, ambitions, etc., preferences, and so on.
  • You won’t see matches until all profiles have been confirmed and validated by the app. It uses a complicated method for verifying ids that involves computing a trust score based on information like a phone number, a Facebook page, and a LinkedIn profile.
  • They evaluate how many friends you have, how old your profile is, what your news feeds are about, and if you’re single to determine the validity of your Facebook account.
  • The best thing about the app is that it is not a hookup app like its other competitors. Instead, it is a pure dating app that got built for honest and genuine people.

TrulyMadly – Founders

The founders of the company are as follows:

  • Hitesh Dhingra
  • Rahul Kumar
  • Sachin Bhatia
  • Snehil Khanor

TrulyMadly App – Brand Logo and tagline

  • Tagline - “No animals, No Gods, No random pictures.” We will keep our word!
  • Logo - The logo of the company is in vibrant pink and blue colours. It is enough to catch the attention of the customers.

TrulyMadly Startup – Investors and Funding

Trulymadly generated $8.9 million in four levels of Funding. They were given seed money on April 20, 2021. A total of 23 investors have put their money into Akshat Rathee and Inflection Point Ventures are the most recent backers.

DateStageAmountLead Investor
August 22, 2014Seed Round--
March 3, 2015Seed Round$5,7MHelion Venture Partners, Kae Capital
August 31, 2020Seed RoundRs.81M-
April 20, 2021Seed RoundRs.160M9Unicorns Accelerator Fund, Venture Catalysts

TrulyMadly – Vision

The firm’s fundamentals are compatibility and verification. They’ve created a safe and clutter-free atmosphere by ensuring mate compatibility and conducting extensive profile screening. In addition, they believe in making interactions basic and straightforward.

TrulyMadly App - Revenue model

  • Advertisements in Banners - TrulyMadly makes money by displaying banner advertisements-paid adverts for Uber cabs or any other company presented in between TrulyMadly chats. They use pay-per-click advertising.
  • Fees for Membership - Organizing city-wide parties and collecting cash through admission prices. TrulyMadly assesses statistics using quizzes and facts, which they then sell to research firms.
  • Collaboration with Cafes - TrulyMadly has started developing ties with cafes so that all dates get held at a place chosen by TrulyMadly. As a result, they can profit from commissions on high-end food prices. In addition, TrulyMadly has teamed with Starbucks in events to allow you to relax while also benefiting from your purchase of a large at Tata Starbucks.

Note : The target audience for TrulyMadly are unmarried bachelors who are looking for a genuine relationship that transcends race and ethnicity.

TrulyMadly – Growth Numbers

  • TrulyMadly App downloads grew from 3 million to 8.5 million.
  • Increase in organic installs by three times.
  • The number of reinstalls increased by a factor of ten.
  • Women’s downloads increased thrice.
  • Women started 35% of talks, compared to 22% pre-campaign.
  • The number of matches every month has increased by a factor of 12 times.
  • The average time spent every day increased by 30%, from 42 minutes to 55 minutes.

TrulyMadly - Marketing Strategy

Some of their marketing strategies are as follows:

  • Content Marketing: Content is crucial because their target audience consumes social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As a result, they decided to invest a significant amount of money in the material.
  • Campaigns: They began with a global campaign dubbed Breaking Stereotypes, which got them 4 million Facebook followers. As a result, the number of installs on their gateway increased dramatically. It also created a girl-targeted guy browsing ad. Part of TrulyMadly’s ongoing best friend promotion, this ad emphasizes how the app is available 24x7, just like a girl’s BFF, to recommend any suitable gentlemen to date.
  • Shows & Drama: They presented dating dramas geared toward women. Finally, they essentially paraded males for teenage girls on YouTube, fulfilling every teenage girl’s ideal. A one-minute film depicts a street play with real girls in real-life college, job, parties, etc.
  • Other Portals: TrulyMadly has created an online dating hotspot for English-speaking women using the Miss Malini portal.

TrulyMadly App Challenge – Time Taking Research & Development

Every startup has to go through various challenges. Some of the challenges faced by them are as follows:

  • Doing a survey and creating the social algorithm to assess a person’s character and aspirations was the most challenging part of the project.
  • Millions of singles and young couples got polled to analyze behavioural relationship patterns and discover what makes them stronger in every situation. But, unfortunately, it was one of the most tedious things to do.
  • They believed that by conducting R&D, they put a mechanism to connect two persons, encouraging people to seek soulmates in one another. It was perplexing, instructive, and thought-provoking.

TrulyMadly App – Competitors

  • Bumble - Bumble was founded in 2014 and is TrulyMadly’s main competitor. It is a competitor in the Application Software category. Bumble is responsible for 22.458% of TrulyMadly’s revenue.
  • Tinder - Tinder is another competitor of TrulyMadly. It began in Los Angeles, California, in 2012. It’s a social networking site. It generates $1.4 billion in revenue, considerably exceeding TrulyMadly.
  • QuackQuack – It isTrulyMadly’s third opponent. QuackQuack got founded in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, in 2009. Like TrulyMadly, QuackQuack is a video chat service. However, it employs 50 people more than QuackQuack.

TrulyMaddly – The Promising Dating App

In India, which is still a traditional nation, dating apps are gaining a lot of attraction. TrulyMadly is an excellent illustration of this. However, online dating was still frowned upon, particularly among women who disliked appearing needy. As a result, most of them hesitated to use a dating app for fear of being judged.

TrulyMaddly became the game changer and changed the situation by creating a new one specifically for them. One feels as if women started it for women, where boys can be themselves without being judged.

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