Most Experienced Indian Public Speaker TS Madaan’s Secret to Success

TS Madaan is a motivational speaker & started his journey on social media when no one was using the internet in India. He was the first public speakers to do so, and in this video, he teaches us about his secret to making success on social media.

By Prakash Mishra Jun 12 2021 11:51PM 6557 Read

TS Madaan is one of the pioneer personal training coaches of India and has been in the industry for more than 40 years now. He started his journey on social media when no one was using the internet in India and was the first public speakers to do so. Today, his YouTube following is more than 11 crore, and his other family members, including his daughter, wife, son, and son-in-law, run their YouTube channels. Himesh Madaan, his son, has more than 56 lakh YouTube followers. In this video, TS Madaan Sir reveals all the secrets & knowledge about social media channels. He covers topics like how social media began, its rise, pros, cons, and how he cracked the formula.

TS Madaan sees social media as a revolution in which people used to meet each other. He also covered sensitive topics like social media addiction, trolling, negative commenting, and the side effects of popularizing these platforms. However, he advices youth to acquire proper skills & training before starting their online or offline success journey and without it, the chances of failure are high. At last of this video, he reveals a full-proof plan of making it big on the social media world as a creator.

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