7 Health-Related Startups in India: Story of Entrepreneurs

7 Health Startup Ideas 2021 to Take Business Inspiration

By Reva Jain Apr 29 2021 3:41PM 3158 Read
7 Health Startup Ideas 2021 to Take Business Inspiration

Health has become our number one priority, and from the last decade, people are getting more concerned about their health and how it impacts their lifestyle and wellbeing. They are also trying to be more physically and mentally fit to avoid any distress.

With this, many startups have come up to provide healthcare services, treatments, and medicines to our doorsteps at no delay. They are trying to supply more healthy substitutes and, in a way spreading more smiles and happiness.

Rise of Health Startups in India

the healthcare sector is rising swiftly in the Indian environment regarding revenue and market share. The healthcare industry that was secured at $100 billion was anticipated to grow by 23% by 2020 to $280 billion.

This thriving market has granted acceleration to many health-tech startups in India that helps us to order any kind of medicines, book an appointment, or provide a healthy diet quickly.

More than 30 health-related startups have already reached a spike in India, and in coming years, more startups would be here, impacting our lifestyle.

Let's discuss seven startups that are growing rapidly and have been recognized all over India:

7 Top health Startups in India 2021
    • It began when like-minded people collectively thought to modify how child healthcare is practiced by introducing better accessibility and making it affordable. They believed that technology and innovation would make child healthcare more efficient.
    • It was an unusual concept to provide quality healthcare to every child through schools.
    • In March 2010, AddressHealth began operating, doing partnership with schools, understanding that the lack of standardized services make it difficult for schools to implement health facilities.
    • They successfully made over 2 lakh students mentally and physically healthier and attempted screening and counseling on asthma to over 50,000 children.
    • They are present in multiple cities with their office in Bengaluru, Karnataka.
    • They have been striving to keep everyone fit & healthy through various holistic contributions, including yoga, exercises, mental wellbeing, nutritious meals, and primary care.
    • They are also trying to make everyone stay healthy inside their homes with just a single app that helps them be better every day.
    • They are providing a variety of fitnesses like dancing, doing yoga and meditating and also gymming.
    • With this, you can also consult a dietician and other specialized doctors online.
    • It was founded in 2016 in Bengaluru, Karnataka.
    • Krishna Chaitanya Aluru, with his two friends Akshat Goenka and Vamsee Chamakura, came up with creating a mobile app called DocTalk to make the process of consulting doctors and patient management easier, more organized, less time consuming and even less disturbing for both doctors and patients.
    • They founded this startup in 2016 in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
    • Patients are not being connected with new doctors; they just modernized the process after consultation. They can subscribe to a doctor and then simply share files and past prescriptions to make sure that the doctor can simultaneously observe the data and can also upload and share any reports with their assigned patient.
    • This application facilitates the communication between patients and doctors and has been a success in the market. It has several sponsors or investors like Tencent, Practo Sequoia, to name a few. They were even funded $10.2 million from companies like TATA, TIGER, and even Nexus.
  • &ME
    • It is a company designed for women's food and nutrition, blending Ayurveda and modern science to treat them with love and kindness.
    • They build a Women's first, research-led and solution-driven company to serve them with unusual needs and requirements across beauty, fitness, menstrual health, and mental health.
    • They have become the most valuable brand in the Women's Health category and served 2,00,000+ women to date and talk to over 150+ women every day in a continuous effort to improve their brand.
    • Ankur Goyal and Sheta Mittal founded it in the year 2017 at Bengaluru.
  • 1 mg
    • It is an online pharmacy network with access to all health needs and is trying to make healthcare a hassle-free experience.
    • We can buy our ayurvedic, homeopathic, allopathic medicines, vitamins & nutrition supplements, and other health-related products that would be delivered to our homes safely. They also provide Lab tests in the comfort of our homes with frequent doctor consultations.
    • Founded by Prashant Tandon, Gaurav Agarwal, and Vikas Chauhan in 2012 and their office is situated at Gurugram and Haryana.
    • In June 2018, Aadil Shah and Pratul Mangal developed the ayurvedic healthcare brand- AADAR to return traditional habits to the audience.
    • It was started with a couple of Ayurveda combinations that had been running in their family for generations, and later, the company began making products that were aligned with their present-day consumers.
    • AADAR has started its product journey by creating vegetarian omega 3 products and digestives, followed by products that claim to reduce obesity, control cholesterol and improve our immunity.
    • Furthermore, the company is also making goods in different types for ailments like protein deficiencies, indigestion, blood sugar, respiratory, multivitamins for energy and balance, menstruation-related issues as well as sexual wellness products.
    • It is the first Indo-Irish joint attempt in Gluten-Free, Vegan and Lactose-free foods.
    • Their tasty and award-winning recipes have been made in Ireland after many years of research and understanding the highest global standards.
    • They supervise the pieces of bread, Cakes, Pizzas, Muffins, Cookies, etc. and are proudly Made in India
    • Founded by Tarun Khanna, this company is primarily situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Final Words

Health is acknowledged to be a necessary and powerful aspect of our life. The idea of startups is trending today and is promising to change the world more healthily and efficiently.

Therefore, without any uncertainty, these startups are a significant game-changer.

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