Best MLM Companies in India & How to Start it Your Own MLM Business?

5 Top MLM Companies in India 2021: All Details

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Best MLM Companies in India & How to Start it Your Own MLM Business?

There have been a lot of misconceptions going around the market about MLM or network marketing models. However, those who have earned through it know that it is a good source of side or full-time income. The good part is one doesn’t need to quit their current job or follow a fixed 9-5 regime, i.e. work at your own time & leisure. There are more than 100 MLM companies in India but a handful of them are trusted ones. Here, we would see the best 5 network marketing companies in India and how you can start your own MLM business.

5 Best MLM Companies in India Amway:

Amway is the biggest MLM company in India with over 650,000 active sellers. There are more than 140 products offered by the company and started its operations in India in 1995. Amway stands for American Way and is US-based personal care, health care, and home-based product seller.

The company had a great impact on the Indian economy and calls their sellers “business owners”, thus, neglecting the feeling of doing a job among the employees. Amway India offers free training to all its business owners & distributors to grow their sales along with resources & benefits.

You can visit the company website here for more information:

Herbal life Nutrition:

Herbal Life is another international network marketing company in India. The company was started in 1980 and currently has more than 2.3 million distributors in over 95 countries in the world. The firm focuses on health products and makes people aware of their body, thus, encouraging them to use their products.

All the products are made by five manufacturing plants in the US & China and the distribution is only through associate partners and not through retail. The products include protein bars, vitamins, aloes, sports beverages, energy, personal care, whey, and weight reduction items. It also offers an additional 25% discount to all its distributors. Note that the firm reported sales of $4.9 B in the year 2019.

You can visit the company website here for more information:


Oriflame is a successful multi-level marketing company in India and is based out of Sweden. The company’s sales come from direct selling through its website, retail stores, and other sources too, apart from network marketing. The firm facilitates beauty & skincare products and the distributors can earn a margin as high as 50% with them.

The organization works in 60+ countries and is marketed by 30 lakh distributors around the globe. The company generated more than $1.5 billion in revenue in 2019.

You can visit the company website here for more information:


Next on the list is Modicare, India’s own & one of the fastest-growing MLM companies in India. Modicare is owned by Samir Modi and the inception dates back to 1996, started by his father KK Modi. The firm has garnered huge popularity in recent years and currently, covering more than 7200 centers & 40 cities around the nation. The company covers personal hygiene, care, food & beverage, health & wellness, laundry products, and nutrition.

To establish the company in the market, Modicare adopted the policy to benefit both consumers and their distributors. The firm delivers products at a heavy discount and offers several benefits to the distributors. You can visit the company website here for more information:


Avon is the world’s largest selling MLM networking company, operating in over 70 countries, and present in India for the last two decades. The company offers beauty & personal care products and offers up to 50% commission to its authorized distributors. You can get a 20-30% discount for purchasing the products too. The average income of an Avon distributor in India is Rs. 25000 per month and the annual revenue for 2019 of the company was $4.7 billion. It is headquartered in NY, US.

You can visit the company website here for more information:

How to Start Your MLM Company?

Starting an MLM company is not easy but indeed worth a try. You need to have your portal ready where all the data and analytics of your distributor are calculated automatically. Hiring an expert is a rational choice here and making sure not to go for the cheapest sources is wise. A wrong mistake in the code or calculation can become a heavy obstacle.

The MLM software and website companies have all the options and cater to your needs as per requirements. There are many types of MLM software like binary, matrix, uni-level, etc. and the companies consult best on this.

Top Three MLM Software Companies India
  • (Overall Best)
  • Infinity MLM Software (Best Customer Service)
  • Epixel Solutions (High Goodwill)

So, these were the top MLM companies in India and the way to how to start your own MLM business. Network marketing is loved by Indians and the sector is valued over Rs. 15000 billion in the nation. The business model is unique and supported by technology, and thus, is better than conventional retail outlets methods.

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