Dog Home Foundation - The organization working relentlessly for the welfare of dogs.

There are thousands of canines who are in need of support and medical help, the reason entities like these come into existence.

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The canines across the country have to struggle daily to meet their food and medical requirements and in the absence of a proper authority there are high chances of them failing to keep up and this is where social organizations like Dog Home Foundation have come into the picture, providing proper help and support where needed. They are involved in rescuing and taking care of hundreds of dogs and other four legged creatures who require support to keep themselves going. The organization is led by Kuldeep and Dhawal who founded this social entity with the sole aim of helping animals in distress and in need of immediate attention.

Dog Home Foundation was established on January 15th, 2021 by the duo who have always been involved in animal rescue since the beginning. Choosing Jodhpur as their area of work, they have built a facility which provides free treatment to stray dogs. Speaking about this noble cause that has been taken up, one of the co-founders Kuldeep says, "when it comes to getting medical treatment or proper diet during illness, strays fall short as they have no access to any kind of support. This was the sole reason why we took up this task and established our organization which looks after their various needs free or cost. Also our facilities are available 24/7 and anyone coming across canines across the city who are in need of immediate support can freely contact us."

Dog Home Foundation is focussing on treating all the stray dogs who have been victimized or are suffering from any kind of medical issues. Their facility provides a wide range of treatment procedures including X-Ray, blood tests, and urine tests without charging any fee for the same. Furthermore, they have introduced a hydrotherapy machine which helps paralyzed dogs get back to their feet after undergoing treatment. They have dedicated staff members working in two shifts alongwith ambulances which are available 24/7. The canals which house the dogs are also kept in a hygenic condition with facilities like air conditioning in each.

Till date the foundation has rescued and treated thousands of dogs and have now extended their facilities for bulls and donkeys too. As of now they are all set to launch ten hotspots in Jaipur which will source food items for the canines located in those areas. "There are plans to extend our services to further areas once these are in place," informs Dhawal who says that their foundation is looking out to improve their services and give the best treatment to the dogs in the entire region.

Learn more about Dog Home Foundation by following their Instagram @doghomefoundation, and their official website

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