Popular Indian actor K K Goswami suggests aspiring actors to embrace their flaws and look beyond.

He did the same and created newer opportunities for himself by being himself in front of the camera.

By Saurabh Mishra Sep 9 2022 5:39PM 1178 Read

The more we speak about how a few professionals have been doing in their respective sectors and gaining major success, the more we feel the need to talk about them. Wonder why? Because these individuals radiate a different level of zeal and tenacity that instantly makes them unique from others and compel people to know more about their journeys and choices in life. People were intrigued to know about one such exceptional talent in the Indian television and film industry named Krishnakant, aka K K Goswami, who lived many characters so far, all of which went ahead in winning him a place in people’s hearts.

Every year, more and more aspiring talents enter the entertainment space with the aim to make it huge in their careers, but hardly a few get a chance of their lifetime. It is thus a very challenging and demanding industry that offers fierce competition to all. However, actors like K K Goswami are proof of how true passion and determination can never stop anyone from achieving what they seek in life.

The 1973-born actor, originally from Muzaffarpur, Bihar, also known as “Gabru” in the Vikral Gabraal TV series, suggests actors to embrace their flaws and look beyond. He, as a dwarf actor, faced too many hurdles on his path, but he embraced them all and consistently kept walking his path.

Not just that, K K Goswami created newer opportunities for himself as an actor by being himself and playing roles that highlighted him as important characters in films and TV shows. He says that he has noticed how young talents easily lose hope thinking they are regular people and do not have anything special in them, but he believes that everyone has an X factor in them; the only thing is to realize that and work around the same.

K K Goswami (@kkgoswamiofficial) suggests aspiring talents to even optimize social media platforms to keep posting new and entertaining stuff as actors, creators, and performers and get to their next level of success.

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