Gallabox Startup Story - Making Things Easier For Your Businesses

Gallabox is a company that helps in scaling the businesses of other companies. It got started in 2020 by Karthik Jagannathan, Yogesh Narayanan, and Yathindhar Panchanathan. The company’s headquarters is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and it works on the subscription-based business model.
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Gallabox Startup Story – Empowering Every Business in India

Gallabox is one such company that provides a simple and hassle-free platform that will help you in the growth of your business without any coding. The company helps in the management of customer conversations with businesses. Their main aim is to provide the easiest tool that will help them in improving customer conversation and scale their business. Gallabox has 3 major touchpoints, which are Discovery, Support, and Purchase for the customers. So let us get into this article to read the success story of this amazing company that is making business easier for other companies.

Gallabox – Key Highlights

  • Company Name – Gallabox
  • Founding Year – 2020
  • Headquarters – Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Industry – SaaS
  • Founder – Karthik Jagannathan, Yogesh Narayanan, and Yathindhar Panchanathan
  • Website – gallabox.com

Gallabox – Founders and Team

  • Karthik Jagannathan – CEO (Chief Executive Officer) & Co-founder. He has an experience of more than 20 years in P&L management, sales and marketing. Karthik has worked with companies like Tata Teleservices, Sify, Sulekha, and also at a matrimony company.
  • Yogesh Narayanan – CTO (Chief Technical Officer) & Co-founder. He has an experience of 17 years of managing the SMB facing product and value delivery piece. Yogesh has worked with companies like Xerago and matrimonial companies as well.
  • Yathindhar Panchanathan – CPO (Chief Product Officer) & Co-founder. He has an experience of more than 13 years in software development for products, digital marketplaces and the consumer internet. He worked with companies like CredAvenue before founding Gallabox.

Gallabox – Brand Name and Logo

  • Brand Name – The brand name of the company is after Galla Petti (cash register). It symbolizes healthy business.
  • Logo – The company’s logo is simple and impactful. It is a box or a cube that draws parallels to the name of the brand. Also, the blue arrow symbolizes the rising graph of the business. This shows that Gallabox aspires to provide for its customer’s businesses.

Gallabox – Business Model

Gallabox works on the subscription-based business model.

The company also has a pricing model that includes WhatsApp business API, the cost of the business, and many other related costs.

Gallabox – Revenue Model

Gallabox collects money from its customer on a monthly or an annual basis. Their pricing starts from INR 2500 and goes up to INR 9000. The pricing set by the company is just a small ratio of their client’s benefit that they accrue by using the company’s service.

The company focuses on getting the pricing right as they want to benefit both parties. It should be easy for the customers to adopt and help them grow the customer acquisition engine.

Gallabox – Customer Acquisitions

Gallabox is one such company whose services and products can be used by anyone (even if you do not know to code at all). Most companies in India do not prefer DIY and usually hire other freelancers or outsource to other companies.

This is where Gallabox steps into the scene. It has a fantastic connection with the developer's community and they are often enquired by these companies and freelancers. Gallabox gives them suggestions about making their work easier and this is how the company acquired most of its customers.

Gallabox – Achievements and Recognitions

Gallabox received TANSEED Grant for their impactful work from CM MK Stalin and the Govt. of Tamil Nadu.

They received a grant of INR 5 lakhs on 23rd Dec 2021 from the Chief Minister. It was one of the 19 startups that got selected for the grant during the startup Seed Grant Fund by Tamil Nadu.

Gallabox – Funding

Gallabox got bootstrapped by its founders after its incorporation. It raised INR 3 crore from pre-seed capital from angel investors in April 2021 by issuing CCPS.

Some of the angel investors and advisors of the company are as follows:

  • Gaurav Kumar – CredAvenue, Founder
  • Swaroop Reddy – SeedTime Ventures, Founder
  • Pramod Kumar – Wealth Advisors India, Co-founder
  • Kris Karaikudi – Global Data Strategy Lead Slalam, US
  • Kapil Ramamurthy – Spark Capital, Co-founder

Gallabox is also preparing to raise $2 M from Seed capital in the coming few months.

Gallabox – Competitors

Gallabox has various strong competitors in the market. Some of them have a good customer base and some of them are slowly growing to become superpower companies. A few of the top competitors of the company are as follows:

  • Engati
  • Yellow.ai
  • Wati.io
  • Interkat

Gallabox – Challenges Faced

Gallabox had to face various issues in their entrepreneurial journey. Some of the major challenges faced by the company are as follows:

  • Whatsapp Craze – Most the small companies still work on WhatsApp and that has become their comfortable place. It was a tough task for Gallabox to divert all those companies to their platform. This was surely one of the biggest challenges that Gallabox had to face in their initial days.
  • Investments – Rasining investments has been tough for the company. They are working hard to raise some funds to expand their business and increase their revenue.
  • Competitors – Gallabox is one of the strongest players in the market but it does have some the good competitors. Few of these companies are performing well on several levels and they have a good customer base as well. It will be not that easy for Gallabox to divert all those employees towards this side.

Gallabox – Future Plans

Gallabox has many exciting plans for the upcoming future. Some of the plans of the company are as follows:

  • The company is looking to make a more powerful connection between the business and the customers to make it more impactful.
  • Gallabox is also discovering various other aspects to make this whole process easier for its customers.
  • The company is planning to hire more employees as soon as possible.
  • The company is working on improving the calibre of customer conversation.
  • Gallabox is also looking to raise more investments for the growth of the company.
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