Google Success Story: Journey from to becoming a tech giant

Google Success Story: Monopoly of a Search Engine in the World

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Google Success Story: Monopoly of a Search Engine in the World

Well, today, there is not even an iota of information that you can't get on Google.

Google today is not merely a search engine nowadays but an inextricable part of our lives. The age of information and Google are going hand in hand.

Google's story from a search engine to creating monopolies in every other industry has been one of the most innovative stories in the business world.

So, Google has created a profound impact so that nowadays, a child can gain information similar to what a Ph.D.- holder has.

We often wonder how its founders gave the innovative idea of a search engine a thought. The idea was executed, and google's story transmuted into reality is nothing short of an inspiration to young startup guys.

The Idea of Google

In the 1990s, A massive tech boom was going at its full rage in America. During that tech boom, In 1996, Two Standford University Ph.D. students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, initiated Google as a research project.

The founders realized the need to build a better system to analyze the relationship between websites which the conventional search engines lacked.

They called the algorithm "Page Rank."

In the dorm room of Standford, Google's story started with an algorithm, PageRank, which later became a search engine called BackRub. The search engine checked the backlinks to evaluate the importance of a website.

There is a fascinating story about the name google as it originated as a misspelled word for the domain googol, thanks to which the domain was registered in 1997.

Big things have small and humble beginnings. This saying has been proved right as Google was incorporated in a garage in 1998, and the owner of the garage was roped in as a first employee.

Rise of Google

Every startup needs seed funding to sustain its operations, and the first funding which gave the necessary start to google's story was $100000 collected from friends and family.

In those times when the world was about to welcome technology, Google was a rare idea due to which it got the attention of three angel investors and secured funding of $ 1 million.

In 1999, Google's headquarters were shifted to Palo Alto in the tech capital of the world known as Silicon Valley. In the same year, they got colossal funding of $25 million.

Google included concepts such as inbound links and measures like keyword frequency and search title. This innovative algorithm gave the users better search results, and Google quickly became the go-to search engine for the world.

Any business requires a top-notch revenue stream model to grow. But, Google's story was lacking this part. In the first three years, it didn't make much money, but then came a revolutionary business step.

Another Feather in Google's story

To establish a plausible revenue stream model, Google introduced a monetizing search model called Google Adwords. It was an automated, pay-per-click ad auction that brought the concept of relevance to digital advertising.

To this day, Google's lion's share of revenue comes from automatic digital advertising. Also, Adsense allows anyone with a website to have access to Google's digital inventory, which contributes to the dominance of Google in Digital Advertising.

Google - A tech Giant

Google is certainly one of the most innovative companies globally that majorly focuses on making tech-enabled customer-friendly products. The continuous innovation and business acumen of founders have resulted in making Google's story a gigantic one.

The business model of Google is run on a foundation of ad space and ad revenue. With the growing penetration of the Internet and broadening of website traffic and advertising revenue, Google took some shrewd steps by acquiring the king of video content Youtube.

Keeping into consideration the skyrocketing growth of content, Google launched Gmail to allow users to expand their social network. Earlier it was the beta version, but soon with constant improvements, Gmail became the best platform for information exchange which generated a lot of ad revenue for the tech giant.

Innovation in the Internet Space

Google's story took at an unimaginable pace when google solved one of the biggest problems of humans by launching Google Maps. The product has been one of the most significant inventions of the 21st century.

Google's success motto has always been innovation. It has ventured into different industries and gained a significant market share. Seeing the big void in the payments industry, it launched Google Pay which is disrupting the payments space.

Thanks to its Digital Advertising revenue, Google is spending millions of bucks on future technology, majorly AI-powered.

Google has invested in wearable technology, smart speakers, drone deliveries, etc. These products are sounding exciting for the coming world as they will disrupt the structure of the industrial world, and Google is surely going to be the frontrunner.

The growth of Google's story lies in the interesting fact that it gives the employees 20% of free time to work on their ideas, which pay rich dividends to the company.

The working on personal ideas marked the birth of Google Chrome, perhaps the most successful product the company has ever made.

Google's sheer dominance in the tech world has benefited many investors as the company has drastically contributed to the wealth of its investors by giving continuously compounded gains.

Final Words

Google's story from a search engine to a tech giant is one of the most influential ones. It proves the instrumental role of constant innovation and risk-taking in the success of a startup.

With the growing dependence of humanity on content, it will be massive room for revenue for the tech giant. The world is taking a dimensional shift to new-age technologies such as Machine Learning, Blockchain, the Internet of things, etc.

The trillion-dollar company will take giant strides on the path of success and prosperity by the unceasing technological progress in the formation of industry-disrupting AI-driven products.

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