Why And How To Be Body Positive?

Top Reasons & Ways to be Positive about Your Body

By Reva Jain Apr 20 2021 11:56AM 2643 Read
Top Reasons & Ways to be Positive about Your Body

Body positivity has become more of a movement than just a term; it has its roots since the late 1960s and focuses on body-shaming, acceptance, self-care.

In a world where people can easily hate on each other by just the way they look, weigh, dress; body positivity has become a kind manner of telling others and yourself that 'you matter.'

Not a day passes by when people don't remind us of our insecurities, or "how fat/skinny we have become" and "how we should be like"! It is a sign of concern, for sure, but when it becomes their habit, we should be confident enough to tell them that "My body, my choices!"

You might be wondering why we need to be body positive, and the answer is as follows:

5 Top Reasons to be Positive about Your Body
  • TO BOOST CONFIDENCE When you don't accept yourself, you always live in a world where something would always be wrong with you. No matter how much you've reduced or gained weight, you will never find it enough! You will blame yourself that could lead to low confidence. When you are positive about your body, you make changes for yourself and your peace rather than for others or people's judgments. You don't live for others; making you happy and enlightened could boost your confidence.
  • TO IMPROVE SELF-WORTH We see models, actors, influencers in their perfect body with no scars, acne, or any weight or height issues, and we tell ourselves that we want to look like them, that we want such a figure and lay our self-worth based on 'how we look' rather than our abilities, skills, talents, etc. You are more than just your body, and you should know that! When you feel confident in your skin, you don't lose any opportunity that comes your way; you simply own it!
  • NO UNSOLICITED ADVICE Often, we have been told to eat such medicines, or to apply such face masks, or to wear such clothes to look fit or more attractive. When we are body positive, we don't take advice from any stranger or relative, which makes no sense. We don't let their judgments rule our life. We accept compliments rather than complaints and will be happy with ourselves.
  • ACCEPT OTHERS "The way you perceive others is the reflection of who you are." When you accept yourself, you will never fight with others related to your issues. You will also try to take other's imperfections, health issues and be on good terms with them. This will also help you to build healthy contacts and a social network. You will inspire them to create this world a better place!
  • IMPROVES YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD When people see their bodies as not good enough, their outlook on food also changes. They will consume a lot or starve themselves, leading to eating disorders that affect the mental and emotional state. When you are body positive and accept the way you look, you eat healthily and consume fresh, nutritional food. You might be thinking now that it's easier said than done. It's easy to preach body positivity, but how to be body positive! Here, we present five ways to be body positive but remember, they aren't hacks that would help you in a single day or a month; instead, you've to practice it daily to notice some changes!
5 Best Ways to be Positive about Your Body
  • Make a List Write about things that you like about yourself, for example, your smile, fashion sense, and also mention those things which you don't like, for example, your nose, belly, etc. Also give reasons, why you don't like these things and how you can try to avoid them. You cannot remove your nose just because you don't like it, you have to make peace with it, but if you don't like your stomach, you can try several exercises. Focus more on what you 'can do' rather than what you cannot, and try to understand your priorities and make peace with the way you look!
  • Positive Affirmations Try to say good things to yourself once you wake up. Remind yourself about how important you are in this world and how we all are imperfect in our ways but still so powerful. Look in front of the mirror, and rather than hating your wrinkles and saying bad things about them, look and tell yourself that it doesn't matter how much you weigh; you are beautiful, unique, and you are in this world with a purpose!
  • Stop Comparing Don't compare your body, complexion with others; it will bear no fruit, instead focus on your strengths, capabilities, and your goals. There will be people having more refined bodies and also those who have weaker bodies than you have, but it doesn't make much difference on who deserves more or less. You have to decide to stay happy with your body or to be jealous of someone else's! Comparison will only make it worse as you will never know the consequences it will have.
  • Compliment Others Next time you find someone with a great mindset or skills, tell them about it. Compliment and make them happy that would make you happier in the end. When you spread love, you will get love, but when you spread hatred, the same thing would happen to you.
  • Wear Clothes In Which You Feel Confident Wear confidence, and you will slay in whatever clothes you wear! On some days, when you feel low, wear your favorite outfit and click as many pictures as you can. Don't wear clothes just because they don't like them, choose your style and dress according to it. It doesn't matter who likes it or not unless you feel confident; you are ready!
Final Words

There have been many criticisms regarding body positivity; some believe that it is just a manner to promote obesity or lack of nutrition in the body, but it is not true!

Body positivity is all about accepting ourselves and others as the way we look. It's about breaking those myths about beauty and finding beauty in imperfections.

It's about knowing your worth and living life according to our principles!

We hope this article has been insightful, and you will try to be happier and content as you can be. Best wishes!

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