Gynoveda Startup - World’s First Artificially Intelligent Gynaecology Bot

Gynoveda is a Fem-Tech platform started by Rachana and Vishal Gupta that combines technology and Ayurveda together. The startup raised an estimated $1 million in its Seed round in 2019, and is currently valued over $2.51 million.

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Gynoveda Startup – Million Dollar Fem-tech Started by Husband Wife Duo

Gynoveda is a technology-enabled platform that claims to build the first Meno-Bot, an artificial intelligence robot to diagnose period aberrations, and then recommends Ayurvedic medication to mitigate the problem. A free online test on their website analyses reproductive health in less than a couple of minutes. The results are also delivered immediately, along with a recommendation for certain Ayurvedic medicines, also available to order on their website. The supplements alleviate period disorders like period pains, abnormal discharge, irregular periods, and PCOS. Today, we’ll deep dive into the story of this innovative startup and learn some useful insights from it.

Fun Fact : Gynoveda secured their first customer before they even launched the website. A woman read an article online and requested to receive supplements when the bottles were yet to be labelled!

Gynoveda – Key Points

  • Company Legal name - Gynoveda Femtech Private Limited
  • CIN - U85300MH2019PTC327679
  • Founded - July 5, 2019
  • Founders - Rachana Gupta & Vishal Gupta
  • Headquarters - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Industry - Healthcare, Fem-Tech, MedTech, Health-Tech
  • Last Funding Type - Series A
  • Current Total Valuation - $2.51M
  • Products/ Services - Ayurvedic medication
  • Company Type - Privately-held, For Profit
  • Website -

Gynoveda Founders - Husband-Wife Duo

Vishal (CEO) and Rachana Gupta

Husband-Wife duo created a partnership with Dr. Aarati Patil, an Ayurvedic gynecologist and created the first “Period test”. Rachana Gupta is also the author of “Happiness ki Khoj”, and Vishal was the Vice President at ‘Clear Trip’ and the Business Head of Jio. They invested $2 million from their savings, and Fireside Ventures, in November 2019, pumped in $1 million to help them develop.

Gynoveda Name Story : The brand name is self-explanatory, with “Gyno” for “gynecology” and “Veda” for “Ayurveda”.

Gynoveda : Features

  • Online period test
  • 20 questions - complete in three minutes
  • Instant results
  • 85% accuracy rate
  • MyGenie - Hotline to Ayurvedic Gynecologists
  • Confidential hotline
  • Herbal medicines
  • Natural treatment
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Zero side effects

Gynoveda : Services & Product Provided

Gynoveda offers three branches of service; the period test, a MyGenie hotline, and Ayurvedic supplements.

  • Period Test Gynoveda has created the world’s first automated period test with artificial intelligence technology that allows women to self-diagnose their period aberrations by answering 20 questions. The test itself takes less than three minutes, and the results are instantaneous. Moreover, there’s no need to provide any personal details to receive test results! The tests would be completely confidential should anyone choose so. The test has an 85% accuracy rate on diagnoses.
  • MyGenie Hotline However, no artificial intelligence may replace human intelligence, and as such, there is a hotline to chat, call, and consult gynecologists over the phone to avoid clinic visitation. These conversations are confidential as well.
  • Ayurvedic medication Treatment kits are recommended on completion of the test according to the diagnosis of the MenoBot, and through conversations with the gynecologists. These kits or individual supplements are available to order on the website and specifically created to mitigate period problems permanently.

Gynoveda : Competitors

Vishal Gupta, co-founder and CEO, notes that the company has no competitors, only contemporaries and opportunities for collaboration. However, the following are companies with similar products, standings, and missions:

  • SastaSundar
  • Sirona Hygiene Pvt. Ltd.
  • Panadol
  • Midol
  • Sanfe

Fun Fact: Rachana Gupta, co-founder, has an approval rate of 92%, higher than their contemporaries (or competitors).

Gynoveda : Funding & Investors

DateStageAmountNo. of InvestorsLead Investors
Oct. 23, 2019Seed Round$989K1Fireside Ventures
June 17, 2021Series A$2.04M1Fireside Ventures

Gynoveda Startup – Challenge

At Gynoveda, they noticed that many women do not visit gynecologists, whether from the fear of invasive treatments, surgery, prejudice, judgement, discomfort, or simply a lack of access to clinics. These problems were circumvented by providing access to doctors and specialists online in a completely confidential and non-invasive manner. Gynoveda understands that to do so is a choice, and they provide alternative options for women who prioritize their privacy.

Note : Gynoveda won the Times Brand Icon 2021 Award as India’s Leading Ayurvedic Women Healthcare Brand

Gynoveda : Future Plans & Vision

Gynoveda currently envisions further expansion within India, targeting women between the ages of 14 to 45. In a few years, they plan to go global. The goal is to create an environment where women are happy to talk about their menstrual health openly.

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