Murthy Chintipalati’s B2B Startup Ozonetel Rocks the Cloud Solution Market

Ozonetel is a Cloud Telephone Experience & solution provider based in Hyderabad and founded by Murthy Chintipalati in 2007. The company supports the call center by providing call managing tools and other analytic tools to keep track of the customer’s calls.

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Ozonetel – Hyderabad-based Startup Plans to Raise Funds at $4M Valuation

Ozonetel is a Cloud Telephony market that provides businesses to communicate with the help of voice, e-mails, chat, SMS. It is the first to launch a cloud-based customer experience platform in India. It was founded by Murthy Chintipalati in the year 2007 & supports the call center by providing call managing tools and other analytic tools to keep track of the customer's calls. It helps various businesses run smoothly with the help of numerous channels provided such as SMS, chat, and voice mails without investing any capital.

Ozonetel : Key points

  • Company Name : Ozonetel
  • Founded : 2007
  • Founder : Murthy Chintipalati
  • Sector : Cloud Telephony
  • Parent : Ozonetel Communications Private Ltd.
  • Headquarters : Hyderabad, India
  • Website :
  • Revenue : $5 million (Annually)

Ozonetel : India’s First Cloud Experience Firm

Ozonetel provides demand cloud communication services in India & specializes in Cloud Call center, Cloud IVR, Cloud Contact Centre, Toll-Free Number Services, Cloud PBX, Virtual Number, SMS Campaign, Marketing Campaign- Missed Call Campaign, Voice SMS Campaign, and KooKoo Platform. Unplugged Conference was the first place where Ozonetel’s first product was launched. They had a strategy to advertise their products by blogging and networking at startup events, which helped them gain a lot of customers.

Note : Ozonetel also launched their solution provider center known as KooKoo Cloud Agent and KooKoo Interactive Assistant.

Ozonetel : Services Offered

KooKoo Cloud agent and KooKoo Interactive Assistant are the solution providers of Ozonetel

  • KooKoo Cloud Agent
    • Kookoo cloud Gent provides access to all the contact centers from one place to another.
    • It makes and receives calls within automatic number detection, Fresh sales, and click-to-click.
    • It provides access to a customer’s call history.
    • It also provides immediate resolution.
    • It also has a feature where the automatic ticket is created after every call.
    • It also has access to call recordings.
    • It also has a feature named Powerful Automatic Dialer which accesses Freshsales and tracks leads.
  • KooKoo Interactive Assistant
    • It is an instant cloud contact center launched by Ozonetel.
    • It enables customers to run voice calls and chat sessions.
    • It works with various solutions such as Zendesk, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, and other solutions of CRM.
    • It has a feature of Synchronized Chat Window which enables users to type during the phone calls of the customer without repeating.
    • It supports opening a window during any phone call.
    • It is a platform that supports outbound calls, IVR campaigns, toll- free numbers.
    • It also types the e-mails, names, and phone numbers even when on a call.
    • It has easy access to switch from call to chat.

Ozonetel : Founders and Team

  • Murthy Chintipalati The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Founder of Ozonetel. He looks after the enterprise communication challenge of the company. He has experience in this field for over 25 years, and earlier, he has worked in software, hardware system, spanning networking, embedded systems, semiconductor, telecom, and security and application system.
  • Atul Sharma Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Ozonetel. His primary focus is on identifying the appropriate technology for use in this platform. He also makes the services cost-effective for the consumers. He also manages the network, delivery, telecom, operations, and security, pre-sales.
  • Chaitanya Chokkareddy Chief Innovation Officer. His main focus is to work on the newest technologies in the market and build innovative products. He deals with the works of Cloud Computing, grid computing, database, AI, WebRTC, and many more. He has more than 15 years of experience working with the newest technologies and making them innovative.

Ozonetel : Investors and Funding

Ozonetel was fundraised by Alchemist Accelerator & raised a total of $36000 in its first funding rounds. Its recent fund was raised on 1st January 2018

1st January 2018$36000Seed Round

Ozonetel : Competitors

The top two competitors of Ozonetel include:

  • Knowlarity: Knowlarity is one of the top competitors of Ozonetel. They compete in the field of Application software and also earn $9.4 million more revenue than Ozonetel.
  • Exotel: Exotel is one of the competitors of Ozonetel. It generates about 320% of the revenue of Ozonetel.
  • Other Top Competitors Include:
    • Ameyo
    • My Operator
    • Twilio
    • Sytel
    • ZipDial
    • Capzest
    • Sunoray
    • Telecom
    • BigV

Ozonetel : Revenue

It has annual revenue of $5 million. It is one of the few companies with over $ 5 million annual recurring revenue from only the customers of India. It is now operating in various countries such as UAE, USA & has a per-month revenue model and is based on a SaaS company.

Ozonetel : Future Plans

  • Ozonetel plans to expand in the US, UAE, and markets of South Asia.
  • It also aims at providing new products while focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the center of cloud contact.
  • It aims at providing seamless business communication, cost-effective and intelligent.
  • It also aims at providing an OPEX transaction model

Ozonetel : Top Contact Solutions Provider

So, this was the story of Ozonetel, India’s top provider of contact solutions. During the initial stage, they concluded to build up a phone business system into a business website. It is an innovative & commendable segment that helps in interacting t several businesses to their customer with ease. It is the highest possible agent efficiency and ensures innovative service levels.

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