Isha Television Founder Samar K Mukherjee – The Gen Z Mentor of Film Industry

Samar K Mukherjee is the founder of IFTA, where he mentors students about filmmaking, industry, and other aspects of Movie Direction. Interestingly, he is an engineer by education and has many scientific inventions to his pot.
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Journey of Samar K Mukherjee – The Founder of Isha Television

Samar K Mukherjee is the founder of Isha Film and Television Academy (IFTA) and an engineer by profession who has made several technical and scientific inventions. However, he likes giving a personal touch to his work due to his knowledge and love for digital cinematic technology. He is a master filmmaker who keeps every aspect equally important, distinguishing him from any other filmmaker. He is a Laurel award winner and has also won many gold medals at the National level. Let’s have a look at the life and journey of this brilliant man.

Fun Fact : Samar’s brainchild venture, ISHA TV, also has its own Youtube channel with more than 16 thousand subscribers and above 70 lakh views.

Samar K Mukherjee - Key Points

  • Full Name - Samar K Mukherjee
  • Schooling - CM Anglo Bengali School, Varanasi
  • Higher Education - Bachelors of Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication, IETE, New Delhi
  • Founder - Isha Film Making and Television Academy (IFTA)
  • Residence - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Languages Known - English, Hindi, Bengali, Bhojpuri

Samar K Mukherjee - Career Timeline

  • Ad Agency, Film Production House (May 2000) - Samar started IFTA at a very tender age. It was a creative ad agency and became the pioneer production house in Uttrakhand and Uttar Pradesh.
  • Film Production House (Jan 2004) - IFTA is a film and advertising company. With thousands of creations in mind, Mr Samar k Mukherjee specialized in effective feature film making, documentary film making, media management, ad commercials, corporate branding, and post-production work for commercial TV and film.
  • Director (March 2012) - In the media field, all creations of IFTA got directed by Samar. He has got a good sense and flair for writing as well. He is also undertaking workshops on video production & Direction, and Acting-modeling in various cities of India and abroad.

Samar K Mukherjee - Isha TV

Isha TV offers various distance learning Certificate Audio Visual Practical (AVP) courses in Acting & Modelling, Modern Digital Filmmaking, designed and presented by director and produce Mr Mukherjee. IFTA ( Isha Films & Television Academy ) is a premier online audiovisual technical performing arts school; offering accredited certificate programs in numerous areas of Filmmaking and Acting.

Our innovative online and workshop programs got designed for a new generation of digital filmmakers. Samar practically teaches online Audiovisual Classes in a virtual world environment with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

IFTA is a sister company of more than 25 years old renowned Ad Agency “Digital Dreams Creation” and well-known production house “Isha Television”.

Samar K Mukherjee - Courses offered by Isha TV

Some of the courses offered by them are as follows:

  • Digital Film Making (DFM) Course
  • Director of Photography (DOP) Course
  • Creative Film Direction (CFD) Course
  • Video and Movie Editing (VME) Course
  • Advanced Wedding Film Making (AWF) Course
  • Movie Screen Writing (MSW) Course
  • Publicity Marketing and Realising (PMR) Course
  • Acting and Modeling Craft (AMC)

Samar K Mukherjee - Digifilming

Digifilming is the only online institute, which gives practical audiovisual knowledge to the students in English and Hindi. The key person of the Digifilming, Mr Mukherjee, is a director, producer and ad filmmaker. He has designed filmmaking courses with IFTA’s technical and creative team and his practical experiences.

IFTA governs the certification of the online course offered by Digifilming. In addition, they design everything, including the entire syllabus, examination method and conduct several practical live workshops for filmmaking related subjects. Students of online courses and workshops can get solutions of any doubt, anytime from IFTA and Digifilming.

Samar K Mukherjee – Making Filmmakers Through Education

Samar Mukherjee is one of the best people in this business. He has made this company with his utmost hard work and dedication. He makes sure that his students do not need any professional degrees to become a successful filmmakers. They only need to have talent and professional knowledge of the industry.

Prakash Mishra
Prakash Mishra

Founder & CEO of Drive Digital Mr. Prakash Mishra is also a Google Certified Market Researcher and Digital Marketing Strategist.

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