Rise of Freelancing Culture in India – Top 5 Freelancing Platforms for Indians

Freelancing in India has risen with an unexpected growth rate, and the reasons are better and flexible timings. However, it is important to keep the note of trending freelance platforms for better opportunities and beat the market.

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Renu Sharma Suggests The 5 Best Platforms for Freelancing

Freelancing is the ‘New Normal’ in the post-pandemic period. More and more people are inclined towards making freelancing a full-time profession. According to the numbers. More than 60% of the workforce in the US have switched to freelancing, either because they lost their jobs or they see a better future in comparison to traditional jobs. And it is being speculated that this number is going to rise in the coming future.

Freelancing Work Opportunities - Rise in India

Both businesses and the workforce are lured towards freelancing opportunities. Businesses are looking forward to cutting short on their budget, and hiring a freelancer is convenient for them rather than building an in-house team. On the other hand, the economic fronts are a little shaken for almost all countries across the world. In this case, it is a little difficult to find a full-time job. Freelancing, therefore, has become a favorable option for both. If you are a business looking to hire some freelancers, or you are a freelancer looking for some projects, it is equally challenging for both to find the best, Renu Sharma suggests the 5 best platforms for freelancing.

Industry Fact : Freelancers can be found in all career levels, from entry-level (11.51%) to owner/executive/c-level (12.07%).

5 Best Freelancing Platforms in India

  • Fiverr Renu Sharma, a bike rider by passion and web designer by profession, suggests Fiverr as one of the best freelancing platforms. If you are looking for a quick and affordable job, Fiverr is the most popular freelancing platform. This platform uses a gig method to connect freelancers to people seeking to outsource their work. The starting price at Fiverr, either to sell a service or buy it, is $5. It is a huge freelancing platform where you can buy and sell anything from voiceovers to website development.
  • Upwork In comparison to Fiverr, Upwork is a little more professional and has stricter policies. Unlike Fiverr, you cannot sell gigs on this platform. When you make your profile as a freelancer, you need to add in every little detail of what services you can offer. Based on this information, you will be able to find work on Upwork. Renu Sharma adds, it is considered one of the largest freelancing platforms, and you are likely to get projects from all corners of the world.
  • Freelancer.com Freelancer.com is outsourcing, crowdsourcing and freelancing platform. This was one of the first platforms to enter into the market where you could buy and sell services. It has several inbuilt features like invoicing and accounting. The unique feature of this platform is, freelancers can participate in contests to prove the quality of their work. Renu Sharma says, “If you are looking to hire an experienced freelancer, freelancer.com is the best platform for you.”
  • Guru Guru, as the word defines, is a recognized leader. It is a great freelancing platform, but not for those looking for cost-friendly services. The freelancers available on Guru are the finest of their industries. Unlike other freelancing platforms, Guru handpicks their freelancers based on their eligibility, skills and experience. So, if you pick a freelancer from this platform, be assured it will be the best. According to Renu Sharma, “The platform is also best for freelancers seeking a job, as it gives you the opportunity to set yourself apart from the others.”
  • Toptal Toptal is one of the most premier freelancing platforms and is used by some of the biggest companies from across the world. This platform is very particular about selecting freelancers. If you want to list yourself as a freelancer on Toptal, you will have to undergo a personality and language test and also clear the technical screening. Renu Sharma adds, “If you are looking for the top 2% of freelancers from across the globe, this is the platform for you.”

Industry Fact : The majority of freelancers are in the intermediate category (32.13%), while 11.59% are in senior-level management, and 18.78% hold management-level freelance jobs.

Freelancing Platforms – The New Era Marketplace

Although self-employment appears to be viable for both businesses and individuals who wish to become self-employed, it can be extremely difficult to get started in self-employment. Concluding the suggestions, Renu Sharma says: “There are many other great freelance work platforms for businesses and freelancers. However, if you are looking for the best that is popular, these five may be the best option for you.”

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