Profitable Startup PortraitFlip – Your Go-To Platform for Handmade Paintings

PortraitFlip creates hand-painted portraits from photographs. It got founded by Sunny Choudhary in 2018. PortraitFlip has a unique website where you can order a hand-painted painting from pictures. It received a Best Start-up award from the Vellore Institute of Technology in Chennai.
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PortraitFlip Story – Giving Customers a Memorable Gifting Experience

PortraitFlip assists its consumers in making a memorable gifting experience. It recognizes how difficult it is to choose the ideal present and devises a modern approach to gifting. PortraitFlip got founded by Sunny Choudhary in 2018, creates handcrafted paintings using photographs, and its headquarters is in Pune, Maharashtra. So, lets us delve into this article to learn about PortraitFlip’s success story and gain an overview of the company’s business model, startup path, founders, products offered, turnover, and more.

PortraitFlip Startup - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name - PortraitFlip
  • Founders - Sunny Choudhary
  • Founding Year - 2018
  • Registered Name - PortraitFlip E-Commerce Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sector - Handmade Art
  • Headquarters - Pune
  • Turnover - 6 crores (2020)
  • Website – www.portraitflip.com

PortraitFlip – Your Go-to Painting Platform

PortraitFlip creates hand-painted portraits from photographs. That’s all there is to it! But unfortunately, customers are often unaware of how emotionally governing a handcrafted artwork can be.

PortraitFlip looks ahead to promote the implicit ninjas of the art world and establish improved living conditions for the artist community, with a short-term aim of offering absolute 100% client happiness with unforgettable brand awareness.

PortraitFlip - Founder and Team

PortraitFlip got founded by Sunny Choudhary. PortraitFlip has a ten-person staff who buzz the workplace with energy and a youthful atmosphere. It works with over 190 artists from all over the world to promote and develop their careers.

PortraitFlip – Brand Name, Tagline, and Logo

  • Brand Name - The name comes from the team transforming pictures into handcrafted paintings. The primary goal here was to be exact and on point.
  • Tagline - Sunny Choudhary believes that handcrafted paintings are a graceful way to preserve unfinished, completed, or most beloved memories, leading to the motto “Making your memories live forever.”
  • Logo - Portrait’s logo has undergone numerous alterations over the years. To maintain an artistic touch, the team chose to utilize a color palette in place of the “o” and a heart on the “I” to represent the feelings conveyed by the painting. At the same time, red remains the universal hue of love and attracts user attention.

PortraitFlip Startup – B2C Business Model

PortraitFlip operates on a B2C basis, with all transactions taking place on the website. PortraitFlip’s handcrafted paintings range in price from $60 to $675, based on the picture’s size, medium, and subject.

PortraitFlip Customer Acquisition Strategy – SEO & Content Marketing

Because PortraitFlip is an e-commerce site that used organic SEO to improve the majority of its sales. The team attempted to increase traffic by focusing on content, email, and social media marketing. It produced fantastic results, and PortraitFlip hasn’t invested in ADS in almost a year.

SEO took longer to show results, but when it did, it worked wonders for PortraitFlip. The squad strengthened its social media game by producing reels and YouTube videos.

PortraitFlip - Challenges Faced

Some of the challenges faced by the company are as follows:

  • Irresponsibility in Beginning - PortraitFlip’s irresponsibility resulted in it being pulled from ETSY overnight! ETSY was a platform that provided the startup with significant sales. Instead, the company lost an entire customer base in the blink of an eye before the team could react and contain the damage. The group, however, did not give up. Even if things went a little wild for a month, Facebook came to its rescue and took care of everything.
  • Competitors – PortraitFlip doesn’t have many competitors in the market, but it will undoubtedly grow in the future. It is a challenge for PortraitFlip to fight with its competitors and remain at the top.

PortraitFlip - Competitors

PortraitFlip’s main competitors are as follows:

  • PaintYourLife
  • MyDaVinci
  • InstaPainting

Note – PortraitFlip received the “Best Start-up Award” from the Vellore Institute of Technology in Chennai.

PortraitFlip - Turnover and Growth Numbers

Since its inception, PortraitFlip has amassed a healthy six crores in revenue in barely three years since its inception. In 2021, it hopes to reach a revenue of ten crores. PortraitFlip works with over 190 artists from all over the world to promote and develop their careers.

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