Unheard Startup Story Of Instagram: Why Facebook Bought it for $1B?

Instagram Success Story 2021: The Strategy in Founder's Mind

By Ella Williams Apr 19 2021 4:54PM 3068 Read
Instagram Success Story 2021: The Strategy in Founder's Mind

If I talk about Instagram, then it's a boon for all of us; it's a platform where you can showcase your talent by sharing videos and posting pictures and stories or creating reels. Instagram has always evolved with time and keeps us update. It is used by millions of people and is heading with a mobile app that allows people to share their videos, photos, and it's just a button away. The app has become a popular way to connect with various brands, celebrities, and influencers through family, friends, and more. Instagram has some amazing features like IGTV, live streaming, and some cool reels that grab viewers' attention.

  • KEVIN SYSTROM Kevin Systrom was born in America on 30th December 1983; he is an entrepreneur and a computer programmer, and CEO of instagram. Then and there, Instagram became a faster-leading app in today's era with 1.16 billion users in 2021. He resigned as CEO of Instagram on 24th September 2018. Kevin Systrom is the actual man behind Instagram, and under him, the giant was developed and became the most used app in today's time.
  • MIKE KRIEGER Mike Krieger was born on 4th March 1986; he is a software engineer and an entrepreneur who founded Instagram with Kevin Systrom and served as chief technology officer. Born in Brazil and did his studies at Stanford University, he met Kevin Systrom, and then the story began, and they founded and launched Instagram on 6th September 2010.

Kevin Systrom has worked in Google as a corporate development associate and interned at Odeo. Systrom didn't have any basic knowledge of computer Science but somehow managed to learn to code. He developed a prototype of a web app called Burbn, and it allowed the users to post their plans, check-in, and share their photos. The photo-sharing feature of Burbn was unique. In the first week, Instagram was downloaded more than 100,000 times.

The two founders laid their idea in mind and created the largest sharing photo app. They both worked together on Burbn app as it was similar to Instagram that had the same features. Mike and Kevin removed Burbn and created a new platform in the name of Instagram. Later, the duo made multiple modifications.

Then finally, Instagram came into existence on 6th October 2010, and on the first day, Instagram had 25,000 users. The new business allowed both of them to hire more people. By the end of 2012, its users reached 27 million. Zuckerberg and Systrom made a deal to purchase Instagram for about $ 1 Billion in cash and stock, with the provision that the company would remain independent.

  • Sign up for an Instagram account
  • You can log in with Facebook or
  • Provide with username, email address, and password
  • You can even create multiple accounts

Instagram added a feature named hashtag # hash tag to rank your content and categorize it and make it more discoverable.

IN 2012

Instagram gained around 30 Million users in 2012 and received an offer from Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg who requested them to sell the app. The app was sold around 1$ Billion dollars.

IN 2013

There was again a new feature in Instagram in which brands can pay for sponsored posts. In December 2013, Instagram Direct was launched. It allowed users to interact through private messaging.

IN 2014

Instagram reduced its size and created an app called Bolt. It's a messaging app that allowed users to click on a friend's profile photo and send a picture that would vanish after being seen.

IN 2015

Instagram Hyperlapse was launched. It's an app that allowed users to record videos for an hour and then turn them into fast time-lapse footage. In August, Instagram added support for widescreen videos. In September, new updates were released. Later in October 2015, the Instagram boomerang was launched.

IN 2016

Instagram added up a feature to switch their accounts to business profiles. It was created to check on analytics and see how the contents posted by different brands were doing. In March, Instagram increased 15-second video limits to 60 seconds. And after three months, Instagram stories came up, and initially, Instagram changed its logo.

IN 2017

A significant change was made now a multi-video post came up in February 2017. Now, anyone could upload up to 10 min of video on Instagram

IN 2018

Instagram updated a new feature named Instagram portrait mode, and this allows users to blur the background of a photo or video while keeping the subject in focus.

IN 2019

There was a launch of a brand new camera for Instagram stories, a revamped camera design, and a new camera mode called create mode.

Instagram launched a brand new donation sticker for Instagram stories to raise money for a nonprofit organization.

IN 2020

Instagram introduced live room chats

To start live room chats –

  • Open Instagram account
  • Swipe left and tapped the live camera option
  • Add title and tap the rooms icon to add another
  • Search for guests to add or let in the people who have requested to go live with you.

Now you can gain deleted contents by Recently deleted features.

Final Words

Instagram's growth took the lead by 2010, and by March 2012, the user base grew to 27 Million, and by April 2012, Facebook bought them out for $ 1 Billion. In 2021 Instagram is all about business 80% of users follow a business account on Instagram. Some of the business accounts on Instagram are National Geographic, Nike, and NBA. Instagram has been estimated to be worth $100

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