12 Essential Apps You Need In Your SmartPhone

12 Basic Android Apps You Must Download for Productivity

By Rupsa Das Apr 6 2021 6:02PM 2004 Read
12 Basic Android Apps You Must Download for Productivity

In the world of advanced technology, we are rapidly growing every day and a new app is getting launched in the market every minute. There is enormous competition and sometimes, it makes you confused about which app can provide you with the best and will be virus-free. So, here are some recommendations for you to make your work easier and hassle-free.

12 Unique Apps You Need in your SmartPhone
  • Qwiki Going out for a trip and capturing a lot of pictures. Confused about which picture to post? Qwiki will help you out to choose the best from them to post.
  • CamScanner Scanning now is just a capture away. To digitize your documents into a jpg or pdf, you can just click the pictures of the pages which will even crop and enhance the images within some time, and later you can use them for your official and important purposes. It will also turn images into digital text that you browse or search on your mobile phone. Even, with $5 per month, you can sign up for a premium account for better features.
  • SnapSeed All of us are busy editing our pictures to get them a beautiful retouch but often, we do not know which app provides you with the best presets, filters, and other features. So here’s SnapSeed for you which helps you to get almost every tool you wish for, starting from balancing the colors to blurring the backgrounds to putting beautiful filters. In the end, you can just check out the before-and-after look and save and export the picture. You are all set to bless the feed with your amazing picture.
  • DropBox Often, we have problems syncing the files to and from our devices. DropBox can help to smoothly perform the sync in Windows, and of course Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS. It also helps to back up your files and even, sync them back to your laptops as well.
  • Walk Up Alarm Clock Are you the person who sets multiple alarms on your phone but still unable to wake up? The “Walk Up Alarm Clock” app can push you to get up from your bed since the alarm sound won’t stop unless you walk at least 10 steps. You can increase the number of steps, in case you are a deep sleeper, to 100.
  • VLC Player We often get tired to keep switching the apps from movies to songs and look for an all-in-one app that would make our work easier. So, VLC Player is the app you can depend on. It is compatible with most of the file formats. Also, you get a lot of features like web streaming, subtitles, and with the built-in equalizer, tweak sound settings can be set, and also you can watch videos in pop-up windows and many more.
  • Sleep Talk Recorder Are you often told that you sleep-talk and you are unaware of it? Sometimes, even you become too eager to know what you are talking about while you are asleep. Your solution to it is right here. With this app, your voice will be recorded when your sound will be detected, and later, how exciting it would be to listen to your recordings.
  • RunPee Do you have the habit of getting your pee in the middle of watching a film in theatres and miss out on the crucial parts? Now, you do not have to worry about it. Install the RunPee App and just turn on the app and set which movie you’re watching and it will automatically alert you to go to pee at the best times.
  • SafeTrek Nowadays, all of us, especially girls, feel unsafe walking or driving on the streets back to our destination, at any point in time. Sometimes, the area is so deserted that no one will not be able to hear your voice if even if you shout or you cannot help yourself out even if you have pepper spray. The SafeTrek app, here, will protect you and make you feel secure. All you need to do is press the button in the App which says “Hold Until Safe”, and if you start to feel that your life is at risk, let go of your phone and it will directly get connected to a call to the police and then, you can inform your location to them.
  • CountDown+ Want to make your friend feel special for her upcoming birthday? You can make them happy by giving countdowns for their birthday and this app will help you out with that.
  • TuneIn Radio You want to have the access to some other radio stations and your mobile phone is unable to provide you to connect with it. This app will help you to have the access to over 100,00 radio stations globally and listen to your favorite music, favorite team, and favorite news channel.
  • Pocket Want to read articles but running out of time to read? Often while you are browsing, you tend to lose them while you go back to other apps, and also the number of tabs gets increased when you search different topics. The Pocket app can help you to save articles from any browser and later, you can catch up with the pieces you want to read. Also, it does not entertain any kind of advertisement which will help you to read it with a clear view. Also, with a $5 per month subscription, you can get other features like auto-tagging, advanced search, and even get the advantage of removing ads.
Final Words

This was the list of unique apps that are beneficial for everyday use for people. From communication to productivity to entertainment, you can now get a lot of apps to choose from and enjoy with the best.

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