How is AZ-500 Certification Beneficial?

Undoubtedly, the AZ 500 Certification exam is one of the best courses for security professionals. Although it is a well-known course, it is not an introductory course; people with prior knowledge and experience can only appear for the same.
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Let us first understand the cardinals of AZ-500 Certification. It is an exam specially curated for professionals who are well-versed in the cloud environment and have good knowledge about cybersecurity threats. Microsoft Azure Security Engineers can authenticate their understanding, demonstrate their knowledge, and close knowledge gaps by taking the AZ-500 exam.

Further, the AZ- 500 exam contains four major topics, namely-
  • Manage identity and access
  • Implement platform protection
  • Manage security operations
  • Secure data and applications

All the topics mentioned above have been scattered throughout differently. The exam can be attempted in any of the four languages, i.e., Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean One of the things a candidate would be required to accomplish is to understand how to configure an encrypted database securely. Configure a DDoS shield or stop a web application firewall (WAF). DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service). There are 40–60 questions on the exam, and you get 150 minutes to answer them.

The test contains a variety of question styles, including MCQs, case studies, short responses, and mark reviews. A candidate should score 700 or more to pass this exam. Individuals who have a keen interest in understanding Azure fundamentals, who want to work in the tech field, or who have prior knowledge of the crux of advanced security can appear for the Azure certification exam.

What are the benefits of AZ-500 certification, and how to appear for the exam?

A well-known rule in IT says that you can only know what you know; the rest is unknown. This exam ensures to cover all the devices that are required to perform your jobs competently. However, a security engineer might have vast knowledge. There is always a wider scope to learn more through this exam. When security engineers learn about new strategies incorporated into the AZ 500 exam, they become much more valuable to their employers. Since Azure is neither a passing trend nor a dead technology, the AZ-500 certification will be helpful for many years. Azure's security weaknesses will therefore get worse as it develops and grows. As a result, the value of an AZ-500 certification will increase rather than decrease over time.

If you have decided to appear for the said Microsoft course, you first need to go to the Microsoft website; this website provides all the details of the upcoming exams, like criteria, dates of the exam, fees, etc. It is advised that this page is the best reliable source to start your AZ 500 Certification exam. Further, it is highly suggested that you take the practice tests. It helps candidates because they mimic the experience of taking an actual test. They enable the candidate to recognize areas of strength and weakness in numerous fields by providing quick findings and thorough assessments of their performance.

A candidate for Microsoft training can also enrol for instructor-led training where the experts from the field guide and mentor the students. Although, a person needs to have enough time to register and give their time to learn about the exam. These classes can be planned and scheduled as per the candidate's needs. It helps candidates to find and address their areas of weakness, improving their chances of passing the exam. Another great way to learn about the exams can be the online forums.

At times candidates might feel distracted quickly; these forums bring everyone together and help mend the learning process more easily. By joining these online forums, you can network with others who are preparing for the AZ-500 and other Azure certification tests. The level of assistance you receive from the community may aid in keeping your attention on the main objective. People here can help each other solve their doubts and motivate them to prepare for the exam.


Undoubtedly, the AZ 500 Certification exam is one of the best courses for security professionals. Although it is a well-known course, it is not an introductory course; people with prior knowledge and experience can only appear for the same. But it does add a lot of importance to your skills and CV, which helps you to become an asset to your company. You will become employable, knowledgeable, and a strong candidate for a leadership role after passing the AZ 500 exam. The ability to negotiate a better wage and impress recruiters is made possible by certification courses. However, it is advantageous if you are committed to the technology, love cybersecurity, and intend to continue with Azure in the long run. The typical AZ-500 applicant will be knowledgeable about Azure's offerings and have a thorough knowledge of networking in general and the capacity to create automation scripts. So if you are sure of making a career out of it, we suggest you take the Azure certification exam.

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