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Salesforce is known for its CRM platform, which is available for all kinds of businesses. However, when it comes to the implementation and integration of CRM with the IT environment, companies face many challenges. The linking of new technologies like AI and advanced analytics to Salesforce testing help minimize the risks.

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Salesforce is known for its CRM platform, which is available for all kinds of businesses. However, when it comes to the implementation and integration of CRM with the IT environment, companies face many challenges. The linking of new technologies like AI and advanced analytics to Salesforce testing help minimize the risks.

In this blog, we have covered the most common challenges and issues of Salesforce, and at last, you will get to know how test automation Salesforce provides the ultimate solution for the continuous testing needs of Salesforce applications.

Common Issues Organizations Face During Salesforce Implementation

  • Data Mapping Mismatch of data and field types is one of the issues that arise during the Salesforce integration. The field types differ from one application to the other. For example, Salesforce may comprise the address field like state, city, street, etc., whereas other applications may have different fields. So, writing code in this scenario is complex and can lead to the problem of data mapping.
  • Data Migration During the integration of Salesforce, data migration is one of the issues because data storage varies as per the Salesforce edition. For instance, suppose the external application comprises duplicate records; the duplicate records may be transferred during the data importing. All this can lead to reliability and security issues. However, the test automation Salesforce helps ensure that the applications of Salesforce are reliable and secure.
  • Difficult to Customize Salesforce is a CRM platform that serves almost all types of businesses. So to work efficiently, there is a need for customization as per the needs and demands of the businesses. Salesforce provides frameworks such as Visualforce, Aura, Apex, and Lightning Web Components. This provides developers an edge to design custom pages on the top of Salesforce lighting. However, the likelihood of personalization breaking grows with each update.
  • Cost The implementation price is always a concern for businesses. Different questions arise while implementing the software. Will the investment pay off quickly? How to smoothly release the updates? So, because of this, it becomes all the more important to know about the product and study everything related to it. Furthermore, test automation Salesforce during implementation helps ensure better risk analysis.
  • Frequent Updates Salesforce updates its platform frequently so that user experience can be improved constantly, but these frequent updates and modifications impact the user experience. It means the QA team must put in a lot of effort to maintain overall performance.
  • Dynamic Components UI elements that change with each execution of the test script can be inconvenient. Without an element locator strategy, Salesforce test maintenance will become a huge time sink with each test run.
  • New Frames A new tab in Salesforce is a new frame. Because the UI automation tool has to identify the elements under the frame, these frames are challenging to recognize. You'll have to manually implement the logic script, a task for experienced Selenium testers.
  • Creation of Auto-ID IDs are automatically generated in Salesforce for each entity imported or created. It is a matter of concern because if the data or record is imported from external applications with IDs and are connected or linked with other IDs through those Ids.
  • Shadow DOMs and Hidden Element IDs Through the shadow DOMs, the components of Salesforce are isolated, whereas, for the identification of visual elements, a robust UI automation tool is needed, but Salesforce conceals this for the sake of the development process. All these make the automation process quite complicated.

Importance of Automation in Salesforce

Automated testing monitors the application and helps ensure that the processes in Salesforce and related systems are carried out as planned. For instance, if you run a company that works on Sales but now the company is also looking for an online mode for Sales, then, in this case, the Salesforce CRM will provide the necessary benefits, such as an increased rate of sales, better customer relationships and much more. The problem arises in the implementation of Salesforce, so, in that case, the test automation Salesforce will help in the continuous testing that helps smooth the process of implementation in the long run.

Why Choose Opkey?

There are several benefits of the test automation Salesforce, but the actual concern lies in choosing the right testing strategy. You can opt for Opkey, which is built specifically for Salesforce, and Opkey integrates continuous testing into your existing Salesforce implementation. Opkey encompasses the following features:

  • The automation technology of Opkey provides the three-day certification with optimal coverage of tests on all updates of Salesforce.
  • It enables the admins of Salesforce to execute the regression tests with every change in the application.
  • The Salesforce automation tool of Opkey plugs into your environment and instantly recognizes the legacy tests and configuration tests.
  • The no-code interface of Opkey empowers non-technical users to also participate in the implementation and testing processes.
  • It can easily recognize the failed test, and broken tests and schedule any test to run.
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Salesforce Automation Testing Tool
Salesforce Automation Testing Tool

Overall, this article effectively highlights the challenges faced during Salesforce implementation and advocates for the use of test automation, particularly with the mentioned tool Opkey, to streamline the process and ensure successful outcomes.

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