8 Best Digital Marketing Companies in India

8 Top Digital Marketing Companies to Increase Your Business

By Anil Diggiwal Apr 20 2021 11:51PM 4659 Read
8 Top Digital Marketing Companies to Increase Your Business

If you are a businessman and yet have not taken your products or services online, then you're already behind. Online marketing is at its peak now, and people earn big money selling their supplies on the internet. Digital marketing is the way to promote your product online and is better in many points than conventional methods. Firstly, digital marketing is affordable; secondly, it is efficient to an insane level; and thirdly, you can keep an accurate track record of your target audience.

Today, here we'll see the top 8 digital marketing companies in India that might help your business get to the top digitally and become a brand.

8 Top Digital Marketing Companies in India SEOYUG – Best Overall

SEOYug was a Jaipur-based startup that started when digital marketing wasn't trendy. The company was started in 2008 & offers all types of internet marketing services but specialized in SEO, SMO, and political campaign marketing. The top USP of the firm is their affordable prices which helped them a lot of customers. The top brands associated with the company are RP Industries, Help India Online, Sand2Snow, ShaadiMansion, and the list.

The company provides YouTube marketing, e-Commerce services, ORM, Brand Reputation Management, PR, and Facebook Ads. The list of YouTube clients also includes the online motivational speaker Harshvardhan Jain.

The company also facilitates website, app, software, and Landing Page development at the most affordable prices.

Value Leaf

Value Leaf is a digital marketing agency which is based in Bangalore, and it helps consumers to interact, manage, and work in harmony with the audience they are aiming for. It consists of a team of makers who aims to accomplish inclusive plans and implementation of the project to accelerate the brand's accomplishment.

It provides proper data and intuitiveness to the purchasers for the blueprint of marketing, which will give better performance.

Value Leaf applies the next-generation creative methods to give total gratification and exclusive result to the buyers. In the industrial sector, they are renowned for the early feedbacks, effortless execution of work plans, and productive responses.

Merkle Sokrati

Merkle Sokrati is a component-based performance marketing agency, which is one of the leading marketing agencies in India. It is having experience in the industry for nearly 10+ years, and headquarter of the company is based in Pune.

It provides a total unified method of marketing with high component-based sources like the online and offline data assimilation, and also marketing campaigns based on Customer relationship that consists of a particularized analysis of data. A digital marketer can build an all-inclusive performance on a marketing plan which adjoins the video ads, social ads, search ads, and display ads with the passing practices.

Merkle Sokrati is a company that adheres to a suitable delivery to supply good quality that takes charge with a profitable operation and the highest Return of Investments for the customers.


Zappian is a Bhopal -based result-driven Indian digital marketing company. It is led by brilliant budding enthusiasts who comprehend the planning and style of dynamic digitalization. It provides object-oriented digital marketing services, where they create experiences from their Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, and Affiliate Network.

Zappian is a company that consists of employees having intelligence, activeness, and creative, imaginative power that adheres to the intuitive approach to produce development and bring improvement to the products and services of the consumers.


Affle is a global technology company that deals with a mobile marketing platform to increase engagement and acquisition of the user. It is based on the two corporate sectors of India, one being its headquarter in Mumbai and the other corporate office in Gurgaon.

Affle is at its best in providing the new customer changeover and re-aiming the current consumers via mobile ads. It also deals with the requirement of the next-gen facilities and entirely concentrates on mobile advertisements.

It evaluates, comprehends, and optimizes the demands of the clients and guides them through an intelligence marketing platform. It also provides an end-to-end result to its offline consumers so that their business can be published online, which aims at the audience at large.


VCommission is a digital marketing company, and its offices are based in several cities of India. They are renowned for their efficient marketing approach and executing productive marketing campaigns in the market. It cooperates with the customers to generate a lucrative situation by reaching the objectives with imaginative and exceptional marketing strategies.

It has awesome innovative minds that provide a total agreement to their customers in marketing containing the business promotion with extraordinary advertising methods, building and maintaining the websites, and object-oriented efficiency in digital marketing.


Pinstorm is a marketing agency which is based in Mumbai, has its branches in cities like Bangalore, New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Santa Clara, Singapore, and Zurich. It was founded in the year 2004.

It guarantees to use modern industrial methods to raise the customers from their associates in this digital age.

Pinstorm understands that it is not required to adhere to earlier marketing strategies with the incoming world of modernized digitalization. Matching and mixing from both ways is a considerable marketing approach.

It has young talented minds which focus on mobile-friendliness, advertising, Facebook campaigns, Twitter updates, strategy, research, web design, search optimization, user experience, viral videos, etc.

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

Ogilvy Public Relations was established in the 1980s and India; it falls under the top 10 digital marketing companies in 2021. They have their offices in Chennai, Kolkata, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Bangalore. They have excellent knowledge and engagement regarding the field since they deal with the practices and methods for a longer time. Almost all around the globe, they have their services ongoing.

Ogilvy Public Relations deals with PR and Influence Advertising, Branding, E-commerce marketing, and Digital Transformation. They have worked with Tiffany and Co., Philips, IKEA, Coke Zero, and NASCAR, Ogilvy Public Relations had received awards like the Agency of the Year title at APAC Effie Awards & Cannes Lions Network of the Year and Best Digital Consultancy in the World by the Holmes Report and Grand Effie.

Final Words

So, these were the top digital marketing companies in India. Choose any one of them but make sure to compare and choose best. There are several factors while deciding the best digital marketing company in India, and one of them is your nature of business. After short listing your favorite ones, choose the most affordable one for your business, and start selling online.

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