Why Technology Is Important in Human’s Life: 7 Points

7 Top Reasons why Humans can Never Leave Technology Now

By Muskan Garg Apr 26 2021 2:47PM 6499 Read
7 Top Reasons why Humans can Never Leave Technology Now

Technology has become an inseparable part of our life. Can you imagine one day without your mobile phones, laptops, and other technological devices? Not! But don’t you sometimes wonder how important technology is for our life? So in this article, I will tell you how technology occupies such an essential place in our life.

Importance of Technology in our life: Technology helps us to keep in touch with each other:

We all have read in our books or seen on television that how in old times, people used to send their messages through pigeons or other animals. But do you use those methods now also? Indeed no, because we have this miracle called technology that lets you keep in touch with persons sitting miles away from you.

Technological gadgets like Mobile phones, television, the internet, and much more have made communication so easy for us. The internet helps us to get knowledge on various topics.

Besides this, the vehicles and the transport of communication like cars, boats, trains, ships, etc., have made it possible to travel to far-off places that were earlier not easy to reach and would take a lot of time.

Our office work is also technology-oriented:

Modern work is just unimaginable without technology. Almost every job requires technology. The agriculture sector needs technology in the form of machines, combines, harvesters, etc. The industrial sector is all about technology because you can’t manufacture products without technology, and the tertiary sector or service sector is also technology-oriented.

The Information Technology sector is dependent on computers, laptops, and other software; office work requires the proficiency of computers; Education seems incomplete without computer education. Gone are those days when projects and assignments were manual. All of them are now based on the laptop. All and all, there seems no end to the benefits of technology in every work.

Technology has also occupied an important place in healthy life:

Do you go to the gym? Even if you don’t, you must have seen that gym equipment like abdominal bench, hack squat machine, exercise bikes, lat pulldown machines, treadmill, etc., all are the result of technological advancement. So it is not wrong to say that technology has acquired an essential place in our health also.

Besides this, you must have seen complex machines in hospitals. So it can be observed that the healthcare sector also requires complex technological tools and equipment like ventilators, ECG, scanning machines, etc., for better treatment of patients and computers for maintaining their records.

Technology helps you to store a large amount of data:

Earlier, it was very difficult to keep all your information on paper and in books. But now, with technology, you can store lots and lots of data in small devices like Pendrive, hard disk, and small folders of your computer or laptop.

Can you imagine how difficult it would have been to store such enormous data if we had not utilized technology? So many papers would have been wasted if we had not switched to technology for storing all the information. Also, there would have been an extra burden on storing those papers after writing information on them.

Besides storage, technology also helps you to retrieve your data quickly. You just have to type the right keyword on your laptop, and you can view your file. If you had stored information on pages and manual files, it would have been so much difficult to find important information.

It makes our life comfortable:

The most significant advantage of technology is that it has made our life very comfortable. You don’t need to bear the harsh heat; you can use AC. Washing machines have made it easy to wash clothes. There is a technological alternative to all manual works now. Even robots are under construction to further ease your work.

The best part about technology is that technology is never constant. Scientists keep on making new inventions to make our life more comfortable. For instance, computers got replaced by laptops, smartphones replaced Telephones, new LEDs emerged in place of old TVs, and much more.

Technology has boosted research:

Technology is a result as well as a booster of research. Due to better research, we can make technological advancements, but Better technology has helped us research in various fields like genetics, astronomy, physics, etc. We have touched the limits of the sky and also traveled to space with the help of technology.

Additionally, we have satellite and radio communication that further depicts the importance of technology in our life. It is only because of this satellite technology that we see our favorite serials and movies on television. Even radio communication is also possible only because of this technology.

Technology has given us the gift of electricity:

electricity is also an important part of our life. A single day without electricity becomes challenging to imagine. Electric power is also needed to run almost all technological devices. But can you imagine electricity without technology? Not. It is because of technology that we can harness energy from different sources like water, fossil fuels, thermal power plants, etc. technology not only helps us to harness electricity but also in transmitting it to far-off places. It is through overhead and underground cables that the government can distribute electricity to small households.


Technology is undeniably a crucial part of our life. It is tough to imagine even a single day without using technology. But every coin has two sides. Besides innumerable benefits, technology is also prone to misuse and overuse. Technological scams, harm to nature, online frauds, etc., depict the negative side of making technological strides.

Therefore, it becomes imperative that we utilize this precious gift called technology in an informed manner. We must make sure that we are neither misusing it by harming others nor harming us by overusing it. In the end, I would just say

It takes only a few minutes to turn a boon into bane

So Use technology judiciously and don’t let it go in vain.

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