16 Unhealthy Habits we follow in Career, Health, & Relations

Top 16 Unhealthy Habits People Need to Give Up

By Reva Jain Apr 12 2021 3:45PM 2026 Read
Top 16 Unhealthy Habits People Need to Give Up

A habit is a routine of behavior that we do repeatedly and almost regularly without much thinking. It develops over time, by watching people and differs from our cultures, traditions, and so on.

Don’t you think that we’ve normalized so many unhealthy habits that affect not only our personal life but also our health (physical + mental), the way we perceive the world?

If you’re looking for the ways through which you can change your and your loved one’s lifestyle, then you’ve come to the right place. We request you to stop doing what else you are doing and read until the very end!

Unhealthy Habits in Human Relations:

The way we interact and talk to the people around us and our body language towards them can be unhealthy that can affect our relations and bond, it can be due to:

  • Spaces and Boundaries: Not having personal space and being around many people has been a tradition for a very long time. It not only affects our personal development but also changes the way we are, we think and the differences we are born with. Due to this fact, we sometimes cannot accept and respect someone else’s boundaries that lead to jealousy, anger and we hurt each other.
  • LACK OF COMMUNICATION: Communication is the key to any human relationship. When we don’t communicate our daily happenings and don’t share our feelings with people and are not able to express what and why we are feeling/thinking this way, it makes us less friendly, more hostile, and can lead to loneliness.
  • LYING Honesty is not the greatest policy nowadays; we are all lying to each other, ourselves to live happily. This is something that we have normalized to the fact that we keep secrets, avoid people, and don’t even care about them. We all lie and lie to protect our first lie and we are so scared about them finding the truth that we live in a void. It is an unhealthy and super annoying habit that ruins any kind of relationship.
  • LACK OF SUPPORT We all have people with whom we can celebrate, go to parties with but there are very few in our lives who are there when we need any support, which can be financially, mentally, emotionally, physically, etc. Despite living in a joint family or having thousands of followers, we all face these problems because we have been conditioned that we are all alone and we shouldn’t tell or help anyone.
Unhealthy Habits in Health:

It is further classified into physical and mental health.


Unhealthy habits which affect our physical health are:

  • JUNK FOOD CONSUMPTION When we choose taste over our health and crave junk food and eat almost every day (in some cases), our body lacks basic nutrients that make it more prone to have diseases. Make a diet chart and eat healthy foods which have a great taste.
  • DRINKING LESS WATER Not drinking enough water in a day makes our body dehydrated which can cause frequent headaches, strokes and prolong recovery time. There are various benefits of drinking 7-8 glasses of water in a day, don’t think that you are cool if you are not having those glasses.
  • NOT HAVING ENOUGH REST Our body requires 7-8 hours of sleep to be able to function effectively. Give enough breaks to yourself and balance your sleep cycle. Although, the lockdown has badly affected our schedule we can always try to make it right!
  • NO REGULAR HEALTH CHECKUPS Even though we have home remedies for every problem and illness, do seek a doctor and take medicines after a proper recommendation.

Our thoughts have the power to change ourselves and the way we comprehend this world, there are unhealthy habits that can worsen our mental health which are:

  • PROCRASTINATION There are several reasons why we procrastinate in our life which can be due to failure, “what other people say” behavior, etc that we become so scared that we end up doing nothing and regretting later. Therefore, stop procrastinating and start doing things you told yourself to do (after reading this)!
  • PERFECTIONISM Perfectionists are the people who want to do everything right. They will keep on changing- adding, subtracting, editing that can be overwhelming. Such people find it hard to relax and are very critical of themselves and others.
  • BEING TOUGH ON OURSELVES When things don’t go as we thought and we end up creating mess, we start beating ourselves up. We make a negative impression and think of ourselves as a failure that leads to low self-esteem, confidence problems and we also find it difficult to make friends. It is an unhelpful habit that you should be rid of!
  • OVERTHINKING It’s impossible to stop overthinking, we all overthink about every single part of our life that we stop living in the present and keep dwelling upon our past which increases our mental health issues.
Unhealthy Habits in Career:

We tend to follow certain unhealthy habits which disturb our careers and are as follows:

  • COMPETITIVE BEHAVIOUR Being competitive with the colleagues or interns working affects what we feel about them. There’s no winner or loser in such an environment, rather we all have to work as a team to reach our company’s goals and expectations.
  • POOR TIME MANAGEMENT Time is considered the greatest asset in the corporate or professional world. When we don’t manage our time well, we lose major opportunities and end up having various drawbacks, which influences our personal life.
  • NEGATIVITY When we have a habit of seeing negatives in our life, we don’t appreciate life enough. We point out negative things in our career choices, colleagues, employers, clients, etc. We don’t try to understand that there are pros and cons everywhere and we have to adjust to try what is best for ourselves and the people around us.
  • NOT HAVING A BALANCE Being too much involved in the “professional world” that we can’t give time to ourselves or vice versa is a dreadful habit, we all should try to balance our personal with the professional world so that we can try our best everywhere and don’t regret anything in the future.
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