How to maintain well being in the times of COVID-19?

9 Must-Follow Corona Virus Precautions for Indians
By Aakarsh Arora - Apr 22 2021 11:47PM - 3928 Read
9 Must-Follow Corona Virus Precautions for Indians

COVID 19, a horrendous word for every person throughout the globe. Well, it was the first time in the history of humanity that the whole world was in inactivity due to lockdowns caused by COVID 19. Still, we are amid rising cases all over the planet.

COVID has severely affected our physical and mental well being. People suffering from chronic diseases are dealt a heavy blow and have struggled to survive. Unfortunately, multitudes have gone to the grave due to COVID.

It is high time we took strict precautions to prevent from being vulnerable to this virus. The change has to be brought on an individual level as if every individual gets responsible for following all the preventive measures at their home; we would only mitigate the disease from the earth.

In the following article, we would embark on some precautions to be abided by to ensure our physical and mental well being.

Corona Virus Precautions one must follow at home Social distancing:

COVID is a contagious virus. It disseminates effortlessly from one person to another, so we had better make a distance of 1 metre from the other person to devoid of any physical contact.

If the virus infects someone, then he should be isolated in a separate room and should be exposed to nature, i.e. fresh air, to improve circulation.

Washing your hands:

Since the virus arrived on the scene, Doctors have been yelling to people to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds. Maintaining good hygiene is a paramount aspect of prevention.

It is of utmost necessity to wash hands with a good soap before eating, cooking, doing chores etc. Well, another alternative to a bar of soap is to make use of a sanitiser encompassing a minimum 60% of alcohol.

It is counselled not to touch our body parts without washing our hands with soap or sanitiser.

Balanced diet:

Our quality of life is majorly determined by the food we consume. The more nutritious the food is, the more we will be hale and hearty. COVID casts an adverse effect on our immunity.

So, to keep our immune system run smoothly, people should take a balanced diet full of raw vegetables and fruits. Raw foods have the necessary elements to run our body to their fullest potential.

Also, people should avoid cold food items as it can cause cold and cough, which are the prominent symptoms of the deadly virus.

Personal Hygiene:

One thing which is of paramount importance that people give complete attention to personal hygiene like taking a bath every day, changing clothes every day.

Our outfits have to be washed each day to stay away from any traces of the disease. Also, people must not share their utensils, cups, glasses with other members of the family.

Take medical care to the earliest:

If any person in your family is exhibiting symptoms like cold, cough, loss of taste or smell etc., then it is advised to seek medical healthcare as soon as possible.

People often get careless and treat symptoms like flu, but it is witnessed that the infection have some serious repercussions, so visit your nearby doctor immediately.

Avoid contact with pets:

Well, there have not been many cases of getting infected from COVID, but still, if anyone has issues like common cold, cough or fever, he or she should not come close to pets like dogs, cats etc.

Animals are generally more receptive to health hazards & their health should also be kept in consideration apart from our well being.

Ayurvedic diet:

Ayurveda is an ancient form of medicine. It has proven to be drastically effective for the eradication of any disease. People who are on the brink of getting COVID or already infected by COVID should resort to an Ayurvedic diet.

The diet includes traditional juices made up of Ayurvedic natural elements, which resultantly boost our immunity by producing antibodies to curb the disease.

Yoga and Meditation:

Yoga includes some effective breathing exercises known as pranayam. For thousands of years, Yoga has been a proven way to keep our body immune to health hassles.

In these uncertain times, everyone should devote some time in the morning to practising breathing exercises and yoga postures.

Also, thanks to the lockdown, many people have become a victim of fear and anxiety which is detrimental for the mental health. To keep the mental health in alignment, everyone must meditate for a minimum of 20 mins a day to get the required calmness.


COVID takes a heavy toll on our immune system by weakening our strength to fight the virus. To enhance the production of necessary antibodies to combat the issues, we need a sufficient amount of Vitamin.

Sunlight is the most eminent source of Vitamins. So, you should spend half an hour to an hour in the sunlight every day to maintain the required solar energy in your body.

Final Words

In these tested times, humankind faces the rage of nature, which can only be dwindled if we become consciously responsible as a citizen. Apart from our health, we must take care of other people's well-being by taking all the crucial measures.

We had better take the precautions mentioned above seriously to curb the casualties it is causing to the population. To strive in the coming times, we have to have a perfect physical and mental balance, but COVID has some other plans.

We must take care of hygiene, diet, and other key aspects to have a healthy and safer tomorrow. Stay safe.

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