All in One Sports Network Startup SportsApp Raises $140K Funding

SportsApp is a sport networking based startup that connects sports enthusiasts at one place. The idea was founded by Shashank Mishra and it recently raised $140K funding at Angel Round.

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Noida Based SportsApp Startup - Revolutionizing Sport Networking Industry

SportsApp does the job of bridging the gap between sportsperson and the corporate and also connects coaches, sponsors, sports academies on a single platform. If you are a sports lover, then you are surely going to love this app story of SportsApp. The idea is to make the nation a progressive sporting country by organizing the sector. The company got incorporated in 2018 and, since then, it has seen significant growth in its business.

Fun Fact : SportsApp had more than 200 registrations on the first day of launch.

SportsApp – Key Points

  • Startup Name - SportsApp
  • Headquarters - Delhi-NCR
  • Founded - 2018
  • Founders - Shashank Mishra
  • Industry - Sports
  • Parent Organization - Hanusha Networks Private Limited
  • Website –

SportsApp Startup Story – Founders and Team

Shashank Mishra founded this startup along with Himanshu Nain, whom he met at Delhi Technological University. Mishra explained him the idea and concept of the business and Himanshu instantly joined his team. The other members of their team are:

SportsApp Startup Story Shashank Mishra - SportsApp Founder
  • Shashank Mishra - Founder and CEO (B.Tech & MBA)
  • Himanshu Nain - Head of Technology (B.Tech)
  • Prashant Chandra - Head of Marketing and Sales (B.Tech & MBA)
  • MohitPrakashYadav - Head of Operations (B.Sc & MBA)
  • Deepak Kadian - Head of Design (B.Tech)

SportsApp Startup – Logo, and Tagline

  • Logo - The logo of the company is of a sports person winning the race. It is very inspiring.
  • Tagline - Empowering the sports star of tomorrow.

SportsApp Startup – Launch

Shashank decided to launch the company at a sports event at Delhi Technological University. It was the largest sports event in North India and, this gave them a kick start for their business. The app focused on serving the first 500 people in the network. SportsApp has also partnered with many coaches, sports academics in the Delhi-NCR region and got them on board.

SportsApp Story - Industry

India has a population of more than 136 million people. Out of that, almost 50 million people got actively involved in some sports. The craze in sports is the only going to grow in the coming future. It is the best time for fitness startups and sports technology to enter the market. The government is also coming up with various initiatives to help the sportspersons in every which way. Investing in this industry will be fruitful in the future as it has a lot of scope for growth.

SportsApp Startup Story – Business and Revenue Mode

The business models of the company are listed below:

  • Talent Solution - The application allows the players to connect with various corporate sponsors. They charge a commission for sponsorship given from the athlete's side.
  • Market Solution - The firm also generates revenue from making event bookings, academies by sporting sports academies on the app. They also allow the corporates to promote their sports products on the app.
  • Subscription - They offer subscriptions on their app so that their customers can enjoy more features.

SportsApp – Competitors

SportsApp is enjoying a monopoly in the market as they do not have any strong players in the market. The sector is unorganized and, there are very few players who target the same market and cater to the same audience as this company. Some of their competitors are as follows:

  • RumAdam
  • SportsBrick

SportsApp - Funding and Investors

Some of the investors and funding received by SportsApp are as follows:

  • $4k - Angel Round, 2018
  • $30k - Angel Round, Sumeet Kapur, 2019
  • $140k - Seed Round, Shubhrendu Khoche, Ram Ganesan, Anirban Basu, Kuldeep Puri, Sanjay Ahuja, 2020

SportsApp - Growth

The growth of the company is listed below:

  • User base - 5000
  • Downloads - 20X
  • Revenue of the company for 2019-2020 - INR 18 lakhs
  • Revenue of the company for 2020-2021 (Pandemic Year) - 4X Scale-up
  • Clients – Wellcure, Cosco, Alcis Sports, Steel Bird, NFSportech

SportsApp Startup – Future Plan

Some of the plans of the company are as follows:

  • Acquire and merge with different companies in this sector to expand their business.
  • They are planning to increase their user base to at least one lakh.
  • The company is planning o generate a revenue of INR 65 lakhs.
  • They will also offer various facilities on their app such, as ground bookings, sponsorships, event registrations, etc.
  • They are planning to overshadow all the traditional ways to make India an ultimate sporting nation.

SportsApp Startup – Challenges

Some of the challenges of the company are as follows:

  • Unorganized Market - The market of this sector is unorganized, and this becomes a challenge for the company.
  • Customers - It is difficult for the company to change the mindset of the people as they still prefer the traditional way. They have to make them understand the benefits of using a better way.
  • Competitors - The Company doesn't have many competitors in the market. But some of the companies could give them tough competition.

SportsApp – Helping Coaches and Sportspersons

SportsApp is doing a great job in the sports sector. They are helping a lot of sportspersons and coaches by making their jobs easier. The team is working hard day and night to provide the best facilities to their customers. This app is a boon for all sports enthusiasts.

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