Aviate Startup Story – Perfect Platform for College Graduates

Aviate is a platform for recent college graduates and final-year college students to improve their employability and get jobs. Aviate's founder and CEO are Rishi Raj Rahul, Kundan Kumar & Abhishek Singh. In February 2021, Aviate received $45K in investment.

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Aviate – How this Startup is Assisting Students to Develop Vital Job Skills

College graduates struggle to find a path, a direction for a journey they must undertake alone. These final-year graduates require proper training in the field of work and their abilities to teach to join the job market with confidence and competence. As a result, Aviate will point its pupils in the appropriate route while developing vital job skills. Almost all companies that come to the placement cells to recruit students want effective communicators and quick learners. Aviate offers the same stage – a program to change the hiring market by training job seekers on a role-specific and organization/industry-specific level designed in collaboration with employers and geared to instill the operational and soft skills.

Aviate Startup - Key Highlights

  • Startup Name - Aviate
  • Founded - 2019
  • Founder - Rishi Raj Rahul & Kundan Kumar
  • Sector - EdTech cum Recruitment
  • Headquarter - Bangalore
  • Parent Organization - Aviate Education Private Limited

Aviate Startup – Helping College Students

Aviate is a platform for recent college graduates and final-year college students to improve their employability and get jobs. Aviate's long-term goal is to revolutionize the employment market for entry-level and mid-level positions. The purpose of Aviate is to create a world where firms hire people and then train them to be job-ready, rather than the existing practice of recruiting people and then training them to be job-ready.

Aviate also offers retention cum mentorship program, in which graduates are paid a retention bonus after completing a year of service with the company. In exchange, the alumni undertake screening and mentoring sessions for the new batch of job seekers interested in the Alumni's industry or profile. It also benefits alumni by providing them with a sizable supplemental income and providing the finest possible mentorship to individuals.

Fun Fact : In February 2021, Aviate received $45K in investment.

Aviate Startup - Founders and Team

  • Rishi Raj Rahul – Rishi graduated from MIT Manipal with a bachelor's degree in engineering and spent a year in an MBA program at MDI Gurgaon before dropping out. Rahul earlier worked as a National Sales Manager at LetsTransport and Birdsville.
  • Kundan Kumar – Kundan is a CSE alumnus from IIT BHU, joined Aviate as a co-founder and CTO. Kundan has full-stack development experience, and he co-founded a health tech firm called Medaboss and has previously worked as a tech lead for several companies.
  • Abhishek Singh – Abhishek, the founder, is a crucial team member who oversees operations and online supply acquisition. Abhishek graduated from IIT Dhanbad.

Aviate Startup - Business Model

Aviate was one of the first companies to use the 'train and hire' strategy. Aviate prepares job searchers for specific roles and organizations/industries through courses developed in conjunction with businesses. Following training, trainees got evaluated, and only those who performed well got invited to interview. Aviate also offers incentives to graduates who stay with an organization for at least a year to help prevent churn.

Aviate – Benefits for Job Seekers

The following are some of the benefits for job seekers:

  • Successful candidates will be guaranteed a job.
  • Within 24-96 hours, successful candidates will receive a job offer.
  • Employability - Improving employability by instilling critical operational and soft skills
  • Our retention cum mentorship program provides additional money.
  • There is no cost for training upfront.
  • Access to different job profiles and employers across India

Aviate Startup - Hiring Partners

Aviate's hiring partners are as follows:

  • Unacademy
  • KhataBook
  • White Hat Jr.
  • CampK12
  • Lido
  • GoMechanic
  • CollegeDoors
  • Scholr

Aviate Startup - Future Plans

Some of their upcoming plans are as follows:

  • Aviate has begun training and hiring for clients who have joined up.
  • The immediate goal for the coming years is to generate a diverse set of content that will allow them to build a more extensive base of profiles and jobs since they believe this will result in a positive feedback loop with massive network effects.
  • A better supply would result from a greater depth and breadth of content and job types, and a better collection would result in higher demand from clients.
  • Their immediate focus is on getting this feedback loop up and running and optimizing it.

Aviate Startup - User Acquisitions Strategy

Aviate's client acquisition strategy has primarily consisted of finding businesses and areas in which they believe their recruiting model can make a difference and then reaching out to important stakeholders inside the organizations to continue the conversation. Through its college ambassador network, internship program, and promotional events, Aviate is now focusing on community building. The company is also using digital marketing to reach out to potential customers.

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