CrewScale Startup Story – Offering Various Tracking Options to Monitor Your Developers

CrewScale connects startups, unicorns, and multinational corporations with a global pre-screened, domain-relevant tech talent network. Raghu Bharat, Shubhanshu Srivastava, Nirmaan Agarwal, and Dheeraj Lalchandaani founded CrewScale. Its headquarters is in San Francisco.

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CrewScale Story – Connecting Organizations with Greatest Global Talent

Few communities connect companies with a global pre-screened, domain-relevant tech talent network. One such community is CrewScale, which connects enterprises and corporations. CrewScale is a community made up of the best of the best for the sake of the greatest. They assist organizations in expediting product engineering by connecting them with the most significant global talent. Raghu Bharat, Shubhanshu Srivastava, Nirmaan Agarwal, and Dheeraj Lalchandaani founded CrewScale.

CrewScale Startup - Key Highlights

  • Company Name - CrewScale
  • Founded - 2017
  • Founders - Raghu Bharat, Dheeraj Lalchandani, Shubhanshu Srivastava, Nirmaan Agarwal
  • Sector - Talent Acquisition
  • CEO - Raghu Bharat
  • Headquarter - San Francisco Bay Area
  • Website –

CrewScale Startup – Connecting Companies

CrewScale connects startups, unicorns, and multinational corporations with a global pre-screened, domain-relevant tech talent network. They are problem solvers, team builders, and high performers who have banded together to pursue a common goal. To scale! They collaborate to fuel today's engineering teams while also investing in tomorrow's leaders.

Only top-tier engineers have access to CrewScale's platform, thanks to a screening process (supported by Talscale, a proprietary evaluation engine). It means that these pre-vetted engineers get to work on some of the unique projects with some of the world's most significant tech companies.

CrewScale Startup - Founders

  • Raghu Bharat (CEO) – Bharat is a BITS Pilani alumnus, who worked at MyParichay and Avaya in significant engineering capacities before starting MyWash. After Housejoy acquired the startup, Bharat served as a Product Manager there for a while.
  • Dheeraj Lalchandaani (COO) – Dheeraj has worked for Vyomo, Encrest, and Greentech Knowledge Solutions in consulting and program management roles. He's also the founder of Polishlane, an at-home-salon firm that Housejoy acquired.
  • Sudhanshu Srivastava (CTO) – He worked as a senior software engineer at Newgen Software before joining Snapdeal as a Senior Innovation Engineer. He also developed (and served as the CTO of) Orobind Fitness, a fitness-tech firm that Housejoy acquired.
  • Nirmaan Agarwal (CMO) – Nirmaan, before taking over as CMO of GoScale Group, Nirmaan Agarwal was an engineer from BITS Pilani with an MBA in Marketing from HEC Paris. It is his second foray into entrepreneurship, like the other founders. Before this, he launched the EdTech company Unbound Learning.

CrewScale Startup – Brand Name, Tagline, and Logo

  • Brand Name – The name tells you all you need to know about the product. They realized that the character required to convey the main elements of the company.
  • Logo – The Company’s logo is in bright blue colors

CrewScale Startup - Target Market Size

The United States' IT staffing industry is worth $33.64 billion, while the global staffing market is around $105 billion. While this includes both remote and non-remote positions, the company expects that small will soon become the preferred hiring method in the tech industry worldwide.

CrewScale Startup - Revenue and Business Model

CrewScale is a managed marketplace, which means they charge their clients an hourly basis but guarantee that it translates into a predetermined monthly remuneration for their remote workers.

  • Their annual revenue is around $4 million.
  • In the next five years, CrewScale aspire to grow to a $100 million company.
  • They've been profitable since the beginning.

CrewScale Startup - Challenges

The most challenging task in the early years was persuading both candidates and companies of the benefits of remote recruiting. Candidates were concerned that focusing on project-based remote work would be detrimental to their careers in the long run.

Companies, on the other hand, were cautious to hire remote workers over in-house employees. As a result, they had to work hard at first to change the mindsets of both candidates and employers.

However, due to the COVID situation, remote working has become entirely commonplace. Employees and employers alike have discovered that remote work is just as productive, if not more, than in-office employment.

CrewScale Startup - Competitors

Some of its competitors are as follows:

  • Toptal
  • Turing
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr

CrewScale Startup - Future Plans

Some of their upcoming plans are as follows:

  • CrewScale began as a bootstrapped company, focusing solely on establishing a long-term business with solid unit economics. As a result, they expanded organically from the start and were profitable from the beginning, and they are planning to continue the same.
  • CrewScale feels that now is the best time to scale quickly and create the world's largest remote tech workforce. As a result, they're now willing to raise funds and aim for hockey-stick growth.
  • They also recently purchased Indies, a small tech hiring firm based in the United States, to consolidate their development and get off to a fast start earlier this year.

CrewScale Startup - Mergers, Acquisitions & Clients

In January 2020, CrewScale purchased, an AI-powered IT talent network. The location of the remote marketplace is Washington, DC.

Domino's Pizza, Uber, and the Aditya Birla Group are among the many global clients of the US-based, VC-funded freelancing IT talent platform. It also comes with a fantastic talent pool of over 50 countries.

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