The Journey of TruePush - Fastest Growing Software in Push Notification.

TruePush is a free web and mobile push notification service. Ravi Vaka and Manoj Surya founded TruePush. The company's headquarters is in Hyderabad. It has a feature-rich, high-volume notification system, extensive analytics, and a simple dashboard for the web and mobile.

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TruePush Story – Free Push Notification Services For Everyone

Push notifications have proven to be a powerful marketing tool. It got enabled on 52 percent of smartphone users' devices. In addition, push notifications to have a 5-10 times higher click-through rate than e-mails, making them a crucial aspect of any digital marketing plan. Marketers can utilize it for various purposes, including product and service promotion, retargeting, brand reputation building, and more. TruePush, a Hyderabad-based firm, has created free push notification services for everyone, recognizing push notifications' immense potential and growing popularity.

TruePush Startup - Key Highlights

  • Startup Name - TruePush
  • Founded - 2018
  • Founders - Ravi Vaka & Manoj Surya
  • Sector - Marketing Tool
  • Headquarter - Hyderabad
  • Parent organization - Truepush Pvt. Ltd.

TruePush Startup – Free Push Notifications Service

TruePush is a free web and mobile push notification service. It has a feature-rich, high-volume notification system, extensive analytics, and a simple dashboard for the web and mobile. This Hyderabad-based business aims to dominate the push notifications and re-engagement tools industry in the next three years.

TruePush - Founders and Team

Ravi Vaka and Manoj Surya founded TruePush. They met at a meeting of a startup leadership program. The two had similar ideals and decided to create a business together in 2018.

  • Ravi Vaka (TruePush's Head of Customer Outreach and Success) Ravi handles customer outreach, customer success, customer service, and the quality assurance team under his supervision. He aspires to go above and above in providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience for his clientele.
  • Manoj Surya (Product Manager) Manoj is the Product Manager at TruePush, and he is in charge of ensuring that the product is delivered on time and following the customer's needs and the market.

TruePush Startup – Brand Name, Tagline, and Logo

  • Brand Name - "We debated a few titles and decided on TruePush since it was memorable and easy to remember," Manoj explained.
  • Tagline - Its tagline is "free push notifications forever" because it is a free product.
  • Logo – The company's logo are numerous lines are running through the emblem. TruePush is a network and communication product. Hence these lines represent network/communication.

TruePush Startup - Revenue Model

TruePush is now offering its push notification service for free and will continue to do so in the future. In terms of revenue, it intends to monetize in the future in one of the following ways:

  • Advertising Partners - Users' cookie data may be linked to advertising partners, as Google does. On the other hand, the corporation assures that the client's personal information is not used or shared with anyone.
  • Premium Service - They may expand TruePush's re-engagement tools and charge a nominal amount for other add-ons while keeping the Push Notifications feature free, as it is currently.

TruePush - User Acquisition

TruePush's network helped the company get its first few customers. After that, a significant portion of its consumers came from the debut of Product Hunt and, later, Beta list. The corporation is also relying heavily on word-of-mouth advertising.

TruePush - Competitors

According to Manoj, 70-80 firms in the Push notifications market are performing well worldwide. Still, TruePush is the only one that offers all functionalities for free indefinitely. Some of the competitors include –

  • PushCrew,
  • Pushnami,
  • Izooto

TruePush – Achievements

  • TruePush was added to the G2 review platform's High Performers quadrant in the Push notifications area in March 2020.
  • It got awarded the G2 High Performers (Spring 2020) award, the most widely used and trusted review site. The startup has jumped far ahead of its competition in a short period by receiving the most positive evaluations on this platform.
  • TruePush has garnered numerous global accolades, including BuiltWith's "9th Most Popular Push Notifications Service in India and Finances Online's "Rising Star Award – 2019."
  • It also won "Premium Usability Award – 2019" and SaaS Worthy's "Fastest Growing Software in Push Notification."
  • Furthermore, on January 9th, 2019, TruePush got ranked as the third most popular firm on ProductHunt.
  • It's also trending on the home pages of Betalist and beta sites.

Future Plan - TruePush intends to become the industry leader in the Push Notifications area in the coming time.

TruePush Startup – Growth Numbers

TruePush has been favorably received by its target customers, with clients including the Government of Telangana and NASA space apps. It currently has over 1700 clients and sends over 2 billion notifications every month, intending to reach 1 billion per day in the next quarter.

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