Whatfix Startup – How this Indian’s Innovative Idea Became Worth $600M?

Whatfix is one of the pioneer startups in Digital Adoption Platform market in India and was founded by Khadim Batti & Vara Kumar in 2014. Today, the company is valued over $600M and is in talks for further funding.
By Soha Habib - Aug 6 2021 5:03PM - 4995 Read
Whatfix – The Game-Changing Digital Adoption Platform

Whatfix is a platform based on SaaS software that helps & guides performance support for applications available on web and software products. It is most commonly used on various platforms such as Salesforce, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle Cloud, Workday, SharePoint, Apptus, etc. The startup enabled an SME to announce the digital platform Whatfix and started gathering customers and then realized the need for the product to be interactive. Now it has over 500 customers across the globe and is playing a significant role in the adoption of the digital platform.

Note: The CEO of Whatfix Khadim Batti and the CTO Vara Kumar first designed their marketing product called SearchEnabler.

Whatfix Story – Key Statistics

  • Company Name : Whatfix
  • Founded : 2014
  • Founders : Khadim Batti (CEO) and Vara Kumar (CTO)
  • Headquarters : Bangalore, India and San Jose, California
  • Total Funding : $49.8 M
  • Total number of Employees : 450
  • Website : www.whatfix.com
  • Parent Company : Quick Technosoft Labs Private Limited

Whatfix Story – Startup

Whatfix was founded in the year 2014 by Khadim Batti (CEO) and Vara Kumar (CTO). Whatfix is a platform that helps in guiding apps and users to adopt any software application quickly. Its headquarters are in Bangalore, India, and San Jose, California. It also provides performance support that guides the user about the application they use. The company was first started in the year 2013. It first had over 100 customers. Soon they changed to Whatfix.

Whatfix Whatfix Startup - Founder

Note: It allows companies to create communicative walkthroughs that are available within web applications.

Whatfix – Services

  • It guides using web applications and software solutions without the help of coding
  • It does require any training. It can be used without any training
  • It makes learning easier by user touchpoints
  • It ensures that the data entered by the users are accurate.
  • It can be used on mobiles
  • The UI of Whatfix guides the users to create without any coding
  • The creation of segments are automatic which is provided to the user according to their needs

Whatfix Success – Founders

  • Khadim Batti Khadim Batti is the CEO and the co-founder of this game-changing digital platform - Whatfix. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, which he pursued from The University of Bombay. Besides, he also has a master’s degree in Information Technology, which he pursued from The International Institute of Information Technology. He is a member of Whatfix since the year 2019. So he has over 20 years of experience in this technological platform.
  • Vara Kumar Vara Kumar is the Co-Founder and the Chief Technology Founder of this game-changing digital platform-Whatfix. He has an engineering degree which he pursued from the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University.

Note: It is estimated that SaaS platform market has a growth of about $2.5 billion.

Whatfix – Core Team Members

  • Alok Goyal - Board Member
  • Shweta Bhatia - Board Member
  • Sanjay Aggarwal - Board Member
  • Ashish Gupta - Board Member
Parent Company: Quick Technosoft Labs Private Limited owns Whatfix.

Whatfix Startup – Acquisitions and Merges

  • Airim - October 2019
  • ESOP - 6th July 2021

Whatfix – Investors and Funding

Powerhouse Ventures2015Seed$900K
Stellaris2017Series A$3.7M
CISCO Investments2019Series B$12.5 M
Sequoia2020Series C$32M
Soft Bank Vision Fund2021Series D$90M

Whatfix Success – Revenue Model

The annual revenue of Whatfix is about $75.3 M per year. They don’t have any leader; they are their leader in their space. Being a private organization, they had strong growth over the years. One analyst estimated that the market is growing at an 11% rate which will be worth about $15.8 billion by the year 2025

Whatfix Startup Story – Competitors

Top competitors of Whatfix are:

  • EdCast
  • WalkMe
  • Userlane
  • Appcues
  • Toonimo
  • AppLearn
  • Aptrinsic
  • Userguiding
  • TTS
  • Iorad
  • Helppier

Whatfix Story – Future Plans

  • They have invested to innovatively develop the services they are providing
  • They have also developed series-c round in their platform
  • They have also increased the quality of the services they provide.
  • It has unveiled its scheme Escop and has allotted over $4.3 million for the Escop buyback scheme
  • It has landed over $90 million to speed on their apps

Whatfix – Awards and Achievements

  • 2021 Globee Awards Silver Winner (Golden Bridge Awards) - for the customer success team -department of the year
  • Gold 2021 Steve winner (American business Awards) - for customer satisfaction of the year
  • Silver 2021 Stevie Winner (American Business Awards) - for the best customer service- department of the year
  • IT World Awards 2020 Silver - For Best Deployments/ CS Department of the Year
  • The Clouds awards for “ Best Cloud HR and EP solution
  • Silver 2020 Stevie Winner (American Business Awards) - For Best Customer Service Department of The Year

Whatfix – The Game Changing Platform

The game-changing platform - Whatfix is the most prominent digital program. Companies create interactive walkthroughs through this app. It is empowered many other business companies with their outcomes and is a new technological way to learn content through interactive walkthroughs. Its mission is to remove all the technology complexes for its users.

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