How this Simple CricBuzz Cricket News App Generated $7.8 Million in Revenue?

CricBuzz is a cricket news & updates platform that was founded by Pankaj Chapparwal in 2010. The company has since expanded its business to many categories and is now valued over

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Cricbuzz Story – The Leading Indian Cricket News Platform

Cricket has been one of the most favorite sports in India and more than half of India's population either love to play or watch cricket. So, having a dedicated app that gives you all the information about cricket is needed for cricket lovers. The popularity of cricket is not going to die anytime soon and, it is only going to grow.

Cricbuzz provides all the news and updates related to this sport. It is a one-stop destination for all cricket enthusiasts. They also feature live cricket matches, team rankings, text commentary, videos, cricket statistics, etc. Let's get to know the story of this super cool startup.

Note : Cricbuzz has been successful in bagging a lot of sponsorships since its incorporation.

Cricbuzz Startup – Key Points

  • Startup Name - Cricbuzz
  • Founded - 2004
  • App Launch - 2010
  • Founders – Pankaj Chapparwal, Piyush Agrawal, Pravin Hegde
  • Headquarters - Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Owner - Times Internet
  • Languages available - English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu
  • Revenue - $8 million
  • Users - 60 million
  • Website -

Cricbuzz Startup – Idea Behind the Business

Cricbuzz got created to fulfill the desire of cricket lovers in our country. India is a country that got filled with cricket enthusiasts and, this app helps them a lot. The app covers all the information and recent updates about cricket.

Cricbuzz Story – Founders and Team

  • Pankaj Chhaparwal - He is the co-founder and CEO of the company. Pankaj completed his graduation from LD College of Engineering.
  • Piyush Agrawal - He is one of the co-founders of the company. He completed his engineering at IIT, BHU.
  • Pravin Hegde - Pravin is also one of the co-founders and CTO of the company.
  • Sarah Waris - She is a freelance contributor to the company.
  • Abhideep Das - He is the content strategist and Senior Producer of the company. He also worked as a creative producer for Kolkata Knight Riders.
Cricbuzz Startup Pankaj Chhaparwal - Cricbuzz Founder

Cricbuzz Startup Story – Brand Name and Logo

Cricbuzz is one of the leading cricket apps in India. It holds a significant share in the market but, it still has a lot of competitors. Some of the competitors of Cricbuzz in the market are as follows:

  • Brand Name: The name of the company signifies its work. It gathers the entire buzz around cricket and gives all the information to its users.
  • Logo: The logo of the company shows a ball which is the essence of the game.

Cricbuzz Parent Company – Times of India

Cricbuzz's parent company is Times of India. But the company is owned by Times Internet that is a subsidiary of Times of India. However, the company gets managed by the founders. It is one of the most famous digital products companies and, it has various subsidiaries. Some of its subsidiaries are MX Player, CricPlay, Dineout, Gaana, MensXP, etc.

Cricbuzz Startup – Business Model

The business model of the company is simple and sorted. They provide all kinds of details regarding cricket. The primary income source of the company is giving live scores to the users for a charge. They also run various advertisements and promotions on their website that is their secondary source of income.

Cricbuzz Startup – Revenue Model

Cricbuzz collects a considerable amount of revenue from the advertisements. They also earn from Adsense and Admob by sending live scores and news to its users and Telecom operators. These factors help the company to monetize its content.

Fun Fact: It bagged the title sponsorship of the test series of India v/s Sri Lanka in 2015.

Cricbuzz Story – Competitors

Cricbuzz is one of the leading cricket apps in India. It holds a significant share in the market but, it still has a lot of competitors. Some of the competitors of Cricbuzz in the market are as follows:

  • ICC (International Cricket Council)
  • ESPNcricinfo
  • Cricket Exchange
  • Crcketcountry
  • Sofascore
  • CricTracker
  • One cricket

Cricbuzz Story – Accomplishments

Some of the accomplishments of the company are as follows:

  • More than 100 million downloads.
  • It generates 3 billion page views.
  • It has 4.3 ratings on the Google Play Store.
  • The app is used by more than 60 million users worldwide.
  • It got ranked 406 in 2019.
  • It got ranked 40 by Alexa Internet.
  • Its website was the 7th most searched website in 2014 in India.

Cricbuzz Startup – Growth

Cricbuzz has seen remarkable growth since the launch of its website and app. Its website was the most searched site for cricket scores and updates during the 2015 World Cup and had over a million visitors.

Cricbuzz is one of the most preferred and desired destinations for all cricket enthusiasts. Its growth is the result of a massive number of visitors and users of the app and website.

Cricbuzz – Popularity

The app of Cricbuzz has got downloaded more than 100 million times and, it has around a million views on the Google Play store. The app is rated 4.3 by the users. Also, their website got used by over 60 million people all over the world. It also generates over 3 billion page views every year.

Cricbuzz – YouTube Channel

Cricbuzz also has its own YouTube channel. It has more than 2 million subscribers and around 500 million views on the videos. They post everything related to cricket and, its channel has more than 11 thousand videos.

Cricbuzz Story – Challenges

Some of the challenges faced by the company are as follows:

  • Competitors - Cricbuzz is one of the strongest players in the market. It has a good base of loyal customers. But the company still has a lot of competitors in the market. Most of them can give tough competition. Cricbuzz will soon have to come up with new strategies to overshadow its competitors.
  • Diversification in sports - India is no longer a country where people are crazy about just one sport. The diversification in sport is increasing and, people have started loving other sports. The shift in the attention of the viewers from cricket to other sports is decreasing their customer base. Cricbuzz will have to cover other sports to increase its customer base.

Cricbuzz – Cricket News at a Click

Cricbuzz is doing a great job providing all the notable news and updates about cricket to its users. It is one of the most famous and loved platforms for all cricket fans. Their social media campaign is also working significantly well to attract its viewers. They also come up with new challenges and games with the help of social media influencers. It is a great strategy to increase its followers and customer base.

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