“Life taught me Marketing and Entrepreneurship….” - Kiran Gadakh

Following the pandemic, startups and businesses are increasing. Many people were given the chance to advance their careers and stoke their passions. The name Kiran Gadakh is one of them. He is an expert in marketing and entrepreneurship.
By Anil Diggiwal - Jan 28 2023 4:07PM - 2895 Read

Kiran was born in a small village in Sangamner. His parents were farmers who used to work on their farms but had to work on other farms to make ends meet. Born into a middle-class household, he was always faced with financial difficulties.

He began his primary schooling at a government school in his village. He realised that he, too, had to support his family financially, so he began selling farm-grown products on his bicycle in his village. This was his first entrepreneurship lesson. Everything he did to sell the items taught him about marketing. He paid his school fees with this hard-earned money.

He performed well in school and scored a 91% on his 10th board exam. His parents encouraged him to continue his education, so he moved to Sangamner. His mother used to send him meals on the early morning govt bus that arrived in town. This served as both his lunch and dinner. The food became foul-smelling and stinky during the hot summer days. To address this issue, he began selling Aloe Vera juice at the bus stop, where he gained his second marketing experience.

His mother always aspired for him to be an engineer and settle down in life. So he planned to move to Loni and began his engineering profession. His father struggled to finance his son's college tuition. He managed to pay his first-year fees, but by the second year, things were turning difficult for him. To overcome that problem, he created a marketing endeavour with several of his buddies, which earned him a decent sum of money. This was his third marketing experience. He used the money he earned from this endeavour to pay for his college tuition.

So he finished his engineering, but now he had two options: get a respectable job or explore entrepreneurship! His colleagues chose to leave the entity and seek employment elsewhere. He was alone, yet he didn't want to give up everything he had worked so hard for so easily.

He relocated to Pune to expand his business. His friends wouldn't even let him stay at their homes, so he had to sleep at Pune Railway Station for more than a week! But, instead of criticizing his situation, he trusted in his hard work and kept working. He didn't want to waste time overswinging and then learning from them. Instead, he resorted to learning from the mistakes of others and advancing swiftly in business. For this, he began seeking mentorship, which significantly helped him.

He is now a successful entrepreneur and marketing guru as a result of his hard work. He drives an Audi and lives in an affluent neighbourhood. His odyssey has taught him that nothing is permanent. You can change your fate by working hard and remaining persistent and strong in what you believe and want!

Anil Diggiwal
Anil Diggiwal

Anil Diggiwal is the Chief Editor for DigitalYug. He is particularly interested in business, in addition to international, online tale, quirky, and regional movies. Active in journalism for about a decade and a half, as well as a successful entrepreneur

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