Spiraling their way to the top in the apparel industry is TANTUVANA

Founded by Mrs. Bindu Naidu, TANTUVANA is a one stop all destination for exclusive range of Silk and Tussar Sarees

By Anil Diggiwal Jan 28 2023 11:53AM 2214 Read

The last couple of decades has seen the rise and emergence of many new industries, verticals, niches, and domains. The flurry of inventions across all these sectors has certainly been a boon to mankind. When we talk about the fashion and the clothing industry, it has certainly been one of those sectors whose popularity has increased in double digits over the past many years. New fashion, trends, styles, and looks have dictated terms for many people especially the young brigade. It now has become a mandate for the fashion & clothing industry and brands to match up to the level of demand that it gets from all nook and corner of the world. We came across one such brand which has emerged as one of the most seek and sought-after brands in the niche segment - TANTUVANA.

Taking lot of pride in the rich culture of Indian craftmanship, TANTUVANA as a brand has emerged to the top with its finesse and unique style statement. Having started the company in the year 2017 by Mrs. Bindu Naidu, TANTUVANA has been one big hub and house for exclusive range of handcrafted sarees which they get directly from the weavers. From Tussar treasures, Jamdani sarees, linens and pure silks, Bandhani sarees, Banarasi collection, authentic Ajrakh, Kota Tussar, to Silk Kota and more, TANTUVANA as a brand has been able to garner lot of love, fame, and recognition. TANTUVANA thrives on the highest quality standards and cost-effective prices. They have also registered the firm in the Central Silk Board of India.

The founded of the firm, Mrs. Bindu Naidu is a B. Tech in Electronics and B.Ed graduate. She got married to a Military Officer (IAF Pilot) and worked in the Air Force School and taught Mathematics to 10th – 12th class students. But she followed her inner calling and drive and decided to start her own firm. Being highly passionate about the handloom industry, she started TANTUVANA which is now proudly being known as the Queen of Silks and Tussars.

We hope Mrs. Bindu Naidu continues her magical journey going ahead and further inspires the next generation. For more details, do visit their website @ https://www.tantuvana.com/ and follow them on Instagram @ @tantuvanaofficial.

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