5 Common Problems Faced by WordPress Sites

5 Common Disadvantages of WordPress Sites: With Solutions

By Michael Brown Apr 9 2021 7:04PM 9587 Read
5 Common Disadvantages of WordPress Sites: With Solutions

WordPress has gained huge popularity among website owners due to its easy-to-understand UI and fast plugins methods to build sites. The tool is useful for people with little technical knowledge and wants to make a simple yet effective site. Bloggers and e-Commerce platforms are among the most WordPress users due to their inexpensive nature. However, there are several disadvantages of WordPress sites and we would list the top 5 of them here.

5 Disadvantages of WordPress Site with Solutions Slow Speed:

WordPress sites are the first to become slow because of the need to upload several plugins, widgets, and other tools. Apart from this, the content & images also support slowed version. There are many disadvantages to a slower site, like lower ranking on Google, less traffic, low bounce rate, and frequent criticism. In contrast, if the site’s speed is optimized to best, Google would rank it high on SERP and visitors would love it as it would be easily & quickly accessible.

WordPress Slow Speed Solution:

These listed solutions would help your site load faster but don’t guarantee it.

  • Get hosting with better bandwidth or buy a dedicated server. It would load the site faster on every device;
  • Mitigate the use of WordPress plugins on your site;
  • Keep updating new content on your site and delete the old, scrap one;
  • Regularly do debug;
  • Implement site caching and use CDN
Security Issue:

The most common issue with using a WordPress site is security and its vulnerability to hackers. WordPress is on the hit list of cybercriminals due to its huge popularity in a short time. Hackers try to get into your website and spoil all the work. It can lead to a huge loss in terms of visitors, sales, leads, or revenue. Your site’s SEO and customer trust are also affected.

WordPress Security Issue Solution:

There are many ways to prevent cybercriminals to hack your site, top of which are:

  • Always use reliable themes, widgets, and plugins for your site.
  • Use two-step authentication for logging into your account.
  • Be dynamic about your User ID and password; keep changing them;
  • Use SSL certificate for your site;
  • Use firewall & antivirus to protect against the spammers and stop suspicious activities;
  • Keep a watch on malicious traffic on the site and block them to avoid unwanted situations.
White Screen of Death (WSOD):

You must have witnessed the blue screen of death on Windows where the screen just hangs and you’re unable to do anything. The case is similar with WSOD on a WordPress site which means your site is down and users would see a white screen with nothing on it. The worst part is you don’t know the reason behind the error nor the site shows a message.

WordPress WSOD Solution:

Although, the admin is unable to see any error message on the white screen, there are some things you can try doing after which most probably the problem would solve:

  • Disable all your plugins, and if the problem solves, then activate them one by one to see which one is causing the issue;
  • Use a default theme and disable your current one; there might be a fault in your theme. Don’t forget to take site backup;
  • Perform debugging of the site;
  • Increase the amount of available memory as this is the most common issue
Not Suitable for Every Site:

Another common problem with WordPress sites is they are not compatible with every website type. They are one of the best for blogging and e-Commerce sites but when you want the same site with different functionalities and other advanced features then, a custom-made PHP site is best.

WordPress Suitability Solution:

There’s no such solution to this issue. If you feel that WordPress is catering to your needs, then well and good. However, if you want some extra upgrades, then it could prove to be an expensive option.


There are many instances when the WordPress site loads & loads, and then pops “Connection Timed Out”. The problem is common and happens mostly in shared hosting servers which have limited resources.

WordPress Downtime Solutions:
  • Disable all your plugins, and if the problem solves, then activate them one by one to see which one is causing the issue;
  • Use a default theme and disable your current one;
  • Perform debugging of the site;
  • Increase the amount of available memory
  • Talk to your hosting provider as there might be an error on their side.

So, these were the top disadvantages of WordPress websites with their solutions. Still, the fact can’t be denied that software is easy to use and has remarkable qualities. The problem wouldn’t sound big to a technically sound person but a non-technical might have some problems with them. Thus, make sure to bookmark the page in case you need it later.

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