Law of Attraction Success Story

Law of Attraction Success Story: How Universe Helps?
By Ella Williams - Apr 12 2021 11:51AM - 5717 Read
Law of Attraction Success Story

The law of attraction suggests that like attracts like. So, if you think and act positively, you'll attract positive things in your life. Being negative-minded, you'll attract negativity. It means that you can have absolutely anything you desire with the right mindset. The Universe is a major part of The Law of Attraction. It is the medium that helps us in attracting the things we desire.

Success Story of the Law of Attraction:
  • Ravina was a humble twenty-year-old lady. She dreamt of being the best educator someday. Somewhere deep in her heart, she knew she could be one. She still didn't know how yet. But, she was looking for ways to achieve her dream.
  • Although Ravina focused single-mindedly on being an educator, she had certain flaws. If she didn't change them, they would hold her back from being the perfect educator. So, she started focusing on eliminating her shortcomings and building relevant skills.
  • Besides being humble, Ravina was also shy. But, she knew that being shy would stifle her chances of being a leading educator. So, she started to be outgoing, make more friends, and challenge her introversion. She started participating in cultural activities and attending events. She said yes to the activities to which she once said no. In this way, she became more social and open. She found that she was more confident in herself and her abilities.
  • Next, she wanted to develop her leadership skills. She was still in her engineering college. And, there were a lot of options to take on leadership roles. So, she started auditioning for all the clubs in her college, like, debate club, quiz club, cultural club, etc. After a lot of screening, she got a chance to be the head of the debate club. She began conducting debates and taking the lead. Her leadership and speaking skills developed immensely.
  • She also found out that she was anxious. Her mind used to over-think everything and remained filled with racing thoughts. To overcome this, she started meditating every day for fifteen minutes. After doing it for months, she found out that she was more relaxed than ever. She was calm and could make the right decisions at the right time.
  • She was knowledgeable from the very beginning. She had a lot of information about various subjects, especially, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. She knew she could teach them very well to anyone. She also knew of a lot of different and new methods of teaching, which would make the learning sessions more fun.
  • Now that she had all the abilities that a good educator should have, she wanted to figure out a plan to start her career. She started researching day and night as to what could be the best way to do that. She wanted to begin an academy to coach students of eleventh and twelfth for JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) and NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test). She finally decided to invest her saved money to open an institute.
  • She was determined to make her dream come true. After all the hard work, she was this close to her childhood dream. But, as fate would have it, she seriously injured herself after falling from the stairs. Doctors said that they had to operate on her. If the operation failed, she could be bedridden for the rest of her life. Her entire family and friends shattered hearing this.
  • Surprisingly enough, Ravina was still hopeful that she would become an educator and teach students. She was hopeful that she would realize her childhood dream, certain that the universe wouldn't fail to notice her passion and hard work, and sure that the universe would bring her what she wanted in any way possible. The law of attraction would work out. All others around her thought she was delusional because there was no hope at all. But, Ravina believed. She believed in the power of the universe. Even when her doctor brought her to the operation theatre, she planned on how to teach on the first day. She was still certain her institution will open and be the best in town.
  • And, the best happened, as was expected. The Universe had listened to her prayers. The operation went successfully. She was able to walk again. With some physiotherapy, her life became like it was before. She was alive. Her dream of being an educator was very much alive. After taking a rest for few days, she again started working hard on her passion.
  • She opened her institute with the saved money. She sent out the advertisements. She didn't get a lot of students at the beginning. But, she still had faith in herself and the universe. After few days went by, students started registering themselves in her institute. She started teaching them. The students enjoyed her methods of teaching. More and more students took admission there.
  • After a few months, her institute became the biggest and the best institute in town. The dream she saw since her childhood finally came true.

That proved that with immense faith and belief in oneself, the universe, and the law of attraction, one can achieve anything one dreams of. You just have to keep a positive attitude always, no matter what. If you dream about something all day and night, single-mindedly focus on it, want it with all your heart, and work hard to achieve it, you will be successful one day. The Universe will hear you, see you, feel you, and fulfill all your dreams. The law of attraction will work.

Ella Williams
Ella Williams

I am currently the PR and Branding Director of a Chinese finance club and the Assistant Coordinator of Our Own College, Dubai, and Students’ Committee. I am currently a final year student, pursuing a degree in marketing.

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