7 Crazy Future Tech Predictions Made by Experts

Ever wondered what your future would look like? From dinosaurs to immortality and from artificial trees to teleportation; here are some crazy yet scientific predictions about future technology by experts.
By Anil Diggiwal - Mar 26 2021 3:43PM - 3803 Read
7 Amazing Future Tech Predictions to Blow Your Mind

Scientists and engineers around the globe are working hard to better our civilization and thus, are developing new technologies daily. Nobody knows how future tech would be like but experts around the world indeed make predictions about it. For example, the digital world we see today would have seemed impossible 15 years ago. Digital marketing is at its peak and all the physical stores are facing stiff competition from online ones. Top digital marketing companies now charge hefty amounts and only a handful work efficiently at an affordable price, like www.seoyug.com. But the situation was predicted long ago by experts that digital would take over the world.

Today here, the article would present 7 such amazing future techs that might blow your mind. The write-up is followed by a conclusion.

7 Amazing Predictions for Technology Future by Experts

  • Artificial Trees : You heard it right; scientists are already working hard on developing trees that might do the work of real ones, if not replace them. The main reason we all love trees and oppose deforestation is trees give us oxygen and inhale all the carbon dioxide. CO2 is the main cause of global warming. The University of Columbia and its team are working on developing tree shape machines that can scrub CO2 from the environment and store it. Interestingly, its efficiency is 1000 times more than that of a natural one.
    Don’t ask what would happen to the collected carbon dioxide now! It has dozens of uses including the manufacturing of plastics or carbon nano-fibers. However, the study is at its initial phase and would require some serious financial incentive from administrations to further develop it and refine it.
  • Teleportation : People have seen teleportation only in stories, TVs, and shows till now but it could actually be a reality. This amazing future tech prediction might become a reality before 2050. To understand the science behind it, you need to know the true meaning of teleportation, i.e. transfer of matters from one place to another, anytime & anywhere, without real movement of the body.
    Russian intelligence is already working on the principle that can transfer a matter from one point to another and is expected to launch by 2050. Another study predicted the future of virtual hybrid meetings where a person could be anywhere in the world without actual movement, i.e. teleportation, using his 3D hologram. “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” — Albert Einstein, Scientist
  • Dinosaur Zoos : Cloning technology future has already entered its advancement and refining stage. Scientists can clone the DNA of a being and transfer it to another egg cell. In fact, twenty years ago, a sheep was produced using this technology and is preserved at the Museum of Scotland. The technology used was SCNT (somatic cell nuclear transfer) and is now superseded by iPSC (induced pluripotent stem cells). Basically, the technology is developed to do it and the only missing thing here is one good soft tissue of frozen dinosaurs. The major question today is not “how to do it?” but “should we do it?”
  • Online Retail Monopoly : The digital space is now bigger than ever and is expected to grow at an unprecedented rate. According to many studies, the retail sector is going to witness big changes in the way they sell products to consumers and most of the space would be taken over by online stores. The biggest reason being the ease of digital selling and the rising prices of lands.
    One of the most obvious sectors to benefit from this is digital marketing as everyone would be requiring it. The prices would boom and take the online marketing service today would prove beneficial to them. One good digital marketing company is www.seoyug.com that provides the entire essential services at the most affordable price.
  • Immortality : Another crazy future tech development might help people become immortal and the only deaths would be due to accidents and uncertain events. Most life-threatening diseases would be eliminated and it is not far from the introduction of one smart pill. A pill that would help diagnoses all the diseases or imbalances in your body through your phone. It would detect cancer-causing cells, heart diseases, or if there’s any other deadly virus in your body.
    Further, reverse aging technology scientists are also working fast & hard on developing pills that might stop you from getting old. The only predicted threat then would be population boom and the answer lies in interplanetary colonies if humans would be capable.
  • Neurohacking: Soon nobody would be able to say, “you can’t read my mind.” Scientists are working rigorously on the principle of neurohacking which studies the ways to decode people’s thoughts using machines. The work is in place for years and real progress is made by the University of California. The science behind this mind blowing future tech is translating electrical activity from the brain and decoding brainwaves. You might also be able to communicate through your thoughts without speaking a word, i.e. telepathy.
    Scientists are already able to decode our dreams and the day is not far where you could watch all your dreams in the morning.
  • Smart Dirt: Smart dirt is a part of nanotechnology advancements which is the development of technology at the tiny level. The future tech called smart dirt could be nano processors, tiny medicines, dirt like cameras, and more. It could be used to spy places, understand the atmosphere, detect diseases in your bodies (once you swallow them), measure air quality, and more. It also means that nothing would be private then and all the places in the world would be filled with such smart dirt particles to record everybody’s surroundings. Maybe then vacuum cleaners would be much useful!!!
Rounding Up

So, these were the top 7 amazing future tech predictions. No one knows what’s going to happen but as predicted by experts, the digital world has now taken over the world and changed the marketing industry. Everybody today must take online marketing services and reserve their spot on the internet. You can contact a good digital marketer, like www.seoyug.com, to boost your sales, branding, and presence online.

Anil Diggiwal
Anil Diggiwal

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