Future of AI and How it Will Affect Human Lives : 7 Points

Do you know with the help of artificial intelligence, predicting the future with 99% accuracy wouldn’t be a big deal? Read more on how AI would affect human lives in these 7 ways.
By Kunal Tulsani - Mar 26 2021 3:40PM - 3067 Read
AI Future & its effect on Human Lives : 7 Astonishing Points

Artificial intelligence future, or AI, is one of the most debated topics for today’s generation and is expected to remain in the limelight in the coming years. It is no doubt that AI Future would create one big revolution and would mark the end of an era to begin the new one. However, the revolution would be in favor of humans or not is still a question in place. We can’t predict the future today but seeing the current scenario and the assumptions being made on data, we can at least forecast some points on the future of AI. In this article, we would discuss the top seven of them. So, hold your seats tight, and let’s get started.

7 Top Artificial Intelligence Future Predictions

  • Robot Friends & Partners : Humans are social beings and like to interact with other people. Yet, many of us can already see the relationship with people is getting strong over the phone than in real life. People want to be with beings that understand & listens to them and doesn’t challenge their mind. No wonder why dogs are the most lovable animals! But the place might soon be replaced by robots as the future of AI gets intelligent. Robots would adjust their behavior according to the user, provide excellent support, and can look the way we want them.
    In fact, there have been many instances when people have chosen robots as their life partners. Note that Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby, and Cortana are the early adaptations of AI.
  • Predicting Future : With the help of artificial intelligence, predicting the future with 99% accuracy wouldn’t be a deal. Humans would have so much data and high-level analytics that almost everything, from behaviors to needs & finances to weather would be possible. The preliminary examples of this future of AI point are Facebook and Google advertising systems which use customer data to predict behavior and show them ads based on their interest.
  • Superhuman : Ever thought of getting your brain connected through a robot or computer and control them? It might be a reality one day! As the future of AI technology gets better, we humans also have to upgrade ourselves to better. In the words of Elon Musk, “Humans must merge with machines, or become irrelevant in the AI age”, and his company, Neuralink, is working on this principle only. If a human-machine synthesis is ever possible, you would be able to possess the fast technology of computers or the power of robots within your brain.
    Some other popular companies working on it are IBM, Facebook, Bryan Johnson, Robin Hanson, and Kurzweil.
  • No Work : The truth that AI & machine learning is taking over our jobs is strong as two plus two is four. However, instead of fearing the job loss, we should see it from another perspective, i.e. new fields, opportunities, or skills. According to many scientific studies, by giving most of the work to robots, we humans would have the time to focus on other important activities of advancements and creativeness.
    This is not happening for the first time. Earlier, people have completely switched from agriculture to industrial and then to skill-based jobs. Robin Hanson has named it “The Age of Em” which would mark the end of the industrial era.
  • Everybody Knows Everyone : The day is not too far when we would be having devices in the form of watches, earplugs, or glasses that would be equipped with every human’s basic data. Imagine, the moment you see somebody and know everything about him. The early adaptation of this technology is facial recognition and unknowingly, we are giving away our facial expressions to machines (which is a form of data).
    The tech has many advantages and disadvantages like action could be taken against anybody with a criminal record trying to surpass a country. “A year spent in artificial intelligence is enough to make one believe in God.” — Alan Perlis
  • AI Colonies : If humans would be living peacefully with robots and developing attachments with them, then future AI colonies are a true reality. There might be all robot factories and colonies for these robots to leave, rest, or charge, or do whatever they want! There might also be a concept of robot-human colonies.
  • AI Marketing : AI marketing is already in place in the market with Facebook & Google leading the way. The AI is promoting products in a much better way than humans and the results are astonishing. The technology still needs human cooperation and mind to strategize and understand the algorithm. In fact, it is so accurate and better than conventional marketing models that returns are as high as 10,000%.
    However, experts do it good and any individual wouldn’t be able to understand the algorithm resulting in a waste of his money. Hiring a good digital marketing company like, www.seoyug.com, is a rational choice. You can ask for their digital marketing services and book your high-return place on the internet. AI marketing works well with almost every product & service, from classes to products.
The Final Words

So, these were some of the predictions about the future of AI. No matter where AI gets, you need to keep getting better as human intelligence and then do not need to fear about your job or existence. It is for sure that the way we live today would change entirely and people need to adapt to situational changes and get better to sustain. We can even witness it today, for example, people who took digital marketing services from experts, like www.seoyug.com, are doing up to 100X better than those who do it themselves. Book your appointment now with SEOyug to know more about it.


AI is taking over the world and everyone is talking about it! However, there are two sides to every coin, and here is what experts say about the future of AI and how it will drastically affect human lives.

Kunal Tulsani
Kunal Tulsani

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