Apple Airpods Pro Review: 8 Things you Didn’t Know

Best Apple AirPods Pro Review Analysis: Top 8 Best Features
By Ella Williams - May 2 2021 11:14PM - 2580 Read
Best Apple AirPods Pro Review Analysis: Top 8 Best Features

Apple’s Airpods Pro was launched in 2019 end but still is making headlines. The wireless earbuds are a perfect combination of design, performance, convenience, quality, and other features. It is the first time Apple has made an almost perfect product for ears, with previous versions having minor errors always.

The new Airpods are packed with a dozen features, and you might not be aware of many of them. Here, in this article, we’ll uncover the best 8 features of them through this Airpods Pro review.

Top 8 Airpods Pro Review Features: New 1. Wind Proof Mic

The new microphone has been improved and relocated from the bottom of the stem to the outside. It has a larger mesh-covered microphone port which will drastically improve audio quality when outside in the wind. Whether you’re just going around talking to ‘Siri’, dictating messages, or taking straight-up phone calls, it does a much better job of cutting out the wind than the initial ones.

2. Transparency Mode

The new audio transparency mode does kind of what it sounds like. It is a pass-through audio mode that allows you to hear what is going on around you with the air pods in your ears. It may be beneficial in an office setting ring to know if someone’s talking to you at your desk where you’re walking down the street and need to be aware of your surroundings and pedestrians in traffic. It’s been done very well & does not kind of overblow things like some others, though. We have not found a better pair of headphones that have this audio transparency mode.

3. Active Noise Cancelling

Noise Cancelling is probably the best feature on the Airpods Pro. It is active noise cancellation but not feed-forward noise cancellation because there are multiple microphones involved. Feed-forward usually just involves one external facing microphone, and this one has two microphones. One on the inside of your ear and the other on the outside of your ear & this allows it to tear the audio from the outside and hear what’s happening in your ear to cancel out any external sound best.

4. H1 Chip

Apple’s own H1 chip powers the new Airpods Pro. So, the h1 chip debuted in the second generation version of air pods, and it’s kind of their headphone wireless chip. Its Apple design is packed with ten cores and covers everything here, from the audio to Siri. It would allow the AirPods Pro to have a fantastic range of solid connections with any of your Apple devices easily. Handle all the pass off between all of your devices, and it allows real-time noise cancellation.

5. Force Sensors

Now instead of using the tapping gesture on the side, you can just squeeze the air pods. It feels very natural when you reach your hand up to it and editing by the little flat area on the side. You can squeeze at once to play-pause your music or answer a phone call. Press it twice to skip tracks, three times to go backwards, and hold on to it to switch between A and C.

6. USB C Type

Apple has been steadily moving its devices to USB C type rather than USB A. Although AirPods still charge over lightning and work with wireless chargers as well in the box is a USB C type lightning cable. The feature is helpful who has more Apple devices as you can charge these straight from your iPad, MacBook, or MacBook Pros that have all USB C. Also, if you have the new iPhone Pro, you can use the included charger.

Note: Apple doesn’t give any charger with the Airpods Pro box.

7. Sweat Resistant

Whether you’re just walking outside the rain or at the gym getting covered in sweat, the new Airpods Pro will work. However, do not try it with swimming or anything like that because they can only handle a little water. It is going to be super useful for a lot of people out.

Final Words

So, these were the best features of the AirPods Pro review. There are more things to love about them, including the charging case is fantastic, wireless charging is awesome, being able to easily pair their devices, handoff between devices, share audio on iOS 13.2 devices, and more. You should consider yourself if you have an Apple in your ear and if at last, the company has released a good product, use it!!!

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