Arihant Mehta raises the bar for others as a confident knowledgeable, and dynamic young entrepreneur

He is a quick learner and a passionate entrepreneur who has attained massive respect for also being a young philanthropist.
By Prakash Mishra - Nov 14 2022 2:58PM - 1795 Read

Having the vision to attain a particular goal is one thing, but making consistent efforts, working with a clear plan, facing challenges head-on, overcoming them, and still walking one’s path to turn those visions into a beautiful reality is a different thing altogether. People may take years to belong to the latter category, but fortunately, professionals like Arihant Mehta prove what it takes to become one’s best version and how even as young business talents, people can bring the needed change they wish to see in their respective sectors. He did the same and hustled each passing day, made every day count, and made the most of the opportunities while also creating newer ones for him to reach where he is today as the President of Pinnacle Industries LTD (https://pinnacleindustries.com/).

Arihant Mehta says that only leading his company to the highest realms of success is not what he and his team work for each day. They have a bigger purpose in mind and a vision, which is to take the commercial vehicle interiors and seating systems niche to greater growth and success levels and, by doing that, also create incredible opportunities for people to flourish. He is also the Director at Instor by Kider India Private Limited, which has grown as the largest manufacturer of retail storage fittings in India and is the Founder and Director of Nirmukt Foundation, which is about creating opportunities for lower-income communities in India to improve their quality of life and provide opportunities for a healthier future, helping people in the areas of education, rural development, health, and women empowerment.

His philanthropic works and business excellence have earned him several accolades and appreciation in the industry, including an award by the Machinist Magazine.

Connect with him now on Twitter https://twitter.com/arihantmehta29 to know more

Prakash Mishra
Prakash Mishra

Founder & CEO of Drive Digital Mr. Prakash Mishra is also a Google Certified Market Researcher and Digital Marketing Strategist.

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