How Technology is helping Humans Live Better Life?

Top 8 Benefits of Technology Making Human Lives Easier

By Michael Brown Apr 14 2021 10:38AM 2703 Read
Top 8 Benefits of Technology Making Human Lives Easier

Technology has completely changed the course of humanity. Being tech-savvy, one can have the whole world under one's feet as the world is run by the same. Everyone's going digital, and those who are not acquainted with the same fall behind in many ways.

There are innumerable ways in which technology benefits society. They are as follows:

8 Benefits of Technology for Humans Better Communication:

Technology has made communication better. Now, we can connect with people living miles apart from us, which was impossible earlier. Besides hearing a loved one's voice over an audio call, we can also see them over video calls. Also, speaking on the phone frequently is not possible for many. Here's where texting comes into play. A quick text wishing someone good morning or asking “how their day was” does the work. It is also a way of constant check-in with someone.


Technology keeps the world united. In case of any concerning global issue involving politics, environment, etc., everyone can raise their voices. Online protests have been familiar recently. People have raised their voices regarding various issues and showed their support for each other. This has also led to changes for the better. It has led to governments waking up to the protestor's demands and working to solve the concern.

Besides, there are so many forums and petitions signing sites online where people can virtually gather and show their opinion over anything. Some of the most popular social media trends were petitions against climate change & save tiger.


Technology has made working much easier, especially, during the pandemic, when most of us went into lockdowns. We were restraint to our homes and our work life would have been stagnant, if there were no apps like Zoom or Google Meet. People could hold regular meetings and work from home effortlessly.

Apart from it, there are several tools which increase our productivity and help us do more in less time. For example, online goal setters, meditation apps, calendars, calculators, and other tools help us grow, both professionally and personally.


We cannot think about entertainment without technology. Watching movies on television, hearing the radio, watching YouTube, or even scrolling through Instagram is a favourite pastime for many. It also helps us relax and enjoy ourselves after a tough day at work.

The new OTT revolution is a technological gift to viewers where people get to see latest movies & shows without the need of stepping out.


Many new career paths have been created because of technology. For example, YouTubers are those who regularly upload videos on YouTube. Similarly, we have Instagram influencers, who put up several lifestyle videos to influence and entertain people. Affiliate marketers, drop shippers, bloggers, and cloud solution providers are also technology made careers. The career not only pays well but also has opened a whole new chain of options to the youth.


Technology has helped students continue with their studies during the pandemic. Students may tend to get bored by the traditional way of learning, where there’s a classroom, blackboard, and a teacher teaching. Many found it interesting to attend online classes and include technology with the textbook. Online presentations have also made it easier to teach and make the students understand concepts.

With the help of AI/AR, studies have become fun now. Children can learn and play simultaneously with chapters wrapped in animations.


Anyone can invest in their hobbies on the internet. There are millions of pieces of content. Taking up a hobby you once left can be possible by the click of a button.

There are courses for anything you like; from playing a guitar to learn how to paint. You can also practise your learning using technology & remote work.


There are millions of courses online. Anyone can register for them and develop their skillset. There are paid as well as unpaid courses. You might just learn one to add to your resume and make it more presentable.

Note that there’s nothing you can’t learn on the internet; any career you want to pursue is available on the web. Data analytics, digital marketing, sales, communication, or personality development; everything can be learned on the net.

Final Words

Technology is a boon in our society today if used consciously. It connects us, keeps us united, and informed. It provides us with the best entertainment and is a great tool to increase our knowledge. Technology, if used wisely, is the best invention in the modern world.

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