Marketing to Target Audience: 5 Ways to Identify It

The best method to convert leads is to precisely market to your target audience. But how do we it know our target audience? Read Now!

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How to Identify Your Target Audience in 5 Effective Ways

How would you feel if people won’t know about your brand and the products you were enthusiastic about selling and you later realize that you weren’t targeting the ‘right’ audience that could willingly buy all your products?

Not everything is for everyone; we all have our choices, budget, and when we talk about the market where there are 100s of brands selling the same kind of products, differentiating and choosing what to sell can be a stressful task! If you are starting your own business or maybe stuck where you are not getting the responses you thought, this article would surely help!

Here, we will briefly explain ways you can identify your target audience, but first, let’s discuss what and why the target audience is necessary?

What is a Target Audience?

A target audience is a particular group of customers that are more likely to be responsive to your marketing operations. Any business or a company can have different target audiences for diverse goods and services. Each target audience has precise needs, and business owners generally craft different marketing strategies to draw their attention.

Why Identify Target Audience?

Peter Drucker has rightly said, “Marketing aims to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

In short, it means that when you target the right audience, your marketing forces will perform better, and you will have higher sales that could lead to progress and expansion of your brand.

Best Ways to Identify Target Audience

  • Conduct market research Start with conducting market research to examine all perspectives of the market. You can accomplish this by identifying strengths and weaknesses, accompanied by possibilities and threats in a business.
    This sort of market research can acknowledge:
    • Demographics: It includes customer age, gender, profession, salary, and some other personal details.
    • Psychographics: It includes their hobbies, interests, values, personality, and other psychological factors.
    • Location: Area of your target audience.
    • Market trends and Economic shifts
    • Customer’s buying habits
    • Motivations: Drive or motives behind your brand that will make customers buy your products
    • Competition: You should know how your competitor brands are attracting buyers, what’s their targeting audience, strategies they are using. It will help you to understand your target audience and how you can make your products exceptional.
  • Think like your Audience Marketing is all about learning the purchase path and the problems customers might experience (pain points). Here, it is crucial to pay careful attention not only to define your target customers but also to know their thoughts on a purchase path, as well as pain points.
    One method is to think like the customer and think about every doubt, questions they could have regarding your brand and why they will be interested in purchasing your goods or services.
    This will empower you to create a product that could be effectively used, along with providing such solutions that can address buyer’s problems which centre on stages of their buying cycle (awareness, judgment and conclusion).
  • Explore your analytics One of the best techniques to identify the right target audience is to study your current customers, to know their demographics and the choices they have.
    There are numerous avenues to explore it, including:
    • Check your social media and website analytics. This can help you to know people who are visiting your site, how they are reaching out.
    • Know who all are interacting with your social media networks.
    • With certain tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Hotjar and Hubspot, you can obtain comprehensive information about the viewer’s responses.
  • Find the Relevant Marketing Channels As a marketer, your main goal is to focus on a relevant marketing channel(s) for your target audience. There are many Marketing Channels to pick from, such as-
    • Digital Marketing Channels: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Online Advertising, Referral Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.
    • With more than 2.5 billion people on social media, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google Adwords are developing as large marketing channels, from where you can choose the most relevant marketing channel to identify your target audience.
    • You can also channelize to get your target audience through Retargeting; the online ad arrangements and ad display based on the former venture of the user that can 1000 per cent boost more people to search for the brand and good you are selling.
  • Emotional connection with your audience Connecting emotionally with the customers through your brand has a massive positive impression on its brand value; it separates your brand from the rest.
    Most thriving marketers do not try to sell their products but sell the purpose and even their dream. A brand should accomplish 3 major standards:
    • 1. It should be unique.
    • 2. It should be useful
    • 3. It should be intensively focused on buyers and their needs.

Even after knowing your target audience, you’ll be able to establish a true connection only when you will make them feel considered and valued by offering them schemes or any discounts.

Therefore, interact and build an emotional connection with your target audience to know their needs, requirements so that they can count on you and stay loyal to your services.


To conclude, a marketer needs to realize that they cannot entertain everyone with their product or service. More importantly, it is better to have a specific audience and channelize your marketing efforts to keep them interested in your services.

Target marketing is an adequate approach, and in the beginning, it demands brainstorming, outlining, and creativity so that the results are excellent.

You have to run the extra mile to keep up with the audience that can be in the form of various channels that are mentioned above, and you require keeping updating your Game Plan and forming a Marketing Strategy is not a one-time thing. It is ever-changing. You have to explore new marketing channels for your product.

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