Top 8 Cryptocurrencies for Investment 2021

Which are the Best Cryptocurrencies for Investment: Top 8

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Top 8 Cryptocurrencies for Investment 2021

Cryptocurrency has become a huge market now and is biggest than ever. The fact that most of the cryptocurrencies boomed in 2020 leaves many with the thought that they lost the chance. However, the good news is most of the investors believe that not 2020 but 2021 would be the best year for investment in digital coins.

Yet, people are confused about which currency to invest in!!! A safe bet is diluting your savings equally and investing them in the top 10 cryptocurrencies for investment. However, if you want to prepare your portfolio after doing some research, then here is the list of the top 8 of them.

8 Best Cryptocurrencies for Investment 2021 Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is the foremost cryptocurrency of the world, released in 2009 by an anonymous person, Satoshi Nakamoto. The crypto is the pioneer of all the other coins and is currently trading at a whopping $55,000 per BTC. The same crypto was nearly trading at $3000 in March 2021 and the return on one year is more than 1500%.

Some analysts predict the coin to go as high as $200,000 easily while others argue it to be overvalued due to the hype. The strong points to consider while investing in a BTC are the strong establishment, wide support, anonymity, and transparency. However, the one disadvantage of BTC is it is volatile.

Recently, Tesla invested more than $1.5 billion and announced that it would accept the same as payments for their EV cars.


Ethereum is now the second-biggest cryptocurrency in the world with a market capitalization of over $250 billion. The coin is currently trading at $2400 per ETH and shockingly gave better returns than BTC in the last year. The coin was trading at $130 per coin in March 2020, giving astonishing returns of more than 1800%.

The pros of holding ether coins are smart contracts supported, second-highest liquid currency, extremely versatile, and strong community backing it. However, it might be a little tricky to understand.

It was also the first crypto to introduce smart contracts & mobile decentralized applications backed by blockchain. The current prediction for the coin is between $4000 & $4700 by end of 2021 but the target can also go up if any favorable news comes.


Ripple or XRP was once the third-largest cryptocurrency in the world but now stands at seventh on the spot. Ripple is backed by a lot of investors and offers financial settlement services to banks for making international transactions in no time.

The payment crypto was released in 2012 which uses validation nodes instead of a blockchain. Currently, the currency has a market valuation of around $26.8 billion with each XRP trading at around $0.60. The prediction for Ripple is $1.5 easily achievable by the end of 2021.


Litecoin is a great choice for cryptocurrencies for investment due to its high liquidity and high market valuation. Similar to BTC, Litecoin also has a limited supply of 84 million (Bitcoin has 21 million supply), and a 12.5 LTC block reward, which is the fees miners get for mining coins.

Apart from this, LTC is currently trading at $260 but the predictions by experts expect it to go as high as $375-400 by the end of 2021. The average time to mine a Litecoin is around two minutes and is less than most of the other cryptos.

Bitcoin Cash:

BCH or Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork of the original BTC and took full advantage of its counterpart’s name. The coin is currently trading at a heavy $750 and is expected to go up to $1500 easily by the end of 2021. The crypto was released after a conflict between the developers of BTC. Bitcoin Cash was released after marketing it as faster, secure, and easy to access than Bitcoin. However, the charm did not stay a long time and the prices fell drastically.

The investors & experts are optimistic about this coin because of its high transaction speed, low operating fees, high security, and accessibility.

Basic Attention Token (BAT):

BAT crypto is hugely gaining popularity over the millennial and is a utility token used by Brave Browser. The crypto is developed for helping people virtually on the internet, and for tipping content creators for their work. Interestingly, the founder of BAT was co-founder of Mozilla Firefox and also helped to make Java Script.

Experts forecast the coin to go as high as $0.77 but the idea is still in its preliminary stage.


Tether is one of the most stable cryptos and is backed by US dollars. In other words, each tether can be exchanged for $1 at the Federal Reserve Bank of America. The coin was launched in 2014 and was launched targeting the fluctuation flaw of other cryptos like BTC or ETH. Currently, the total market capitalization of Tether stands at $25 billion, with each USDT trading at $1.

Tether is great for payments but there are still doubts over currency’s claim about reserve stock. It is also the fifth-biggest cryptocurrency in the market.


Cardano is a proof of stake crypto which is developed after extensive research & experimenting. The coin’s core team includes cryptography experts, mathematicians, and engineers, and one of the founders, Charles Hoskinson, was the co-founder of ETH and BitShares. He left the Ethereum team after being unsatisfied with its direction.

Researchers behind the crypto have written over 90 papers on blockchain technology and the coin is backed by it.


So, this was the list of the top 8 cryptocurrencies for investment in 2021. While Bitcoin is still at the top and looks in no mood to come down, we can bet our money on other coins for better returns. Note that all the coins fluctuate a lot and keeping your mind focused and present is crucial while investing in these highly volatile coins.

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