10 Top Protein-Rich Indian Food Items Everyone Should Eat

10 Best Vegetarian Sources of Protein for Indian Gym Freaks
By Kunal Tulsani - Apr 5 2021 5:37PM - 2459 Read
10 Best Vegetarian Sources of Protein for Indian Gym Freaks

We all have grown up hearing this one thing, ‘proteins are bodybuilding blocks of our body, and indeed, they are. Protein is supposed to be a major part of our diet and somehow our diet lacks this macronutrient. Proteins are needed by every individual to live a healthy life.

In India, a lot of people prefer vegetarian diets and not many vegetarian diets contain a good amount of protein. Although protein is called body-building foods, they are also very essential for adults. Children need a high amount of protein but so do adults. Protein-rich food in India is thought to be difficult to find but they are not.

Why is Protein Important?

Now, the biggest question is why people need to consume protein, and here are some of the top reasons:

  • Proteins contain components called amino acids that are essential for cell growth and development.
  • Protein increases muscle strength and muscle mass.
  • A higher protein intake helps in faster recovery in patients.
  • Protein is also good for skin and hair.
  • Protein helps to repair any external or internal damage.
  • Proteins are used for transporting messages, carrying out the instructions of DNA, and defending, preserving, and repairing essential life functions.
Protein for Gym freaks

People who go to the gym are advised to consume protein every time they workout. The reason behind this suggestion is the muscle breakdown people go through while working out.

Not only bodybuilders, but any person hitting the gym should also consume enough protein. It can be consumed in the form of protein bars and shakes.

Protein for Weight Gain

You must be wondering, who would want to gain weight? While others are running to lose some extra pounds, some people would give anything to gain some. And as a matter of fact, it is healthier to gain weight as muscles than as fat.

Some parents complain that their children are skinny even after eating so much ghee and fats. Excessive fats make a person unhealthy. So, to gain weight healthily, protein is the best option.

Proteins for weight loss

You must be thinking that if protein helps in weight gain how can it possibly help you lose weight. Well, the difference lies in the way you consume it. Taking protein in a good amount leads to weight gain but there is a reason why it helps in weight loss. Replacing fats and carbs with protein helps in reducing the satiety hormones, which in turn helps to reduce your hunger.

Proteins during pregnancy

Additional proteins are required during pregnancy for the growth of the fetus, development of the placenta, enlargement of maternal tissues, increased blood volume, and formation of amniotic fluid.

Besides, increased protein reserves are required by maternal tissues to prepare for labor, delivery, immediate postpartum period, and lactation.

List of 10 protein-rich food vegetables in India

Protein-rich food vegetables in India that can be included in a vegetarian diet are:


Sprouts are rich in proteins and low in calories. One cup of sprouts provides 1.3g of protein and 23 calories. And proteins provide 69% of calories. Including sprouts in your diet can be bliss to your body.

2. Protein-rich nuts

Cashews and almonds are a very good source of protein and should be always included in your diet. By eating 20g to 25g almonds everyday a person gets 6g of protein. Nuts are healthy for your organs and also provide you with fiber and vitamin E.

3. Buckwheat

Buckwheat is a seed of a crop and contains some amount of protein also. But because of its well-balanced amino acid profile, the protein present in buckwheat is a very high-quality protein. It is very rich in amino acids lysine and arginine.

4. Quinoa

Quinoa is not a very famous food in India, but it is becoming one daily. This foodstuff is low in calories and fat and very high in protein. 1 cup of quinoa provides 9 grams of proteins.

5. Chia seeds

Chia seeds are being used a lot recently and are a very good source of protein and very low in calories. A 35g serving of chia seeds contains 6g of protein and fiber too. If you want to stay healthy, include this food in your diet.

6. Lentils

Lentil, which you know by the name of dal, is a very important component of everyday Indian meals. Lentil can be eaten as soup and also with roti and rice. It is a very good source of protein as every cup of lentil contains about 18g of protein.

7. Tofu

Tofu is a food prepared by coagulating soy milk and then pressing the resulting curds into a solid white block. It is also known as bean curd. It contains a large amount of protein. One cup of tofu provides 8.1g of protein.

8. Soy milk

Soy milk provides a very good amount of protein to our body. Soy milk is a very good choice for people who are lactose intolerant and are unable to consume milk proteins. One cup of soy milk provides 7g of proteins.

9. Oats

Oats are a packet full of health. And there is no doubt that they are high in protein. A small cup of oats can provide you with nearly 6g of protein and fiber too. Salty oats should be avoided due to the high quantity of salt.

10. High protein fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are a major part of one’s diet plan. Many vegetables like spinach, potatoes, broccoli, asparagus, and even sweet potato are very rich in protein. And fruits like bananas, guava, and certain berries are also rich in protein. You get 5g protein per cup of each.

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