10 Best Stress Management Techniques Everyone Should Try

Try to figure out what is the main cause of your stress. Is it your job? Is it some financial issue? Your relationship with your friends, family, or partner? Read all the 10 best stress management techniques here.
By Gargi Garg - Mar 27 2021 6:52PM - 2346 Read
10 Top Stress Management Techniques to Calm Your Mind

Stress – one of the most common mental conditions of today’s world, and still considered taboo. This is such an ignored and neglected topic that either the person himself is unaware that he is stressed, or if he doubts it, is reluctant to acknowledge it or talk in front of others fearing the reaction of others. Stress is believed to be some mental illness and that makes it even more embarrassing to talk about it.

So, if you have made it to this article, then you have at least acknowledged it, and to be honest, it is the first and the most important step. Because, until and unless, you are aware of it, you won’t do anything about it.

Stress is a kind of a normal human tendency to react to a challenging situation. And at this level, trust me, it’s OK. It’s completely fine as it would provide you motivation to work hard and perform better. But it would be your job to identify if it’s healthy stress or a fatal one. Stress is good as long as it is motivating you, making you put that extra 1% in addition to your 100% to achieve your dream goal.

But if it starts draining your energy, zoning you out, decreasing your productivity, or building a negative aura around you, then acknowledge it and do something about it. Prevent it then and there from taking over you completely. And here are few ways to do so:

Top 10 Stress Management Techniques
  • Try to figure out what is the main cause of your stress. Is it your job? Is it some financial issue? Your relationship with your friends, family, or partner? Is it that big presentation that can get you a big client? Do some analysis of your life, day-to-day routine and figure out the root cause. One cause is known, it is easy to figure out solutions or workarounds for them.
  • Move your body. Don’t just lie down at a place and overthink things. This would make you lethargic which would eventually make you more stressed by realizing all what you have done is laze around and waste your time. Do some sort of exercise or physical activity. It could be anything. No one is suggesting you go and do some deadlifts with 50kg-100 kg, or do 100 squats. It can include anything of your choice. It could be as simple as a brisk walk, jog, or anything as intense as a HIIT workout. It could be as creative as dance, or as sporty as swimming. Anything that could release endorphin which would eventually release your stress.
  • MeditateIf exercise sounds a big deal to you, then you could just simply grab a small quiet place, not think of all the events happening in your life, and just meditate. Again, no one is suggesting to start with the long, deep meditative sessions. They can be for just 5 minutes also. But those 5 minutes, try not thinking of anything, and just relax and focus on your breath. Slowly you can increase your time. And trust me, you will. This is very calming.
  • Indulge in your hobby. Spare some time from the day and do something that makes you the happiest person while doing it. Are you a singer? Go, have some impromptu jams. Love to paint? Create a masterpiece; who knows, you could be the next Picasso. Want to try out that exquisite recipe you saw on YouTube? Put on Apron, grab your spatulas and rule the kitchen. So on and so forth. The point here is to use your hobbies as your recreational activities.
  • Go for a digital detox. It might sound very cliché, something that probably all parents want their kids to do. But taking time off from digital media is very important. If analyzed properly, digital media majorly constitutes the causes of stress. There are all kinds of content available and we might not even understand what might affect us adversely.
  • Talk. Sounds too simple and ineffective. But it can make some huge changes and could prove to be a great stress buster. At times, there are situations where we might overthink something which eventually stresses us. Opening up about your problem or having a heart-to-heart conversation can not only take our mind off the problem but can sometimes give a solution as well.
  • Try Aromatherapy. It is scientifically proven that some fragrances affect your brain activity in a way that instantly calms your anxious nervous system and soothes them. You can start with something as small as an incense stick or as professional as diffusers, essential oils, etc.
  • Make a To-Do list and Not-To-Do list. Sounds weird right? I mean, yes, we have heard of To-Do lists and people raving about its benefits. But a Not-To-Do list. Yes, my friend. Along with prioritizing the work with To-Do list, we should also make a list of distractions or not-so-important tasks that we know can consume a lot of our time and yield nothing in return.
  • Being grateful. It is more of a lifestyle element that you incorporate. Whatever you have, always be grateful for it. Expressing gratitude, acknowledging the efforts of people in your life really makes you peaceful and by the end of the day, you can literally get that sound sleep thinking how lucky you are to have what you have.
  • Seek professional help. It is a very looked- down upon kind of technique because you are considered to be mentally ill if you propose to visit a consultant or a psychiatrist.
Rounding Up

Likewise, there might be so much more to these techniques. It’s just that you need to figure out the way that might suit you the best. What works for me might not work for you. Though all of these are very effective ones, you can pick and choose according to your schedule, hobbies, interest, etc. You might have heard “Charity begins at home”. Similarly, Stress management begins with you. Until and unless you accept it and are determined to work towards it, no article, no outside help would be able to help you out.

Gargi Garg
Gargi Garg

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